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  1. 90laserRSfwd

    4g63 Mighty Max

    90laserRSfwd submitted a new DSM Profile :4g63 Mighty MaxRead more about this vehicle here...
  2. 90laserRSfwd

    Sold 6 bolt Eagle H Beam rods (used)

    $190, shipping and PP fees included. Can send pics to those who are interested. We all know what Eagle h beam rods look like. These have ARP 200 bolts (stand offering with off the shelf rods). Have been checked over by my local machine shop (wet magnafluxed for cracks and measured for bend /...
  3. 90laserRSfwd

    Resolved No Start (searched and tested)

    Got a bad one here I believe. I've searched and searched, done test after test, replaced sensors with known good working ones. Continuity tested the wiring harness from sensor plugs back to the ECU. Checked the physical mechanical timing. Drained and replaced to the fuel. Read and followed threw...
  4. 90laserRSfwd

    GVR-4 2L long rod vs 2.2 SLR

    Looking for technical advice, (or opinions) on building a bottom end. Needs to be able to easily turn to 9,500rpm on a regular basis (42r)Not looking for advice on the rest of the build, just the short block. Wanting to do a 2L since it's a simple off the shelf build, but a 2.0 long rod is...
  5. 90laserRSfwd


    I just purchased 630/2000, need a few things. Both engine brackets (344 and 194). The ones that bolt from the actual block to the engine mounts. Part numbers listed I believe to be the correct ones.Radio bevel trim and mounting hardwareFront bumper assembly (steel, cover, fog lights, etc)...
  6. 90laserRSfwd

    Sold Omni 4 bar map MDP style

    As pictured. Works perfectly. $80 shipping /PayPal fees included. I will only ship to the address confirmed with PayPal. First come, first served. My PayPal is [email protected]
  7. 90laserRSfwd

    Sold 2g EVO 8 ARP head studs 7 bolt

    Used. ARP head studs for EVO 8 / 2g. Complete set (10 studs, 10 washers, 10 nuts). These are the standard ARP studs, NOT the 625+ ones. $80 shipping / PayPal fees included. First come, first served. I will only ship to the address listed with PayPal. My PayPal is [email protected]
  8. 90laserRSfwd

    Sold EVO 8 injectors

    EVO 8 injectors. Seals are ok but should be replaced ideally. $80, shipping and PayPal fees included. I will only ship to the address listed on PayPal. My PayPal is [email protected] First come first served. Use same email above with questions / need more pics.
  9. 90laserRSfwd

    1G 1,000hp FULL engine build discussion..

    As the title states, looking for insight on building a 1000hp capable complete engine. We all have our opinions and thoughts, and I'd like to hear them. Ideally I'd like to see a hard parts list broken into 2 sections (short block and cylinder head). Along with any notes or specific's why you...
  10. 90laserRSfwd

    1G Possible Alternator / Vacuum Pump Setup

    Found this unit. It's a 110 amp alternator, with a vacuum pump. Standard unit on the Pajero (non US) and L2/300 Delica's. Just wondering if anyone has attempted to use this setup in a DSM? If you don't know why you'd want or need a vacuum pump in your car this obviously isn't for you. I can't...
  11. 90laserRSfwd

    07/15/2016 Cecil County MD

    Couple guys from the Lancaster PA area are heading to Cecil County Dragway tonight, Friday, July 15th, 2016. Just a heads up. Gates open at 6pm. $10 get in, $15 total if you wanna race your car. Bring a helmet. Wear long sleeve short and pants (or bring them along to run). Friday night test and...
  12. 90laserRSfwd

    "Good Ole EVO III 16g days"... Just my thoughts

    So, for no particular reason, it dawned on me today, that I REALLY MISS the good ole 16g days. I remember when ARP studs, walbro pump, 750 - 950cc injectors, Link, boost gauge, wideband, ACT 2600, and a FMIC was sufficient. Not billet wheeled this, L19 that. No Turbo Tuff I beam rods, trillion...
  13. 90laserRSfwd

    1G Measurement Needed: Hub Center to Caliper Edge

    Long story short, I need someone with a 1g (FWD or early AWD) that has the small brakes (single piston OEM calipers, rotor size, and stock mounting, basically stock small brakes), to post a picture, with the measurement from the hub center (where the axle comes threw the hub), to the outer edge...
  14. 90laserRSfwd


    90laserRSfwd submitted a new DSM Profile :90laserRSfwd's gt42r FWD 1gRead more about this vehicle here...
  15. 90laserRSfwd

    1G 90laserRSfwd's FWD slick / street tire setup..

    Hi name is Jayson. I have a 1992 Eclipse FWD. (It's a GS non turbo, but it's the same setup as any 1g FWD turbo basically. I just got my wheels today. They are heavier then I'd like, but they were cheap and they fit my needs. I got them from Summit Racing (5/10/2016). They are 15x8 zero...
  16. 90laserRSfwd

    1G Non turbo to turbo 500whp on pump

    DISCLOSURE: I'm not new to DSM's or making power (I've never done 500whp on pump personally though). I was looking in other sub-forums but wasn't sure exactly where to post so bear with me. Moving on...I have a 92 Eclipse GS. It's a non turbo 4g63. I don't need help with the turbo swap-over...
  17. 90laserRSfwd

    1G FP gt4205 hta

    Traded FP my life savings for a gt4205hta. Searching for spool times on a 2.0L and can't seem to nail down a number. I get anywhere from 5,700 to 7,100...My setup is a JM Fab top mount v band manifold, Tial 1.16 A/R turbine housing. Journal bearing gt42 center section and turbine wheel.Motor...
  18. 90laserRSfwd

    DRAG Engine Build Specifically for 68hta..

    I'd like to start an open discussion, with focus SPECIFICALLY on building a long block (block and head), to utilize the full capabilities of Forced Performances 68hta. It's obvious that the only way to utilize the full potential of the 68hta is going to be excluding the use of pump gas. Ethanol...
  19. 90laserRSfwd

    Current (2015) known FWD dyno record? Searched..

    Been searching different sites and have yet to see anything FWD wise over 1,000whp. I saw 905fwhp I believe was the highest. Anyone have links to anything more? I'm not trying to imply I'm looking to break the record, but I'd like to know what it is (and possibly others maybe interested as...
  20. 90laserRSfwd

    1G Thoughts / insight please.. 4g63 non turbo conv. build..

    Pre-requisite: I'm gathering parts for 1g non turbo to turbo conversion. I intended on doing a very mild build. I have zero intentions of going e85. I'm strictly keeping this car on pump gas. I do not have a set horsepower number or E.T. goal for this car. (350whp and 11.999 if you need a...
  21. 90laserRSfwd

    3g / EVO VIII Air Meter ?

    Seen this around a couple times but never saw any real " how to " or anything. I really like the MAFT idea but it seems like those things (MAFT) are hit or miss. Just wondering if anyone has the wiring schematics for the 3g / EVO VIII Air Meter into a 1g turbo car. I'm looking to make some small...
  22. 90laserRSfwd

    JDM Galant RS motor?

    Just wondering if anyone knows some real world info about these motors? The one I have has the yellow top (510cc injectors?), an a 16g with #42 cast on the compressor housing (small 16g?). Thanks in advance.
  23. 90laserRSfwd

    1g non turbo cams better then 1g turbo cams? - Brian Crower - BC - Mitsubishi Elipse / Eagle Talon - 4G63According to BC, the non turbo 4g63 has a better set of cams then the turbo car. I'm not sure I should use the word better but the duration is longer and the lift is higher. WTF ?? Can anyone confirm this? Or at least...
  24. 90laserRSfwd

    Speedometer assembly help???

    No idea of anyone would even know this. I took my gauge cluster apart to do some LED lighting work and in the process of taking the speedometer assembly apart a small clip came out. I've posted a pic of the part. Does anyone have a spare 1g dash gauge cluster then can snap a pic of where this...
  25. 90laserRSfwd

    air meter, wiring, ecu problem... searched I'm confused

    Like the title say's I'm having a problem with this talon we're working on. The car is a 91 and I have a 90 ecu. I did the wire swap and the car still won't run right to save it's life. The timing is dead on, the compression is over 170 per cylinder the car is very lightly mod'd. Not sure what's...
  26. 90laserRSfwd

    e85 Street Engine Build

    I sold my 91 TSI to my room mate, I have a spare 6 bolt so I've decided to build the spare engine for the Talon when this motor goes (it blow's blue smoke now, so I assume it's almost time). Just wondering what every ones take on building this motor is. What I mean is if you were having a motor...
  27. 90laserRSfwd

    8 Injectors... huh?

    I'm looking for some GOOD info relative to running 8 injectors. I assume you'd be using AEM EMS or could give me some useful info on setting up the car to rum. The setup we're planing on using is going to have 8 1600cc injectors with twin fuel rails on a JM FAB intake manifold
  28. 90laserRSfwd

    $2,100.00 intake manifold.....

    Just thought some people would enjoy the humor of this, did you see the comment, 30+ whp with this intake and some tuning? WTF??? 30hp / $2100 = $70 per HP... not bad, if you own say a Bowing 757 jet!!Kansai Service 4G63 Power Surge Tank (Intake Manifold)
  29. 90laserRSfwd

    T4 manifold for gt42 turbo's thats not a top mount?

    Just wondering if there is such a thing out there? Didn't come up with anything really stating a clear yes or no. I'll be calling punishment racing today about there T4. I'll let everyone know my findings.
  30. 90laserRSfwd

    FP 20g - 6SL2

    Just wondering if any was ordered this turbo or has any reviews / comments about it ?
  31. 90laserRSfwd

    Mahle vs. Wiseco vs. Ross Pistons, 1g specific

    Like the title states. I'm in the market for a new set of forged pistons. Looking to make around 500 to 600 awhp on e85. I don't need opinions on my set up and no my profile is not up to date. I'm not asking for help with tuning and turbo selection or anything like that. This thread is only...
  32. 90laserRSfwd

    DSM guys in Lancaster, Manheim, Lititz, Etc. Come to the shop!

    Dino"s PizzariaI work here one the weekends. The parking lot isn't the biggest, but the food is good and so are the prices. Come hang out and get a cheese steak. Even the delivery guys drives a 6 bolt swapped 2g on 19's!... Directions are on there website (see link above). I'll be there...
  33. 90laserRSfwd

    have scm6152e, what to upgrade too? My goals inside

    I have a journal bearing scm6152e right now (well just sold it actually). I am going to be in the market for a new turbo in the next week or so and I just want some opinions. Here's the 411 on my car (sorry I have to update my profile still).91 TSi awd 5 speed 3" downpipe, test pipe, and...
  34. 90laserRSfwd

    [RESOLVED] Anyone ever heard of or used XVT valves?

    eBay Motors: XVT STAINLESS RACING VALVES MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE 4G63/T (item 310006639599 end time Dec-16-07 15:07:05 PST)Just wondering...
  35. 90laserRSfwd

    PTE scm6176r turbo ???

    Found this turbo when looking around on Extremepsi's website the other day. It's manufactured by Precision Turbo. Just wondering if anyone has any info on this turbo or if they're using it on there street car. I just sold my scm6152e and am looking to get another PTE turbo. This one (scm6176r)...
  36. 90laserRSfwd

    nippon 450whp pistons ???

    eBay Motors: JDM DSM 2G PISTONS 14B 16G ECLIPSE TALON 1G TURBO (item 150182941296 end time Nov-23-07 22:12:27 PST)anyone know anything about these ? Was thinking about getting a set for my daily driver.
  37. 90laserRSfwd

    BC 280 cams, single springs, what rpm?

    I have a stock (ported wise) cylinder head (1g core) BC single springs with titanium retainers ferrea s/s std. size valves 3g lifters BC 280 cams (intake and exhaust)I have a PTE scm6152e turbo with a 2 1/2" o2 housing 3" turbo back exhaust (mandrel bent, no cat, no muffler) 3" intake...
  38. 90laserRSfwd

    Tuning e85 with dsmlink

    Ok so I just spent 6 hours of my life over the last 4 days reading post after post and I didn't find a thing that has to do with tuning e85 with dsmlink. I info I was looking for wasn't to be found (not by me anyway) so hope this helps.some quick info... when I say gas I'm refering to...
  39. 90laserRSfwd

    scm6152e on stock bottom end? (6 bolt)

    Ok so I've been searching and reading for the last 3 day's and I still can't find what I'm looking for. So hear's the sinario....(my toy) 90 Laser RS 5 speed fwd turbo 143K bone stock bottum endrebuilt cylinder head new valve seals new ferra s/s comp 6000 valves crower springs and...
  40. 90laserRSfwd

    completely stock to 12 sec. tell me what I need

    Ok so here's the deal for every thread about going 12's I've read I see alot the same and alot different. So here's my list tell me what else I need. ThanksMy weapon of choice:1990 Plymouth Laser RS fwd turbo 5 speed gutted rear interior removed radio and speakers spare tire...
  41. 90laserRSfwd

    Timing Issue? Boost leak? Help I'm a noob :)

    I'm not sure what's wrong with my car so I'll prvide as much detail as I can and try to stay on point. I have a 1990 plymouth laser rs fwd turbo 5 speed. It has 142K. I bought it with the following.22 x 7 x 2.75" front mount 2.5" charge piping big 16g turbo stock 1g manifold and o2...
  42. 90laserRSfwd

    dsmlink ???'s can't find answers anywhere

    Ok so I'm getting ready to purchase DSMLink. I just bought an eprom ecu, and I'm having it socketed and recapped. I have been searching all around and I can't seem to get a straight answers to my questions.1) It seems as though you can't run the car past 8K with DSMLink? Now when I say...
  43. 90laserRSfwd

    FWD Drag Wheel Offsets

    Like the title says I have a FWD turbo laser that a buddy and I are going halves on. (cost wise). I know there are fwd DSM's out there running skinnies on the back and wides on the front. I would have posted this in the handling forum but I'm a noob, go figure, just my luck. Anyway back to the...
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