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  1. Auto RS T

    Aw4g63, landoawd where you at. All members from the early 2000's check in.

    Just popping in the Hangout to see what's going on. Couldn't find the exact thread I was looking for, but this will do.Always good to see old names still at it.
  2. Auto RS T

    I got even with a scammer after 18 years

    RIP DSMTrader... those were different times.
  3. Auto RS T

    Rear tires for fwd

    Run a light wheel and tire combo.Personally I wouldn't run slicks on the back. You want as little rolling resistance possible on the back.
  4. Auto RS T

    RIP Curt Brown

    Remember walking over to his pit at the Shootout just to say hello. This was when he ran the Black 1gb and noticed this pile of "stuff" there. I kind of glanced around for him and all the sudden I hear this scraping noise... he was pulling his entire exhaust off too! Thought it was pretty great...
  5. Auto RS T

    Mild Hesitating, Lean around 4k

    Anybody have any insight on this? Seems to be very hard to diagnose.
  6. Auto RS T


    I laughed way too hard at this.
  7. Auto RS T

    1G Any smaller brake booster for 1g?

    The Non turbo booster is much slimmer than a turbo unit and bolts right in.
  8. Auto RS T

    1G To upgrade Intercooler or not

    Look over your logged intake air temps after a long pull and see if they are in an acceptable range like others have mentioned. We could use some real data to form these opinions of ours. ;)
  9. Auto RS T

    Facebook's negative impact on car culture and tech info

    I've noticed the increased link backs to here as well! Good to see.
  10. Auto RS T

    1G Idle Surge (up & down)

    Any cracks in the air intake tube?
  11. Auto RS T

    1G Does anyone know where these connectors lead?

    First picture, single pin is your Tachometer test connection.Second picture looks like the factory cruise control plug.Neither of which will cause idle surge.
  12. Auto RS T

    1G No start+coolant leak

    Im surprised it even runs with compression that low... two gauges? same readings?Front end leak would likely be the water pump. The belt doesnt always get wet when it leaks. Makes sense as the motor turned the shaft seal would leak.
  13. Auto RS T

    Resolved What else causes reverse pop out?

    I'm personally hoping a deeper engagement fixes the issue. Wondering if the worn gear was allowing it to ride up and disengage.
  14. Auto RS T

    Best Shot of your DSM

  15. Auto RS T

    3D-printed shift display housing for ForcedFour shiftbox.

    I have my smart box wired to the buttons on my steering wheel after not really finding any paddle setups I liked.But that setup looks legit! Do you mind me asking who makes that paddle setup?
  16. Auto RS T

    Resolved What else causes reverse pop out?

    You weren't joking when you said extensive list of things checked!!! I'd be curious to see what the reverse idler gear would do for your issue. You'd be surprised how worn that gear can get when you compare it to a new one. You said there was a noticeable difference in how reverse performed...
  17. Auto RS T

    3D-printed shift display housing for ForcedFour shiftbox.

    Looks clean right there on the column and it should feel natural to look at in front of the gauges. Good work.I went with the gauge setup and put it in an old school MachV pod.
  18. Auto RS T

    1G 91 Gst weird idle

    I spliced a 2g TPS plug pigtail with the 4 wires already in it from the factory into my 1g harness. Another option is to add the wire to the 1g plug if you can find the correct style pin and wire, possibly from another TPS harness. You would simply tie the open pin into the Green idle switch...
  19. Auto RS T

    1G block/head rebuild, recommendations wanted

    A stock block build with the right parts, maintenance, and tune will take you to 500hp. While I don't quite make 500 hp I do have a stockish 4g63 that has treated me very well. 15 years ago I had a 4g63 put together. It had Wiseco pistons, hung on 1g fat rods and Arp head studs/cometic head...
  20. Auto RS T

    2G Noise at 2700rpms and above

    Remove the accessory belts and start the vehicle without them on. This will narrow the noise down in the front of the engine area where you are filming.If the noise persists inspect the timing pulleys and components for rubbing or interference.
  21. Auto RS T

    2G 1g CAS install timing off?

    You don't necessarily have to use the long bolt on the hydraulic tensioner to remove it... You can simply loosen the eccentric bolt, then take the two bolts out holding the auto-tensioner to the block.To re-install slowly and carefully compress the auto tensioner in a vice until you can...
  22. Auto RS T

    2G No shift, fixed. No 4th gear???

    The loss of Overdrive highly suggest an end clutch issue. Most likely an o-ring failure as mentioned. From my experience the outer seal has been the most common failure. Cheaper brands don't fit correctly. Fluid pressure bleeds off and the clutches cant apply.However, when the filter begins to...
  23. Auto RS T

    Holy Crap. This place still around?!?

    Its LSD! The ol muddy 1g man.
  24. Auto RS T

    What'd you buy for your DSM on Black Friday?

    Some goodies for the new shortblock.
  25. Auto RS T

    How many "Old-Timer" DSM Guys on here?

    The prime days were awesome. I just had to smile looking at all the names as i went through this thread bringing back memories.
  26. Auto RS T

    Old DSM'er New to Tuners

    Nice rides! I bet you'll find a whole new love for that 2g once it's Awd.
  27. Auto RS T

    The 4G63 Dragster

    This dragster makes us all proud!
  28. Auto RS T

    92 Laser RS T

    Currently in 100% working condition. Hibernating
  29. 92 Laser RS T

    Street Build 92 Laser RS T

  30. Auto RS T

    92 Laser RS T

    Auto RS T submitted a new DSM Profile :92 Laser RS TRead more about this vehicle here...
  31. Auto RS T


    This issue actually came up at Summitmotorsports Park in Norwalk, Ohio with the lights and planes interference.
  32. Auto RS T


    Sad to see drag strips shut down
  33. Auto RS T

    Back on DSMtuners.....Again

    Glad to see the flying banana is going to see some action!
  34. Auto RS T

    Post your stock frame 1/4 mile auto times!

    [email protected] Evo 3 16g on E85 Fwd w/24.5 slicks Stock converter 8.5:1 compression 2.0 liter 2880#s
  35. Auto RS T

    4G63 Crank timing mark

    Head or Deck cut?
  36. Auto RS T

    1G Rear Clacking

    The shims need to be the sprung style, they cant be flat, or this will happen. The pads are riding up the rotor.
  37. Auto RS T

    FWD trans fifth gear end case issue

    Could have the 5th gear and reverse synchro swapped. They are different heights.
  38. Auto RS T

    Aftermarket Boost Gauge Doesn't Work on Hot Start??

    Where exactly is the boost gauge tapped into?
  39. Auto RS T

    something broke. praying TOB

    Sounds like the clutch disk came apart
  40. Auto RS T

    Cdub racing's 4g63 powered 4g mustang

    Love it and look forward to seeing more of it.!!!GET SOME!!!
  41. Auto RS T

    92 Laser RS AWD Non Turbo

    Cool, why the hell not?
  42. Auto RS T

    What did you do to your DSM today?

    Sold my 94 AWD Winter Car. I'll miss that snow plowing beaster of stockness.
  43. Auto RS T

    Auto transmission sluggish and shifts whenever it wants, NO CODES

    Is the transmission even shifting? Sounds like its stuck in 3rd gear (aka: limp mode)As for the connectors, match the plugs with corresponding wire colors.
  44. Auto RS T

    Cant remove oil pan(rtv sealant too strong)

    Get a stiff paint scraper in there and tap it with a hammer.
  45. Auto RS T

    93 Eagle Talon TSi AWD Automatic

    I'm loving it, looking forward to the rest of the story.
  46. Auto RS T

    Color scheme for car?

    All one color on a 1g gets old. Plus, its like a smack in face to a Laser changing the paint scheme.
  47. Auto RS T

    2014 East Coast Shootout | All Mitsubishi Turbo Event

    Planning on being there!
  48. Auto RS T

    1G AWD Trans Internal Questions

    5th goes together just like you took it out. You will see the 3 keys, the spring, and where the everything lines up inside the hub and slider upon examination. Don't forget the wave spring which goes against the end case.Tranny RebuildThat is a link that should help you put the 5th gear...
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