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  1. coltboostin

    HoboEvo update. New PB's, wins, and No prep! [email protected]

    Hey ya'llBusy with life and posting less than I used to, but the Hobo has had a busy season. Hurt a motor at the first IFO this year in the Semis. Nothing avoidable, just 5+ year old rods that prob should have been replaced 3 years ago. :lolguy:So I slapped together a motor from what I had...
  2. coltboostin

    The Colt V3 on the Dyno- 770whp on scraps!

    Final Stats/Bests for 2019Best of 1008 AWHP on a Dynojet. Low 50s PSIBest MPH 164.x High 40s psiBest ET [email protected] 40psi. (boost keep low for possible lifted head)I did lift the head at a local dyno day @990whp. Car still runs great. Compression is good, so I will likely re-torque and...
  3. coltboostin

    For Sale BRAND NEW 6466 Gen 2 BB with warranty $1680+shipping

    2 sold. Only one more left at this price!
  4. coltboostin

    For Sale BRAND NEW 6466 Gen 2 BB with warranty $1680+shipping

    Still new in box. Zero miles, not rebuilt. Gen2 CEA ceramic air cooled BB CHRA. Will come with warranty card. Save $600 off retail. .82 V-Band in/out turbine. Can unbox and send pictures on request. Email [email protected] for fastest contact.This price is is PLUS shipping as the...
  5. coltboostin

    164.4 MPH on the HOBO EVO

    DSM Shootout Prep. Leaving easy, checking the tune. Looks like its makin' some Powa. They actually kicked me out since I didn't have a Chute LOL.The hope is to cut even a 1.60 60 foot-and 8's are a possibility. Still on a stock trans/Tcase/Rear/Axes + 200 zip ties. Trans was refreshed...
  6. coltboostin

    2G Spark "blow out" after 5000RPM

    This is the norm.Every car I tune can see 35-40psi depending on set up with a stock ignition and NGK or similar wires before we see an issue.My POS last year was on AUTOZONE wires (lifetime warranty- have not bought a new set of wires since 2003 LOL) and NGK copper plugs. Worked up to 44psi...
  7. coltboostin

    2G Looking for shops who do cnc head porting

    Maybe I missed it, but is there a reason you are hard-up for a CNC port? Some on the fastest DSMs ont he planet dont need a CNC port to go deep into the 7s. If you goal isnt 7s or 190+mph, I'd love to hear your logic on needed the CNC port.
  8. coltboostin

    BW S364 Dyno Yellow90tsi

    Bump for updates. :) Gathering Data on how this compares to a 6466
  9. coltboostin

    1000+ HP at 10,000+ RPM in a $300 POS- @HoboEvo update

    Well, good things are happening.933AWHP and out of fuel. Boost is still mild at 43psi. This is a stingy dyno too- Last year 801whp on this Dyno was good fro 880whp on Carlyles AWD Dynojet, and 160mph trap speed.Current plan is to add an AEM 380 to the mix and see if we can sneak a...
  10. coltboostin

    1G Used valve springs

    Yes, and it says DSM/EVO- which have very different what are these BC deals good for?
  11. coltboostin

    For Sale 1000+ HP rods (s2 sets) Steel and Aluminum CHEAP

    I have 2 sets of rods for sale. Whatever sells, I will use the other. :cool: First come first serve!Crower I Beams. These are $1000+ Rods. Come with H11 Bolts. Used- Bolts torqued once. $650 shipped...
  12. coltboostin

    GT42 question

    4 year bump-I have been running a GT42 on a street car for 2 seasons now. For me, its great. 9k+ rpm is needed to make this thing work really well on the street. I do not have any issues transient response when shifting above 9k using NLTS. Oddly like TPG-I made 875 AWHP at 42 psi. Stock...
  13. coltboostin

    Facebook's negative impact on car culture and tech info

    Agree 100% But, all things change over time. I'm glad I have the knowledge gained over the years. Kids that use FB exclusivity will never have the wealth of archived learning what was the forums. But in time, all things change. Funny paging through this thread, the only person with a join...
  14. coltboostin

    Regular arp or L19?

    Hopefully relevant old thread bump. I have made 500+whp (135+ traps speeds() with stock 1G Bolts. The current HoboEvo is making near 1000at the flywheel (160mph trap) with standard ARP2000. It does not push ANYTHING at 40psi. 43psi it will push 4-8oz per pass. 47 psi it will push 20 oz...
  15. coltboostin

    The Colt V3 on the Dyno- 770whp on scraps!

    Just going too fast with no Aero. Car turned into an airplane. :(
  16. coltboostin

    The Colt V3 on the Dyno- 770whp on scraps!

    780 Mustang- but its a little over 800whp not but whos counting ! ;)Some fun recent in car video after trying to break my $50 trans (I wont fix it if it aint broke!) Wont make any more power- Im 95% sure its just floating the valves past 42-43 psi. 42-48psi netted nothing besides more fluid...
  17. coltboostin

    My "HoboEvo" getting some love from That Racing Channel

    This man had honest fear in his eyes. I think he saw his actual deal at the 10 sec mark LOL
  18. coltboostin

    My "HoboEvo" getting some love from That Racing Channel

    Ha! yeah don't post as much as I used too
  19. coltboostin

    My "HoboEvo" getting some love from That Racing Channel

    Follow the progress on IG @hoboevo
  20. coltboostin

    2G Borgwarner s369 dynod?

    What was your best pass on the previous turbo?
  21. coltboostin

    My "HoboEvo" getting some love from That Racing Channel

    In all its Glory LOL!Follow the car
  22. coltboostin

    s90 knock off throttle body shaft seals leaking bad.

    Bump- OP did you end up fixing this? Having the same issue! Of course just in time for #shootout scramble!!
  23. coltboostin

    New PB. [email protected]

    Thanks all!May pull trans and re syncro 2nd gear, or just be lazy and spray 2nd ;) still a good 20psi left to add up top as well.
  24. coltboostin

    New PB. [email protected]

    Surprising day at Test and Tune yesterday. With the Gt42, if you miss a shift the pass is effectively over. Since it didn't want to shift into second over 7500, I decided to try short shifting 2nd gear to get it in and was surprised with the result!Short shifting the car caused it to...
  25. coltboostin

    For Sale BLACK Tial MVR Brand new in box! $265 SHIPPED

    Got in a trade for parts. Do not need. Brand new-comes with all springs, clamps, and receipt from Jay racing.
  26. coltboostin

    The Colt V3 on the Dyno- 770whp on scraps!

    Thanks Goonie! Should be a good year for you too! :) but be nice to have HAVE to do anything but fuel up and go racing for once!!
  27. coltboostin

    The Colt V3 on the Dyno- 770whp on scraps!

    Big Powa. Made 100mph HP than last year. Called it good at 42psi. Pump E75, 14 deg peak so plenty of room to grow! 680whp on this dyno was good for 156mph, so we will see what happens. My only goal was [email protected]+ hopefully I have that covered. Cheapo notes- this is using $200 "bosch" 2200's...
  28. coltboostin

    For Sale 6766-pruven- 900hp turbo set up for $1200! Complete!

    Bump for some clarifications.Turbine is T3 .82. V band out. * Can be swapped for a V band in and out housing*TURBO HAS NO SHAFT PLAY!!! Feels tight as new
  29. coltboostin

    For Sale 6766-pruven- 900hp turbo set up for $1200! Complete!

    Edit- 6766. Looks like I didn't mention that in the add!! LOL
  30. coltboostin

    For Sale 6766-pruven- 900hp turbo set up for $1200! Complete!

    Looking to sell the manifold/turbo/gate/dump tube/O2/Oil feed/oil drain, and hot pipe (includes BOV) off the Colt. T3 .82. V band out. It is in perfect working condition. Only reason I am considering selling the set up is to force me into bolting the GT42 on the car. :cool:Looking for $1200...
  31. coltboostin

    For Sale DSM parts- 20g turbo set up- ACT clutch NEW

    Bump for a NEW clutch make offers!
  32. coltboostin

    On3 performance 450whp auto??

    Yup. They worked well. Single frotn ball bearing.I still think their Billet 67mm would ROCK on a DSM in a small T4 turbine (they dont offer it in a divided T4) or their new V band stuff
  33. coltboostin

    For Sale DSM parts- 20g turbo set up- ACT clutch NEW

    Turbo is Sold.Clutch is still available. Make offers! ;)
  34. coltboostin

    For Sale M&H slicks, FD wheels, and a nice set of snow tires FS

    All DSM fitmentSee adds. Bring offers! Please email me at [email protected] for fastest response.
  35. coltboostin

    For Sale DSM parts- 20g turbo set up- ACT clutch NEW

    TURBO IS SOLDThis clutch was pulled out of the box, and bolted to a motor with no trans in an engine bay. The car set like this for a year before it was parted out. As you can see The pressure plate and flywheel has never been engaged with the disc. There is some surface rust from it sitting...
  36. coltboostin

    [email protected] spin city Dodge Colt-

    First his in the Colt V310.5 @ 150. traction limited. Turned up the jam and almost put it into a wall. Picked up 43 mph on the back half though :)More to come.
  37. coltboostin

    Any interest in pre-shootout Dyno day/test/tune near the track? Aug 17th

    Hey guys-The AWD dyno I work with locally expressed interest in making the dyno available all day the day before the shootout for people either needing help with a tune, or just fro their personal testing use. I had mentioned to him its near impossible to get on Dave's Dyno that week, and...
  38. coltboostin

    [email protected] on the cheap-EL MIRAGE-

    You can get a DSM that light too. Devin's 2g and Sheps car are both lighter.
  39. coltboostin

    [email protected] on the cheap-EL MIRAGE-

    Colts Unite! Matt Step did most of the work on this one. Cost out of pocket maybe 4-5k tops. You coudl duplicate it for between 4k and 20k. It depends on what you have already, how thrifty your are, and what your skillset it. For example- Our Own Phill sold a clean AWD roller on here for...
  40. coltboostin

    [email protected] on the cheap-EL MIRAGE-

    Front Gt Koni inserts with yoshi fab plates (max -1 camber) Skunk2 springs on eBay perches (350lb6") 1g talon spindles with 2 piston brakes Stock gt control arms , no swaybar Rear Agx shocks with extended rear mounts Ground control perches with 200lb 8 or 10" eibachs Stock 1g rear end setup with...
  41. coltboostin

    [email protected] on the cheap-EL MIRAGE-

    Last few weeks have been spent back in Mitsubishi land. Had to tune a pile of cars before the DSM shootout, last but not least a fresh tune for El MirageJust a mild 2.0L AWD swap in a $50 Mitsu Mirage. Ended up with 620whp out of a 10 year old GT35r in a small .63 turbine on a conservative...
  42. coltboostin

    Where are the FWDs at????

    :rocks:Love dem Colts! :rocks:
  43. coltboostin

    Where are the FWDs at????

    Very cool!4 or 6 banger? What trans? Not super familiar with the FTO
  44. coltboostin

    1GB Talon TSI 16G, on methanol

    Meth is a hell of a drug!Great work! Car worked well all weekend.
  45. coltboostin

    2013 DSM Shootout Coverage/Photos - no replies without photos from the event!

    Went [email protected] with a 1.9 60 Foot with literally, a bunch of junk and 110% Duty Cycle. Great Shootout!Best Pass [email protected] (1.9 60 ft-33psi)Only pic I have for nowVideo of Pass. Better ones to come. 4g63t swapped colt 10 sec pass - YouTubeThanks Goonie for that Vid.
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