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  1. jesse12345

    2G Strange boost issues

    This may be a very long post so bear with me. I have been doing process of eliminations and I'm getting closer, but I don't want to just throw parts at the car. I have been having a very strange boost issue and everything I do doesn't make it any better. I started with a 14b turbo with a swapped...
  2. jesse12345

    2G Brake pedal engaging starter

    Well I ran into my first big issue with swapping from a 420a to 4g63. I swapped all the harnesses except the one one under the dash because i thought they were somewhat the same.everything plugged into everything the same. I don't know if this was a previous issue in the doner car or what. When...
  3. jesse12345

    2G Need some opinions on spoiler

    So I need some help. I'm torn between low rise spoiler or high rise. I have a few of each laying around and I don't know which one to pick. I love the look of them both. My car currently has no holes for the low rise end caps, but the hatch I bought came with the low rise. I just can't decide.
  4. jesse12345

    Resolved 2gNT 420a to 4g63 swap complete

    So I know I said I wouldn't post this, but I'm just way to happy and proud of what I have accomplished. Some people know about this build and alot of people don't. This thread should answer everyone's questions they've had about doing this swap.I'm going to start off saying I'm not a...
  5. jesse12345

    2G 96 eclipse gst manual transmission

    Hey guys so I just got my transmission today. I just would like to make sure that it'll bolt up to my 97 4g63 and everything should work. The clutch slave looks different from the one I ordered. If you can inform me on anything I should know im all ears.
  6. jesse12345

    Resolved 2G Balance shaft eliminator install

    So I got around to eliminating the balance shafts on my rebuilt 4g. I have the stub shaft installed and the freeze plug in but on the stub shaft hole what threads into that to keep oil from coming out? There's an o ring that sits on top in the groove but they don't give you anything to thread...
  7. jesse12345

    2G Rear hatch window molding

    Has any one had any personal experience removing the rear hatch window molding. It feels like plastic and I need to remove it to fix some rust bubbles. Shall I attempt to remove it or leave it to a professional what are your guys thoughts. I have 3 hatches so I can maybe afford to mess up once...
  8. jesse12345

    2G Upper window trim

    I've read just about everything on the forums for this window trim, and I have no idea what it's actually called. Anyway Does anyone know the proper way to paint them or can a guy buy them somewhere in this day and age.
  9. jesse12345

    2G One of the rustiest dsm ive ever seen

    So I went and picked up a 97 gst parts car for 200 bucks I think this may be the most rusty 2g eclipse I have ever seen. It came with sideskirts I barely touched those and they fell right off. This is what the north does to these things. It's sad to see these go down this way it was headed off...
  10. jesse12345

    420A 420a turbo e-manage ultimate

    So I have some questions about the greddy e-manage ultimate. I've been searching for literal hours on the thing trying to understand it and if it will work with my application. The reason I'm considering a piggy back for now is because the car runs pig rich at idle and if I adjust fuel pressure...
  11. jesse12345

    420A SPA Turbo fuel management unit rich idle

    Hey all so I'm using the SPA Turbo fuel management unit, I think max is 14:1 on it and it works great, I'm running real rich at idle and my fuel pressure at idle is around 29 lbs. Have any of you tried that unit out yet? I know I need to pick up a megasquirt but I'm running low boost for now...
  12. jesse12345

    420A 95 talon esi auto stuck in limp mode

    Hey all back again except with an unusual issue. I recently got my engine up and running in my talon, she's been sitting for 12 years. The car only has 79k miles, and I replaced literally everything you can on the engine and transmission. I even went through the valve body. If I leave the...
  13. jesse12345

    Resolved Maximizer lsd install issues

    So I recently got a maximizer lsd for my 95 talon 420a. The ring gear position is about half an inch off, so it doesn't fit properly in the differential. I have no idea if they all are like that but it's frustrating. If any of you knows how to get around this issue I'm all ears.
  14. jesse12345

    2g eagle talon 420a awd trans swap

    I have a 1995 eagle talon 420a with a fresh turbo add on done, now I'm onto the transmission. Has anyone ever swapped an awd trans from a pacifica or a town and country? I know some of them had awd transmissions and were also a 41te. Mine is an automatic and before I drop heavy coin on my fwd...
  15. jesse12345

    420A High oil pressure blowing filters

    Okay so I just got my engine put in about a week ago and finally wired everything up car started it runs great but my problem is oil pressure cold at idle was 60 to 70 and when I'd Rev it up it go well past 100 and my first oil filter I had was a small 348 the gasket blew out of so I put a 085...
  16. jesse12345

    For Sale Wtb gst/gsx/tsi rust free shell

    Looking to buy a rust free gst,gsx, or tsi shell I just built an engine that is very clean and I'd like to start it this summer I live in Minnesota so if you have one around let me know my number is seven01 936 five563
  17. jesse12345

    4g63 swapped eagle talon

    jesse12345 submitted a new DSM Profile :Boosted 420a to 4g63 talon/eclipse build A few pics I should of posted in order while I was building everythingRead more about this vehicle here...
  18. jesse12345

    6 bolt swap ROUGH IDLE PLEASE HELP

    I have a 97 gst with a 6 bolt motor my first swap everything is stock except my bov and air cleaner I'm using a 97 intake and 97 turbo 1g head and block no vacuum leaks or anything timing is spot on brand new timing belt was put on I used the adapter plug for my cas everything is wired correctly...
  19. jesse12345

    6 bolt swap in 97 gst idle issues

    6 bolt swap was a success in my 97 eclipse gst just having idle issues now when cold it floods out when I push the gas but when warm idles at 900 1000 and drives fine smells very rich though and even when it's warm it still idles pretty rough when I give it some gas this was my first swap and...
  20. jesse12345

    91 6 bolt 4g63t engine swapped into 97 eclipse gst

    So I swapped a 6 bolt into my 97 eclipse gst but the engine is sitting in crooked and is way lower than it should be I am using the 1g motor mount because the 2g mounting holes are further apart any suggestions would be great
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