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    1G 1G AWD Fuel Tank Removal

    1g Fuel Tank Removal Guide: 6 Large Nuts and 2 10mm Bolts. Not a single issue at all. Jack the rear of the car up and support it with jack stands. Pre-spray all hardware with WD40 (or your favorite penatrant) first. The 2 10 mm BOLTS that hold the shield on (1 on each side, toward the front)...

    Show us your CARNAGE PICTURES!!!!

    I wanted to start this general thread so all of us can show the carnage that we have incurred, be it new or old. Mitsubishi or any brand, if it is destroyed, show your pictures here! I can definitely start. This was the first DSM carnage picture I had. Timing belt pulley worked its way forward...

    General Automatic Transmission Tips from John at IPT

    For those that are not familiar with the general upkeep and service of automatic transmission's, John, at IPT Transmission, has THESE TIPS for you:Thanks John.

    1G TCU Repair Service

    I just ran across a TCU repair service specifically for the 1g cars so I thought I should make it known. It is a small family company called Foreign Auto Computer Repair. They have a very small pictorial of some bad signs to look for in your TCU so you can try to tell if it is repairable or not...

    Motor Oils with High ZDDP (Zinc dialkyldithiophosphate)

    I ran across this article, and while we don't usually need the high zinc content, it is GOOD information for high load and flat tappet applications like I deal with on other motor rebuilds. ZDDP OIL LISTPlease note that the information here came from the forums ad was...

    Homemade Timing Tensioner Tool

    You can easily make about 5 tensioner tools with these items.M8 Allthread M8 Coupling Nuts M8 Hex NutsI cut the allthread to about 10" after threading a coupling nut and a hex nut onto the allthread. Tack weld the coupling nut OR use the hex nut to hold the coupling nut to the allthread. I...

    How to mark a thread "RESOLVED"

    Marking a Thread “RESOLVED”1 – It must be YOUR thread2 – Go to the first post3 – Click on the “hamburger” or 3 dots in the upper right corner next to the word “WATCH”4 – Click on “EDIT”5 – Change the “Title” (420a, ECMLink, 1g, 2g, etc) to “RESOLVED”6 - Thank you for helping US...

    ECMlink Omni MAP Sensor settings

    Bob, from Omni, was kind enough to supply these settings for those of us that run Omni 3, 4 & 5 Bar MAP Sensors for manual voltage inputs if needed. Thanks Bob! Marty

    ECMlink RESOLVED - What the hell is going on with my car/tune going full lean.?

    So I am so tired of fighting with my car that I am going to post a log and see if someone can point to potential problems.Anyone that has followed my threads knows that I am having issues with my 1gb auto car. I changed the transmission in her and she started giving me issues. She just runs...

    1G 1g AWD Fuel Pump Hanger AN Bulkhead Fitting Mod

    1g AWD Fuel Pump Hanger AN Bulkhead Fitting ModAs I was eliminating fueling issues (still to be resolved) on my 1gb DSM, I decided to go ahead and run AN line and a AN bulkhead fitting to make sure I was getting plenty of fuel to the rail and injectors so I got out my spare hanger and went to...

    ECMlink Injector Data Sheets

    I have, and so have other members, been looking for Data Sheets for various injectors so we all have a good base to start with so I am going to post up the few Data Sheets I have and if anybody else has some to post up, it sure would be a nice addition for us all. Marty FIC 1120 Low ZFIC 2150...

    1/2 Mile Racing Live on 1320 Video NOW

    If you aren't mowing the lawn or wrenching on the DSM, 1320 Video is LIVE BROADCASTING 1/2 Mile racing at the moment out if Merion Indiana Airport like they did at ours a few months ago. SHIFT S3CTOR the one putting it on and promoting Unleaded E88 clean fuel. Check it out if you get a chance...

    RESOLVED - Big Pump, Small Fuel Line Tune issue resolution "Bandaid" TEST

    This is a diagram for a workaround for cars with Big Pumps and Small Lines (stock) issues. It IS an issue and I didn't realize it until my tuner brought it up in my tune. We have worked around it but I am going to try this and just see what happens. If you have any experience with this issue, I...

    1G 2g Dual Piston Calipers on a 1g

    I have done this to 2 of the 3 DSMs I have since I couldn't find the 1g calipers. It is a very straight forward swap and only requires you to "slit" the brake line holder hole on the strut. The following are the clips out of my different build threads that show all of the parts needed to make...

    Language translator for foreign messages from members of other countries

    So I ran into a situation where I had a member send me a message that was in a language other than English this week. I found this web site to be SUPER helpful in translating his message to me and to give him back a reply in his language. It worked so well that I thought it would be a good thing...

    ECMlink Going lean under load

    Hey guys. Got my DTR trans in and was just driving to break it in. Tried to get into boost last night and she cutout and did NOT like me at all. I can see the car is going SUPER LEAN under load but need some assistance in troubleshooting. Car is on E85 and was running just fine a month ago. Fuel...

    Simple Typical Relay Operational Diagram

    Since there are a few members that would like to know how a simple relay functions, I drew up this rough drawing to show just how a simple relay operates. I hope it helps out those that are "electrically challenged". Marty

    Link on a Stick

    So I have been doing this for a few years now, as I work on a locked computer most of the day. This was my little secret (I am sure a few others have figured this out though) on how I am able to look at logs while I am at work. I load ECMLink onto my Thumb Drive and I can run Link on any...

    1G Rear Sun Shade.

    I just have to ask, has anyone seen a rear sunshade for our cars and what do you all think of them. The young man I got my 90 GSX from said he had no use for it and I want opinions from the crowd. Thanks! Pops

    1G Auto trans fluid nipple size?

    Hey auto guys, what is the size for the inlet and outlet fluid nipples that are on the top of the W4A33 transmission? My core didn't have them and I can't find them on any exploded view diagrams. They look to be straight threads with an o-ring on them to seal them to the case (on my other...

    DSM Shifter Repair Parts

    As we all know, our beloved cars are getting older by the minute and the sloppy shifters that are now in these old cars usually need their own maintenance so here is a list of Repair parts and Vendors or Suppliers for the old, worn out parts all in one thread. If I have missed something, let me...

    Timing a 4G63 (my "Special" method)

    Timing Belt Install – My “Special” WayThis article is good for any timing job but is especially good for those doing the timing job while the motor is still in the car. This was done on a 6 bolt motor, so the write up comes from that particular model. There are many ways to time a 4g63, but I...

    Street Build Resurrection of the Red 90 Talon

    I bet most of you have forgotten about the Red 90 Talon in my profile so it is time for some updates and its Re-Build Thread! Here she is...About 3 years ago, the motor had a fit and bent all 16 valves on the way to a car show so she got put on the back burner. Well, now she is being...

    ECMlink 1g Knock Sensors

    While searching for some info for a new member, I ran across these so get em while they're hot!!! I hope that the stock that they show is factual. I found a generic brand here...

    TransLab STL-175 (regular not HP) kit instructions

    These are the instructions for the regular, not High Performace, TranSlab shift kit model STL-175 (NOT STL-175HP) For the STL-175HP, see Tim Zimmer's Post...

    1G Auto trans solenoids

    Hey all, after a burned out OD, I pulled the VB, cleaned EVERYTHING with brake parts cleaned and reassembled, now my solenoids don't change gears. I can hear them with the car off buzzing for a couple seconds when I change gears but I only have 3rd. Can anyone point to some diagnoses? I had all...

    2G 2g Knock Sensors Available

    I was browsing Amazon and found 2g Knock Sensors available again. No luck on 1g units but you 2g guys (and me too) might want to check out the link if you need or MAY NEED one. Standard motors has farmed these out to another country if I got the story right from the engineer that works there and...


    This FIRST post goes out to @Ludachris for taking/making the time for this sub-forum to exist. Thank you sir for getting a Kansas group sub-forum put together and I hope that fellow Kansans will load it up with events, info, HELP in keeping their and our group together. Another thanks goes out...

    Wichita Area DSM Forum

    Since the middle of Kansas doesn't have a Forum for the area that they are in, Wichita, Western Kansas and Southeast Kansas, I thought that a new area Forum should be created. You don't have to be from the Wichita area to be part of this fine group. I had the pleasure of meeting one of the...

    Post up YOUR fireworks pictures

    Ok, so I can build a car but how do I get this to work???? Anybody have a bigger gun I can borrow? I all ready spent over $200 on stuff that blows up in 10 seconds or less..... and it didn't go on a DSM. :ohdamn: :nono: ROFL Its for my grandson...or thats my story. What's yours???? Pops :)

    DSM Valve Spring Seat Pressure Comparisons

    In case you are needing to know spring seat pressures for various DSM valve springs, I compiled this chart. It doesn't cover EVERY spring made but most of the brands that our vendors supply for comparison. If I need to add any others, just let me know and I can put it on the list! :thumb: Marty...

    You're not a true DSMer unless.......????

    Lets have some fun while most people are are home! :p Fill in the blank with your favorite saying!!!! I can't wait to see what this brings out ROFL You're not a true DSMer unless.... "___________________________________" Just add to the post, lets see how many funny (or TRUE) things we think...

    1G Wastegate problem

    So I took the 92 Talon to the track and had fun but ran into a problem that I need a second (3rd, 4th, 5th) opinion on. I am running 4 springs in my TIAL WG, as much as you can stuff in it. The car runs a steady 33 lbs (pretty solid anyway), but when I activate my EBC, even at 100%, I can't get...

    1G Broken fuel pump electrical thru bolt stud

    Alright all of you know it alls, what now? After changing fuel pumps out to a Aeromotive 340 that makes noise but no pressure 4 dam times, I reinstslled the original pump in my 90 GSX (the white car) and in the process, broke the electrical connection thru bolt stud. Tell me how you guys and...

    RockAuto Wholesaler Closeout parts for 1g DSM's

    They probably have 2g parts also on closeout, but I didn't have a 2g registered with them so I only got the 1g link. Here it is.......... Marty

    Injector Base Settings from ECMTuning

    I am putting this in the Fuel Tech articles as information that is already available on the ECMTuning website but it isn't a bad idea to have the info here too. This is directly from the ECMTuning site. Also see THIS for more injector data from FIC. Marty

    Bosch 2150 Injector settings

    These are the settings that were being run with the set of Bosch 2150 Injectors that I purchased from another member that had them in a 700+hp DSM. I am posting these in hopes that they may help others dial theirs in. These were E85 settings. Marty

    FIC 1120 Data Sheet

    For Offset Voltages in Link. This is my original FIC 1120 Data sheet for others to use if needed. Marty

    FIC 2150 Data Sheet

    For offset voltages in Link. This is my original FIC 2150 data matching sheet for others to use if needed. Marty

    Adriana REPRESENTS at the WCF's!!!

    This girl can drive, how can ya not like Noonen's car? You go girl!!! :thumb:

    $88.00 4" Cold Air Intake

    I thought I'd share this. I pieced together my own 4" Cold Air Intake for my 92 Talon with a Holset HX40 for cost savings measures, since as we all know stuff adds up. Here is how I made mine and it fits PERFECT. It's made up of some random parts but it all work great even tho its from Ebay...

    Help the Old Man out.

    Hey guys, I need a little help. I'm trying to find the EGR plug on my 92 Talon so I can log fuel pressure, as its the only input left on Link. Can anyone point me in the general or even better direction to find it? I'm really OCD about not tapping or hacking a harness since I've got into this...

    1g Transmission internals in a 2g case

    1g Transmission internals swapped into a 2g case by Tim Zimmer (twicks69) 11/22/19This article was originally posted by @twicks69 on 11/22/19 and he was kind enough to allow us to add it to the Tech Article Section for a useful tool to others. Thank you Tim!To start...

    For Sale DSM parts, friend is selling everything DSM

    I have a young man that is getting completely out of the DSM scene and has a few things left to sell, so I offered to put the items up here and if you need any of the items, I can get you guys together. Thanks for looking.For Sale: ACT StreetLite Flywheel, NEW -->- SOLD ACT 2600 w/6 puk...

    NGK Sparkplug parts store numbers

    I have noticed, that when I go to my local parts store and ask for a certain NGK plug, they have a hard time finding the exact heat range of plug that I want because their numbers for NGK and the numbers that we all know, are 2 different numbers so here is a cross-reference for you to know what...

    New to Tuning? This is helpful for DIYer's

    As the title states, this site was nice to compare my tuning with what they consider safe or more power/torque tuning and would be a good starting point for the Do It Yourself tuners or those trying to learn about AFR's and what to expect at different points of driving. I just thought it was...

    Netflix Season 2 of "The Fastest Car"

    Just out, Season 2 of The Fastest Car is out on Netflix! Episode 1 has a '92 Talon in it or is advertised as such! Nice to see one of our own on this show! Just an FYI if you happen to have Netflix. Does anyone know who's DSM it is??? Marty

    Tune Recorder Sheet for Test and Tune

    I came across a Tune Recorder sheet for those who record their specifics for runs at the track, so I modified it for 4 cylinders and added a 1320 line and MPH line for recording all times given at a 1/4 mile track. This sheet will allow you to inspect the plugs and record what you see they are...

    1990 Mitsubishi GSX

    1990TSIAWDTALON submitted a new DSM Profile :1990 Mitsubishi GSXRead more about this vehicle here...

    ECMLink HP settings for automatic cars

    As the title states, these are the settings for HP calculations for Automatic transmission DSM's running ECMLink. Nothing special, just double left click on "Horsepower" in the display and you can enter these ratio's into the HP calculator for a better idea of what you have if you are in an auto...
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