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  1. Low Mileage 420a engine and auto transmission

    Reply to question by 'kingje1' on the classified ad 'Low Mileage 420a engine and auto transmission'

    Thanks for asking man. I didn't realize my city doesn't show up somewhere. It's in Nashville, TN.
  2. Low Mileage 420a engine and auto transmission

    For sale Low Mileage 420a engine and auto transmission

    I bought a 1999 Eclipse that was in a wreck on the front corner. The radiator, bumper and front quarter panel were ruined but I have everything under the hood on a car with only 14000 miles on it. I lucked out and ended up with an eclipse that someone kept in their garage for 25 years and had...
    $1,000.00 to $3,000.00
  3. 95 Eclipse GST

    I should be going to paint this week so my paint guy asked me to drop off the parts I am swapping so he can get started on them. I pulled the hatch, rear bumper and side skirts from the parts car and loaded them into the truck to take over.
  4. 2G TPS sensor - aftermarket brand recommendations

    Ok, I didn't think those things went out very often, I was wondering what it looks like when they actually do.
  5. 2G AC Pulsing

    Hey Waltah, thank you very much for answering this post. I used a guage that is probably in the DIY category that you mentioned. It's a gauge that I bought separate from the bottle that uses the self sealing bottles that thread into it and it was like $50. I've used it on all my other...
  6. 1997 Eagle Talon TSi

    Sounds great. I'll look forward to some pictures
  7. ConspirAC321y

    Thank you Pauley and Foursixty, I'm going to order one of the 45 dollar ones from autozone and give it a shot. I've got high idle once the car is warm, first I'll test the resistance on the IACV but if it's not the IACV it must be the FIAV.
  8. ConspirAC321y

    You know what, I may be wrong. I'm going to pull the battery tomorrow and get my phone camera down in there. I'm wondering if those three phillips bolts take the IACV apart instead of attaching it to the TB. I just rebuilt the throttle body like two months ago I can't believe I didn't pay...
  9. 1997 Eclipse GS-T

    Cool ride, any plans for it?
  10. MY97GSX

    Great looking ride. Is it just how you want it or do you have any plans for it?
  11. 1997 Eclipse GSX

    Man what a great buy. That think is beautiful. I saw the CA plate, guessing it lived it's whole life in the sunshine state meaning no rust?
  12. 95 Eclipse GST

    I also finished wiring up the audio in the GST. Here is what it looks like in the back right now with the amps. The distribution blocks are hidden behind the amps underneath the seat backs (see photo). I'm going to wait until it's painted before installing the sub.
  13. 95 Eclipse GST

    Here is my parts car. Again, I got pretty lucky. This car only has 13000 miles on it. The interior is perfect so even though my 95 interior is in excellent shape I'm going to swap the interiors.
  14. ConspirAC321y

    I just went outside and checked, mine is different. It has three phillips head screws instead of the two. It's not going to work. Thanks for letting us know though.
  15. 1997 Eagle Talon TSi

    Ouch. Sounds like you have some work to do. I hope you have fun with it. I saw your wishlist had audio upgrades in it. I'm a huge car audio guy, what are you wishing for?
  16. ConspirAC321y

    I just looked it up. Did your tell you it didn't fit the vehicle? I have a 95 GST and am wondering if it's different for 2ga.
  17. 2G TPS sensor - aftermarket brand recommendations

    Hey man, just wondering. What happened to your TPS?
  18. 2G Lowering 2g eclipse help

    Hey man. Here is a link where you can find the tire sizes that fit. The wheel offsets are listed in the 17 inch chart. Just match up the width and sidewall that you want. I just put 18s on my DSM and I love the result. I...
  19. Black diemond

    Great job on that man, those pipes look clean and smooth in there. I also like the positive outlook. I need to learn from that. Whenever I break down it's an opportunity to fix it and learn something new. I remember when I was younger and first working on cars I used to think that way too...
  20. 2G AC Pulsing

    HI all, when I turn my AC on It pulses about once a second. I feel the pull on the engine with every pulse. Coldish air comes out but it's not cold enough to keep me cool in the southern heat.I'm sorry if this has been answered before, I've been looking through threads and searching now...
  21. Black diemond

    So it sounds like you'll be rebuilding the head/valvetrain and taking care of some other stuff in the meantime. Sounds good man, I'd love to see pictures of it as I'm sure at some point I'll need to get in there myself.
  22. Restoration Project ('93 Prelude)

    Yes, the H engines were the preferred swap back when I had my Del Sol. If you were going for more NASP power you did an H22 swap from the B16. I miss those Honda engines, they are fun to play with. I was simultaneously looking for either a 2g DSM or a 5th gen Prelude and I found the DSM...
  23. The GST

    I definitely need to lower it. I can't decide on if I want to do lowering springs or coilovers. What are you running on yours?
  24. Restoration Project ('93 Prelude)

    Agreed, I always thought the K series started with the RSX and the SI Hatch that had the shifter coming out of the dash.
  25. Restoration Project ('93 Prelude)

    I didn't realize that gen of Prelude had a K in it, I always assumed they ran H probably because all my research was always on the H22 in the 97 to 01. You're right about there not being much difficult work in it, compared to the DSM everything is much easier to get to. A good friend of mine...
  26. The GST

    I just put some Aodhan AFF7 18 x 8.5 with some 225 40 18 General Gmax. They are night and day better than the cruddy Walmart brand tires that were on there. I can still get a little wheel spin in the dry but I like a little bit because I feel like it makes me faster off the line. I have a...
  27. Restoration Project ('93 Prelude)

    Sweet ride. I've been a fan of Preludes since I was a kid in the 80's. I can't believe I haven't owned one yet. My favorite it still the 97 to 01 ludes but there wasn't a generation that I didn't like. I'm hoping the timing belt has been done because of age. If you are going to do it you...
  28. Black diemond

    Looks like you picked up a second one. What's the first step for it? I just got my first one a couple months ago but I've already been looking for another. . .
  29. Frankenstein

    Welcome James, any plans for that bad boy?
  30. The GST

    I love the color! I keep thinking of doing the AWD swap myself, what is making you want to do it? I recently bought wheels for mine and some stickier summer tires so I'm going to see if those will give me enough grip in the meantime. Are you running a limited slip diff on yours?
  31. Gst Spyder

    Welcome Dizzy. Any plans for that thing?
  32. Thor

    Welcome! Did you get the car like that or are you in the middle of a project?
  33. 1995 Eclipse GSX

    Are you going to do anything on the upper door trim? I noticed yours looks like mine with the metal showing through in different spots. I love the color, my 95 GST is going to paint next week and I'm hoping it looks as good as yours. I'm going to ask the body shop if there's something they...
  34. 95 Eclipse GST

    I won the Eclipse lottery when I bid 1200 on a parts car last week. I ended up with the winning bid on a 1999 GS with all the options. It's got the 2gb rear bumper I needed, the front fog lights and I'm going to use the rear hatch with high rise spoiler. Not only that but the car only had...
  35. 95 Eclipse GST

    Just when I thought I had this thing running correctly I've got an idle issue. Once the engine warms up it will idle between 1500 and 2500 RPM. I guess I'll have to start diagnosing this issue soon.
  36. 2ga Front Bumper Cover

    For sale 2ga Front Bumper Cover

    At first look the bumper cover looks pristine however there is a crack at the bottom. You won't notice it unless you are looking for it as you really need to hunch down to see it. You can see it in the pictures. I will also sell the fog lights and headlights with it as well. I'm pretty good...
    $25.00 to $500.00
  37. Stock Swirly wheels

    For sale Stock Swirly wheels

    I have all four original wheels from my 1995 GST. This was a stock vehicle with 95,000 original miles. They are a little faded but in excellent condition. What's incredible is that they is no damage to these wheels at all, no curbing or anything. Just the center caps are somewhat faded and...
    $25.00 to $500.00
  38. Stock Infinity Radio and Amp

    For sale Stock Infinity Radio and Amp

    I do not know if they work. The radio was lit up but I didn't have the code and did not plan on using it anyway so I just pulled it out after buying the vehicle. I would be happy to call the dealer and ask for the code if you would like to purchase. Just make an offer on it, I'd like it to...
    $25.00 to $500.00
  39. 95 Eclipse GST

    Here's what I've done so far to this bad boy. It was bucking pretty bad when I would push the accelerator more than 25%. I did a boost leak test and got a leak from the throttle body. I could get the leak to seal if I moved the butterfly valve so figured it was the seals. I pulled the...
  40. Throttle Body Rebuild Kit

    Hi Snowboarder, I'm interested in a kit for my 95 stock GST
  41. 95 Eclipse GST

    This is the Build Thread for 95 Eclipse GST. Reply below.
  42. 95 Eclipse GST

    95 Eclipse GST

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