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  1. dwb


    I just need to vent for a moment. TL;DR at the bottom. This has nothing to do with cars, but rather mountain bikes. For the record, I live in a fairly low crime area.My son has an excellent opportunity to attend a technical school to fulfil his last two years of high school and graduate with...
  2. dwb

    1G replacing oil pump straight gears with helical

    I have an early 6bolt with original straight cut oil pump gears. Since those gears are discontinued, can I swap directly to the helical gears or do I have to replace the front case along with the gears?
  3. dwb

    1G 6 bolt piston options

    I'm looking for some replacement piston options for my 6 bolt 4g63 turbo engine. Not looking for forged (unless the price is right) or anything with higher compression. Basically I'm going with a stock-ish rebuild. My current stock pistons have valve marks on them and I've considered fixing them...
  4. dwb

    1G Machinist questions

    Maybe I should be posting this in the noob forum because I'm definitely a noob when it comes to engine rebuild. But hopefully there will be some good info here anyway. Maybe this stuff has already been discussed but it's hard to search this site.I'm prepping my 6bolt turbo head, block, and...
  5. dwb

    1G Valve contact - are these pistons salvageable?

    Timing belt broke and I finally got the head off. All the pistons look about the same with valve marks. Are these pistons salvageable?
  6. dwb

    1G Engine bay wiring repair questions

    I'm redoing several electrical connectors in the engine bay on my 1g, like the injectors, knock sensor, coolant temp sensor, oil pressure sending unit, etc. I have to replace a few inches of the wire due to cracking insulation and sometimes broken copper. In the past I just used whatever wire I...
  7. dwb

    1991 TSi AWD

    This is the Build Thread for 1991 TSi AWD. Reply below.
  8. dwb

    1G Stock 6 bolt rebuild - DIY or take it to a shop?

    I'm looking for some opinions and maybe some first hand experience on performing a DIY head/bottom end assembly vs taking it to a shop. I don't want to put a lot of money into it, hence DIY, but I also don't want to have to tear it down multiple times to get it right. Time isn't much of a factor...
  9. dwb

    1G Engine died Gave up the ghost?

    Whelp, got stranded on my way to work. It just died with no warning. No odd sounds and was running fine just before. When I crank it, it sounds like the attached video. Any ideas what's up? Seems like no compression or maybe just no ignition. I'll pull plugs and maybe the oil pan this weekend to...
  10. dwb

    1G Oil light not illuminating

    Shouldn't the oil light be illuminated in this pic? This was taken right after turning the key to the on/run position but before cranking:
  11. dwb

    RockAuto: "We cannot ship to this address"

    I used to order from RockAuto all the time for most my maintenance parts. A couple years ago something changed with how they calculate tax and now all I get is this message when I place an order: "We cannot ship to this address because it is in a "home rule" city that does not participate in...
  12. dwb

    1G electrical load causes low/rough idle or stall

    When I start turning on power hungry accessories - blower, headlights, rear defroster, etc. - my idle becomes a little erratic. It idles a little lower and the engine runs a little rough. Sometimes when coming to a stop the engine stalls or barely catches in time when all the accessories are on...
  13. dwb

    1G Transmission and transfer case breather

    On a 1g, does anyone know if the transmission breather is interchangeable with the transfer case breather?I see they are two different part numbers. I have a new transmission breather and I'm hoping it will work on the transfer case.
  14. dwb

    1G Transfer case rebuild

    I'm about to undergo a transfer case rebuild (1g/5 speed). My drive gear splines are wore out and it's got over a quarter million miles on it. Nothing broken that I'm aware of. So a new (used) drive gear, all four taper bearings, seals (incl. the two large o-rings) and a new nut will go into...
  15. dwb

    Long time owner 91 Tsi

    Hello all, I'm new here but not to DSMs. Been daily driving my 91 Tsi AWD since 99. It's around 270k miles today. I lurked around CoDSM (Colorado DSM) until it inevitably went to the dark side. Looking forward to meeting some of you and sharing my many experiences with these cars.It's...
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