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  1. greekgodchaos

    1G PTT Twin Disc Clutch Master Info Thread (6-bolt AWD)

    Hey all,I am currently in the process of my Omega build, and when it comes to the PTT Twin Disc clutch I got, its muddy waters for me. So I am collecting all the useful information here (much of it is circa 2006-2013, so expect outdated and mostly wrong information from those who never...
  2. greekgodchaos

    Seen: 2gb Plum GSX w/Euro Taillights

    Nice car. Never see any DSMs around Vancouver anymore, let alone one with Euro parts. Hope it stays working for ya.
  3. greekgodchaos

    Torque Plate and Head Gasket Question

    So I'm going to be taking in my block to the machine shop this week and I'm going to have them align hone with the torque plate. I know you need to use a head gasket when using a torque plate in order to achieve the proper whatever to ensure that the cylinders are bored properly. My question is...
  4. greekgodchaos

    1G Potentially bad ECU (Not the caps)

    Hi, I've been trying to diagnose a sporadic misfire on my 91 GSX and I'm looking at the ECU and found a few suspicious points that I was wondering if y'all could take a look at and see if any of these points could be related to my misfire issue. I have included a few pictures for reference...
  5. greekgodchaos

    2016 Ford Escape ST

    This thread is for the general discussion of the vehicle 2016 Ford Escape ST. Please add to the discussion here.
  6. greekgodchaos

    1G 1991 twitching tach gauge mystery

    I have a 91 GSR-4 with a jumping, very weakly moving, tach gauge. At idle, the needle twitches just above ~200rpm and doesn't move when you rev the engine. It sometimes would rise with RPMs while driving, but would just plummet once the RPMs started going down. I so far have swapped 2 (both new)...
  7. greekgodchaos

    1G Caliper Rebuild Tips

    I've been rebuilding my rear brake calipers on my 1991 all-wheel-drive eclipse and using the how to guide on how to rebuild your brake calipers was very helpful, but I have some improved tips that can be utilized to make...
  8. greekgodchaos

    1G Speed Bleed Fittings

    Working with my 91 AWD with 1gb front calipers, needed the quick bleed fittings since I have no friends. Thought this will be helpful to others.Rear: Dorman 12709 M10x1.0 35mm Fronts (2 piston): Dorman 12708 M7x1.0 32mmAlex
  9. greekgodchaos

    1G 140amp Alternator Install Help

    Hi, I just picked up a freshly rebuilt 140 amp alternator for my 1g, So far I have replaced the stock ground wires with new ground straps in the stock locations, as well as a 6awg wire ground the alternator to the frame. Are the 2 white power wires going to the 80amp fuse, which i have replaced...
  10. greekgodchaos

    General Wideband gauge reading backwards

    So here's the deal: l have an Innovate wideband setup with a non-Innovate gauge. When the sensor has been calibrated, and gas soaked rag is wrapped around the sensor, it reads as 20 lean; when the rag is removed, it then falls down to 10 rich. I checked the units signal output and it functions...
  11. greekgodchaos

    1gb Talon Door Trim Retainers

    Can anyone tell me if there are any other cars that might possibly have these clips? I'm missing three of them...
  12. greekgodchaos

    Spinning the wheels on a raised LSD equipped car

    Was wondering if, while my car is on jacks and all 4 wheels off the ground, with my LSD rear end, can I spin the wheels with the car off the ground? The warning label says not to spin any wheels while you have 1 wheel jacked up, but I am still not sure. I don't want to break anything.Alex
  13. greekgodchaos

    Electric Cutout Custom Switch Wiring Question

    So I got an electric cutout off ebay that goes to a momentary toggle switch to open/close it up, but I want to wire it up to an on/off style switch so I can just push it down and have the motor stop on its own once it fully opens or closes. Is there a way I can go about doing this with some...
  14. greekgodchaos

    General WB Reading Rich in Free Air Calibration

    I have an Innovate LC-2 wide band setup, but when I do a free air calibration, it stays at 20.0 until it finishes its 30 sec calibration and then it dips to 10.2. I have 4 different Bosch 4.9 sensors and it happens with every one of them. It has been wired exactly as it shows in the manual. I...
  15. greekgodchaos

    1G Can I prime oil through the head turbo oil feed?

    About to fire up a freshly rebuilt motor, was wondering if I could prime the engine with oil through the turbo oil feed hole on the head.
  16. greekgodchaos

    Evo Oil Filter Interchangeability

    I was reading over on the evoM forums about the different types of oil filters being used and which has the best performace, and I am wondering if the Purolator PL14459 fit the early 4G63's on the DSM platforms as it would on the newer 4G63's? I'm thinking they would, but I would like...
  17. greekgodchaos

    General Cleaning Wideband Sensor for Recalibration?

    If I go to re-calibrate my wideband sensor (Innovate LC-2), should I spray clean it with an electrical cleaner like WD-40 Specialty cleaner and let it dry before I re-calibrate it? Or will it be fine as-is, with all the carbon deposits on it? It only has about 100 miles on it but for the sake of...
  18. greekgodchaos

    Using a Front Case with Crankwalk wear

    I have a front case with a giant hairline crack that is causing on oil leak.I have an old case from my previous engine that crankwalked, so there is some slight wear in the case on the back side. I measured how much wear there is and its only 0.32mm, so hardly anything.There are no...
  19. greekgodchaos

    General LC-2 Wideband Shuts off when Connecting to PC

    This just popped up today, my 1ga Eclipse has been sitting for a bit (chilly weather without a battery tender, was sitting at around 10v, -Optima Red Top-, is now charged up with a new 4amp gel charger/tender), when I turn the key to the ON position, the green light flashes for about 10 seconds...
  20. greekgodchaos

    General Innovate LC-2 Serial Connection Issues

    So I have an Innovate LC-2 Wideband kit from ECMLink, it is plugged into the OUT plug (as is said in the manual), and connected to a serial-to-USB cable. Now I have tried 3 different cables, 2 different computers, and both have resulted in squat. I try to start LogWorks and it just says "No...
  21. greekgodchaos

    1G Fresh motor, won't stay running

    Okay guys I've got a starting, running for a brief second and then dying problem here.I've checked the ECU the Caps are fine nothing looks out of the ordinary,I've swapped TPS sensors with no change,Swapped resistor packs with no change,Checked all my grounds to make sure they have bare...
  22. greekgodchaos

    1G Reinforce 1g Clutch Pedal Assembly

    Okay guys, I know this topic has been covered in the sense that everyone's solution is to simply weeks the cracks and reinstall and hope it will hold for a while. This isn't good enough for me and am trying to reinforce the playing of the replacement pedal assembly before it goes into the car...
  23. greekgodchaos

    Very Fresh Break In

    Okay so here is my situation: I have a freshly rebuilt motor, a freshly rebuilt transmission, and a brand new clutch. The transmission and the clutch typically are babied for the first 500 miles or so, but the engine break in deals with a lot heavier loads and high RPMs to achieve proper ring...
  24. greekgodchaos

    1G Full AWD engine & drivetrain swap?

    Hey, so my buddy just totaled his car, and we are looking at a new shell. My question is this: if it is a FWD car, can we still bolt up the AWD driveline on it? We would also be swapping over the gas tank since that's different. Going from a 91 AWD Talon 4G63T to a 94 FWD Talon 1.8L SOHC
  25. greekgodchaos

    1G Bad vibrations

    My buddies talon has a rebuilt head, stock everything else, balance shafts in and aligned right, crank pulley is fine, just did a clutch job, and new fluids in everything.At the moment, it idles smooth, but when you accelerate 2500+ the whole front of the car starts vibrating and shaking...
  26. greekgodchaos

    2G Turbo to Non-Turbo?

    Hey yall, im picking up a 2g today, and since my Talon is already my play thing, I wanted to find an N/A 4G63 manual 2g so I can throw some unequal length headers on it and mess with people who see a DSM that sounds like a Subie (begin the flaming down below) plus the car is so damn cheap...
  27. greekgodchaos

    Crank to the Walked

    My 6-bolt walked...probably my fault lol Think the flywheel is still usable? I have a new faceplate for it, but opinions?
  28. greekgodchaos

    1G Alt No Charge, No Battery Light on Dash; Please Help!

    In short:Alternator tested GOOD, but doesn't charge Battery is fully charged, but isn't getting charged by the alternator The Alternator 80 amp fuse is fine The Alternator "Relay" is fine The Battery light on the dash is NOT illuminating when they key is in the ON position, and the bulb is...
  29. greekgodchaos

    Titanium Internal Wastegate Flapper

    What I ultimately need to know: The ID, OD, and thickness of the OEM wastegate flapper "washer", as well as the length of the rivet/fastener holding it to the arm.WHY? I want to know what size bolt, nut, and washer to order- all of which will be Titanium, in order to withstand the extreme heat...
  30. greekgodchaos

    Before You Start Modifying Your Stock DSM [READ]

    The Pitfalls of Modifying Your Car | Technical | Resources | AMS Performance[In case the link ever is changed or whatever, here is the article verbatim. I give all credit to AMS Performance, I just wanted to put this out there for those who are looking to start modifying their cars to give you...
  31. greekgodchaos

    Replacement Interior/Exterior Trim Clips

    Like most of you, there are many times where you remove a piece of trim, only to break the retaining clips holding them on, then what? If you go to the junkyard and pull those off, odds are that they are just going to break as well due to their age. Well I finally remembered to look this up, and...
  32. greekgodchaos

    Removing/Reusing Outer Tie Rod End

    Hey so I recently (500 miles ago) replaced my Right Side Outer Tie Rod End on my 91 AWD and I think I need to adjust it in one or two more turns because my right tire seems to have a degree or two of negative toe, and last time I ended up ruining my tie rod end with a hammer so I had to replace...
  33. greekgodchaos

    Left 'Ground Timing Connector to ECU' On by accident...

    So I left 'Ground Timing Connector to ECU' On by accident...and drove about 18miles all highway, but I enjoyed the amount of "spitfire" I was getting...only to discover when I got home that my turbine housing was glowing red and was great for roasting marshmallows ;) So I left it idling for a...
  34. greekgodchaos

    HELP! Optima Red + New Alternator = Not Charging

    FOUND THE CAUSE OF THE PROBLEM!: There are 2 small bolts that hold the 80amp Alternator Fuse, and the one closer to the firewall that keeps the wire coming off the battery had backed itself out, causing a bad connection, after tightening it down, I start the car and boom, 14.44v :DRed Top...
  35. greekgodchaos

    H4666's and Fogs Died at Once

    Okay so I was driving at night and I went over a big dip in the road and my headlights went out so I turned on my high beams, which worked, and then went out about 15 seconds later. I also noticed that my radio seemed to cut out at the same time that the low beams went out on me, but the weird...
  36. greekgodchaos

    [VIDEO] Clutch Engagement Issues HELP

    DSM Clutch Noise Pedal IN - YouTubeNEW: OEM master and slave cylinders, bled clutch according to TeamRIP over 40 times, XTD 2600 PP, XTD 6 puck unsprung clutch disc, OEM TOB, Taboo billet TOB fork, shimmed pivot ball with 1 washer, Fidanza Flywheel, freshly rebuilt clutch pedal assembly (not...
  37. greekgodchaos

    Would this loose bolt mimic a Busted Shift Fork?

    1991 Eagle Talon TSi AWD M/T W5M33 23 SplineOkay so here is the back story: I rebuilt my transmission with basically all the same parts but cleaned up, and everything was fine until about 2 days ago where I was at a stop light, shifted into 1st and then moved forward, I go to shift to 2nd and...
  38. greekgodchaos

    Valve Cover Baffle Stud Conversion

    Valve Cover Stud ModItem List: (21) 6-32-1/4 Hex Studs and Nuts(1) 6-32 NC FINISHING Tap (The one in this picture is NOT a finishing tap, be sure yours is!) + (See note below)NOTE: I RECENTLY GOT A PM FROM 3KGT2NV WITH A GREAT TIP REGARDING THE TAP;(1) Drill(1) Cylinder Shaped...
  39. greekgodchaos

    2g Pistons on 1g Rods, Very First Start Up Question

    So I am almost ready to fire up my car for the very first time with everything rebuilt, and I had a question since I put 2g pistons on my 1g rods. I came across this article in the Tech Section...
  40. greekgodchaos

    Timing Belt Tensioner Pulley Bolt (Short Question)

    I lost my original Timing Belt Tensioner Pulley Bolt, and was wondering if it requires a Lock Washer and or an additional Washer as well. I have adjusted my timing belt tension and its spot on perfect, but I replaced the OEM bolt with one from Ace, just without a lock washer or washer and now I...
  41. greekgodchaos

    Brand new bearings scratched, return or use?

    Hey, so I bought some ACL Race bearings BNIB some months ago, and when I opened up the packaging the other day I found some of the bearings were scratched. I am still waiting to hear back from the vendor I bought them from, but what is your opinion on the condition of the bearings? Judging on...
  42. greekgodchaos

    Aftermarket Front Case with OEM Oil Pump? 6-Bolt

    Hello fellow Tuners,I am coming to the last leg of my build/restoration and I was looking at my front case earlier and am thinking of replacing it. I don't really feel comfortable re-using it becuase there is a small nick on one of the holes that feeds oil to the OFH which ended up being one...
  43. greekgodchaos

    Media Blasting/Powdercoating Near 98664

    Does anyone have any places they would recommend I go to to have some stuff powder-coated and media blasted? I am off Mill Plain and Exit 4 off of HWY 14 so I am not looking to go too far out of my way, but I do need some stuff blasted clean and painted by some competent people. Thank you!_Alex
  44. greekgodchaos

    Unable to Remove 5th/Rev Synchro Assembly (Pics)

    I have looked at the existing threads pertaining to my situation but found no helpful or useful answers. So heres whats going on: I got modified synchro keys from Jacks Transmissions to stop my annoying synchro rattle. I was able to remove the OEM keys no problem, but I cannot install the...
  45. greekgodchaos

    Evo 8 Piston/Oil Squirter Question

    Very quick question, I have Evo 8 Pistons on my 1g rods (4G63T, 6-bolt block) can I modify my OEM 1g Oil Squirters or would it be better to just buy a set of Evo 8 Oil Squirters? Thanks in advance._Alex
  46. greekgodchaos

    Reventon Interior Color?

    Since its unveiling in 2008 I have been trying to figure out what the true interior color is, and unfortunately even with the thousands of pictures out there on the internet, they all eventually lead to 2 colors that are plausable; something close to Olive Drab Green, or a Sandy Tan color. This...
  47. greekgodchaos

    Modifying the Lower Timing Belt Cover

    Has anyone tried cutting their lower timing belt cover in such a way that if and when you need to take it off, you do not have to disassemble a hundred different things in order to take 1 cover off? I had this idea a while back and will probably do it to my cover, but here is what I had in mind...
  48. greekgodchaos

    I Have a Few Build Questions

    Ok so I have a 1991 Talon TSi AWD, 6-Bolt, aiming for about 400hp, and this is going to be my Daily Driver. Here are the components that are going in to it while im rebuilding it, but I do have some questions about my setup. So look over my mods and then see if you can answer any of the...
  49. greekgodchaos

    ECM Link Help/Advice

    Ok so here is the situation:I put in an order for ECM Link v3 Lite off a seller on eBay, and I need to send them my setup so they can write the info on the chip thing. My planned setup is going to look something like this:Denso 720cc Injectors 1g 1992 AWD MT ECU GM MAF with MAFT...
  50. greekgodchaos

    Next Paint Job, Which One?

    The Talon is currently on 2 wheels and going to pull the engine out and throw in a new HG and some other goodies I am collecting, but I also was thinking about painting it again since Im not totally diggin the Camo Olive spray job I did a few weeks back, I mean its not bad, but after gawking at...
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