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  1. awdmonster1904

    1G New personal best

    Hello there! Here’s a quick recap of what happened in the past.- previously the car was running at 6766 and just swapped it to auto we had a heck hasket failure that also damaged the head. After looking at the log we realized that I had too much timing. With the automatic adding more load on...
  2. awdmonster1904

    1G Turbo choice? 6766 vs super 99

    Hello everyone!I’m just trying to get some feedback to see if it’s worth getting t to swap out the 6766 t4 .96 hot side in favor of the super 99 v band 1.05 hot sideAny advice would be greatly appreciated!
  3. awdmonster1904

    Race/Event Recap Chuckwalla no prep racing

    Hello there!Just recently got my car ready with the auto swap and working on dialing in the launch. I’m going to try out the no prep racing. Looks like a lot of fun and get to race some real fast cars.It’s in March 4-5 I’ll post updates as the day gets closer...
  4. awdmonster1904

    IFO 2/22 Famoso Dragway

    Hello there ,Just checking in if anyone is going just got the word that Jake Montgomery is going to run this coming weekend. I too will try to run in the FIP class.If you wanna link up send me a PM It's always nice to meet new dsm guys in the region.
  5. awdmonster1904

    1G 1g with 2g auto trans what starter ?

    What stater would I need for auto swap 1g with a 2g trans Thank you
  6. awdmonster1904

    Automatic transmission pump

    Does anyone know of a good place or website to source an automatic transmission pump for W4a33 ?kind regards!
  7. awdmonster1904

    W4a33 part number question

    If you see the pictures I’m looking for the part number for the bearings thank you
  8. awdmonster1904

    2G 2g auto scatter shield

    Currently looking if anyone makes one for a 2g trans. Or will the manual one work ? TIA
  9. awdmonster1904

    1G three speed SS scatter shield ? Auto

    Hello thereThis cars is a 1g auto swapped with 95 auto Trans . Is there a scatter shield for the auto platform?thanks again
  10. awdmonster1904

    1G STM brake kit rubbing on wheel

    Hello everyoneJust wondering if anyone has had this issue with this kit My wheels are 15x7 offset 40any suggestions how to fix this?
  11. awdmonster1904

    1G Forward facing turbo manifold

    Just wondering what’s the benefits of forward facing manifold?thanks
  12. awdmonster1904

    1G Brake booster delete

    Hello DsmtunersI would like for feedback on a brake booster delete. This car will be a drag car track only I’ve seen a se kits for sale at STM and Ostar.Any feedback on these would y’all recommend it ?
  13. awdmonster1904

    1G 26” slicks tire pressure?

    How’s it goingI’m trying to figure out some things regarding the tire pressure on a bias plys.background ** Back in the day i would run 13 psi front 8 in the rear on my et drags 24.5 slick with good results This was on 35R 1.44 60ft it just worked Launch at 6 kFast forward to now On...
  14. awdmonster1904

    El Chukis

    awdmonster1904 submitted a new DSM Profile :El ChukisRead more about this vehicle here...
  15. awdmonster1904

    1G Lexan windows who can make them ?

    Hello Everyone,Currently working on making the 1g lighter. Does any company make a le an kit for our cars ?Also is Still in business?
  16. awdmonster1904

    1G Finally got tuned 6766 infinity

    After 4 years working on the car finally got it tuned last week. Would like to share with everyone hereI wanna thank [email protected] (AEM)who has helped me my Buddy Gus , Ted Marquez (Tedspec) And the whole DSM Communitysetup: This is a fully dedicated drag racing car 10:1 RNR aluminum rod done...
  17. awdmonster1904

    1G Aftermarket fuel gauge wiring

    Hello everyone,I’m trying to figure out how to wire a aftermarket fuel gauge since I no longer have any stock gauges. I have the stock sending unit on a JMF fuel cell is there a way to wire the aftermarket fuel gauge to the stock sending unit ?Thank you
  18. awdmonster1904

    For Sale Auto meter gauges

    boost gauge 0-60 psi New in the box 60$1g ac vent gauge holder 40 $.Monster tach with shift light 100$
  19. awdmonster1904

    1G Question 6766 t4

    Hello everyoneJust trying to get feedback on the Pte 6766 T4 Ball bering . I've searched online there's information in t3 format. At this point I already have the turbo I just want to know what to expect I'm 2.0 liter 9.6:2 RNR aluminum rods S3 cams 2200cc magna fuel 750 The goals it's a...
  20. awdmonster1904

    Awdmonster drag car

    awdmonster1904 submitted a new DSM Profile :Awdmonster drag carRead more about this vehicle here...
  21. awdmonster1904

    1G How to Wire A MagnaFuel pro tuner 750

    HelloI was just wondering if there's anyone here that has a diagram in how to wire this fuel pump. Any tips or advise will be much appreciatedThis is the fuel pump
  22. awdmonster1904

    1G New personal best

    Decided to take the car out for a spin testing some things out All turbo no nitroussecond runafter the 10.3 run then OFH gasket gave upmy first pass of the day
  23. awdmonster1904

    1G IFO VEGAS 12/7

    I would like to share my experience in import face-off yesterday first time in the 10's and first time winning an event Thanks to all my friends that helped me accomplish my goal can't wait to go faster and work on my 60 ftHere is a link of the video
  24. awdmonster1904

    1G NLTS settings

    Hey how's it goingI would like to get some feedback and see what kind of settings for the lift to shiftWhat are the guys with a big turbos running for nltsI currently have mine at 6k but I would like to get a second opinionTIA
  25. awdmonster1904

    1G Saturn alternator and still having voltage issues ..

    How's it going dsmtunersI've been having issues with my voltage dropping for quite a while. Here is my set upSaturn alternator with a self exiting regulator 125 amps Optima battery (new) relocated to the rear all wiring is 2gauge Including the power wire coming from the alternator...
  26. awdmonster1904

    Took the dsm for a spin Fontana CA

    - finally got a chance to take the car out for a spin on my quest for a Solid 10 sec pass after the track was closed for 2 yearsTire pressure was at 14 fronts and 12 backs hoosier qtp At first the car would bog. I decided to enabled anti lag 17psi now I get out of the hole cleaner that's when...
  27. awdmonster1904

    Issues With fittment 26x9.5 r15 slicks

    I'm currently having issues fitting my hoosiers on my 1g . SETUP...... Hoosier QTP 26x9.5R15 DR-17 wheels 15x7 +40 offsetThe problem is in the back where the Rear control arm is rubbing on the tire The fronts are ok no issues its only in the backI have a few ideas like using a...
  28. awdmonster1904

    Importing a file to Linktools

    How it goingI'm trying to learn how to use link tools I have watched the YouTube to to work it every time I import the file it messes upQuestion: Do I have to simplify the data only for the WOT ?here is the clipECMlink SD WOT Excel Tuning - YouTubeCan anyone give...
  29. awdmonster1904

    main hoop for a cage ?

    I'm currently looking to put together a 8 pt cageCompetition Engineering : Product : 8-POINT ROLL BARS, SPORT COMPACTBut competition Engineering does not make it anymore acording to Summit RacingIs there another vendor Or freelancer that can make me this hoop ?Thanks in advance:dsm:
  30. awdmonster1904

    Pedal issue on high RPM quatermaster

    Hello Dsmtuners well I need some second opinionsrecently installed a quarter master 7.25 v drive clutchNew clutch new fork shaved by shep racing OEM trowbering new Shep racing Pedal for 1g new slave OEM Rebuilt OEM master Adjusted according to jacks transmission video...
  31. awdmonster1904

    stock composite HG on N2O

    I was wondering is anyone running a 75 shot of nitrous on a stock HG?
  32. awdmonster1904

    Quater master 7.25 v drive. Adjustent tips?

    I just finished Installing this twin disk clutchIt has the cleared fork New slave master cylI did notice that I had to adjust the master cyl rod more towards the driver seat (in) instead out like a act clutch then I noticed .... My pedal was fubar had massive play after a year of...
  33. awdmonster1904

    Vegas Dsm?

    What's up guys as you see I'm from SoCal ladsm might be planing to cruise to las Vegas is the Dsm scene still going go in las Vegas ?? Him me up we are planing it for the fallFrank the tank
  34. awdmonster1904

    CnC staging brake ?

    HelloI'm currently looking in to one of these staging brakes I looked at a few forums about the install and am a bit confused.Can anyone clear it as far as they can it's the part whe you cut the line on the carOr just bypass thru the prop Valve
  35. awdmonster1904

    Dynoed my car new goodies 3582R

    l Hey whats up Guys Its been a while since I posted. I would like to take the time to share my new set up .Decided to change it I blew a HG at the track Jan 15th of this year and All Together Wanted to come out stronger for the next season (drag racing)I have to Update my profile here...
  36. awdmonster1904

    Is my deck surface good for a metal hg?

    Ok, here is my situation I got this block from a fellow it originally had a MLS But I installed a Composite HG Ran it for a year with a 20g at 30psi later blew Installed A1 studs with metal on bigger turbo(fp green) since the first day It was pushing coolant. ran it until at finally poped...
  37. awdmonster1904

    FS FIC 1450cc

    I would like 350 shippedFIC 1450 bluemax I decided to go with 1600cc only used 2 track events
  38. awdmonster1904

    91 tranny in to a 90 car

    I just swapped transmissions 91 on a 90 car I can use my 90 cables ,shifter ,braket that holds the cables on the tranny ? Is this correct ? I don't need 91 shifter 91 brakets or cables right?I just needs to know if am on the right track
  39. awdmonster1904

    New engine results at the strip

    A few weeks of go I blew up my stock 6 bolt after many years of punishment I decided to go for the full build9.1 to1. Eagle h beam rods Bulit head oversize valves delta 272 cams Fp green 1200cc injectors with jays racing 341 pump controlled by ecmlink "lite" All reason tires at 17...
  40. awdmonster1904

    LADSM BBQ meet aug 20th

    The date August 20 2011As far as location I will update in a week of so because I'm working out the permits to get the park It will be some where in Ontario or chino I will let you guys know I will update the original postI will not change the date on the BBQ it's gonna be on august...
  41. awdmonster1904

    3000 gt TT. Brakes ?

    I've been researching about this for a while all I find is how to install them . My question is do they stop as good as they look ? Here the kit I have been looking at gettingRTM Racing :: - DSM Turbo(4G63) :: Brakes :: Brake Upgrades :: Stealth/3000GT VR4 Brake UpgradeNow, I have...
  42. awdmonster1904

    E85 Fp green. Dyno

    Last weekend I decided to switch my set up from frank L 2. To the Fp green (old school one). FUEL 1200cc Stock fuel lines 255 walbro rewired Dsmlink "lite" I will update my profileMy tuner Sam from RRE said "#Re: fuel fuel and more fuel E85 Heres the graphs. IDC's are...
  43. awdmonster1904

    Fp green fuel setups & HP

    I'm currently in the works on installing my FP green along with my jmf race manifoldI would like to know is how much power you u guys had on pump or E85 Boost level ect and what fuel setup worked o. Your carThe reason Im asking is that I'm not sure if 1200cc injectors would be enough...
  44. awdmonster1904

    changing my set up

    well is that time of the year again ive been ruining consistent 7.5 in the 1/8 mile runing [email protected] and i would like to go fasterso I picked up a few goodiesRace JMF SMIM FP GREENhopefully my current setup and the new mods will get me in to the high 10 sec range low 11 this...
  45. awdmonster1904

    times at the drag strip on frank L2 2/5/11

    Finally out of the 12 sec clubFirst passWell with better driving and making sure the knock sensor does not come loose I finally got to my goal on this old school turbo I can finally say it's time for an upgrade I just dont know if the Fp green that I already have is going to be that...
  46. awdmonster1904

    misfires on boost 5k

    car is an 1990 1g dsmSETUP 20g at 30 psi on E85 1200cc all supurting modsI would drive normal on the freeway everything is normal from 0 mph to 75 mph if am easy on the boostBut if i go full boost to do a hard pull it will make a sputtering sound out from the exhaust and it...
  47. awdmonster1904

    irwindale 1/8 mile runs frank2 E85

    Tried practice launching on the 1/8 mile runs and this is what i got1st runET 7.8 94 mph60ft 1.82nd runET 7.5 @ 96 mph60ft 1.7personal best3rd runET 7.960 ft 1.9 mess up on the launch4thET 7.7 @ 94 mph60ft 1.8Im on the left sidevery happy with my runs E85 on...
  48. awdmonster1904

    1990 nlts wire install

    I have a 90 gsx I'm tring figure out how ton install the nlts wire Does anyone have some pictures or illustrations in how to wire this up
  49. awdmonster1904

    12.2 @ 119 "Frank2" california speed way

    GOOD TURNOUT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's all I have to say no broken Dsm s or destroyed trannies or exploding timing belt covers !Now for The timesAs always fontana track can't hook for shit on top of my shitty tiresFirst run [email protected] 117 60ft 2.0Second run [email protected] 60ft 2.0Thrid run...
  50. awdmonster1904

    SMIM question worth it on my set up ?

    Here is my mod listALL STOCK 7.8to1FUEL: RC1200 walbro 255 REwire kit Aeromotive AFPRELECTRONICS: ECMlink "lite" V3 AEM widebandHEAD: Crower springs Crower TI Retainers Ferria 1mm OS valves HKS cams 264/272TRANSMISSION all stock gears and diffTURBO "FRANK 2...
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