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  1. HX35

    Working on my HX35 w/ BEP housing but the motor mount is in the way of drain. Are people cutting the motor mount, clocking the turbo a little to make room? I can’t seem to find much info on it. .
  2. 1G Transmission Motor Mount Stripped

    What's up all, getting my engine put back in last on my M/T 6 bolt, and I stripped one of the tranny motor mount bolts. The bolt that attaches the mount to the transmission. What's the best way to fix this? Helicoil?Also, the bolt I have for it look really small, does anyone know a part...
  3. Resolved 1G Part Identification

    What's up all. I just got my motor back from being at the machine shop for several months and am reassembling it all. I came across this part and can't find in my pictures where I took it off from. Any pointers would be appreciated. from a 92 6 bolt.
  4. 1G Balance shaft pulley after delete

    Just got my motor back from my engine builder. He went ahead and put in a BSE but left the pulley on. Should it stay on or should I get a shorter bolt?See pic
  5. Cam Selection

    What’s up guys. I’m about to get my built 6 bolt back from my builder and just picked up a fresh head. I want some gsc s2 cams to go with my hx 35 but don’t know if the are too aggressive for my springs. Below is specs on head.STD GSC valves GSC race guides GSC Viton seals BC springs and...
  6. ECMlink 90-91 vs. 92-94 DSM Link

    I bought an ECU with linkv3 already but is there a way to tell if it’s a 90-91 version or 92+?
  7. 1G Front Strut Spring Isolator

    Replacing struts in my 1g awd, is there a rubber isolator/seat between the bottom of the spring between it and strut? I threw my old strut away and completely forgot to look.
  8. 1992 Talon TSi Restore - First DSM

    This is the Build Thread for 1992 Talon TSi Restore - First DSM. Reply below.
  9. Timing Question

    I'm in the process of restoring my first DSM. Car had low compression (around 110) so I figured I might as well rebuild the engine. So I got it pulled and started tearing it down and noticed what looks to me like my timing is way off. Spun the engine 6 times and got the cam gears lined up...
  10. 1G 1g FMIC Suggestions

    Whats up all. Wanting to get a front mount, looks like ETS about the best u can find now days. What's everyone doing for piping? I can't find a short route pipe kit anywhere.I'm almost tempted to get a punishment or cx racing just for thr piping.
  11. 1G 1g clutch issue

    Restoring a 92 Talon. When I got it, it didn't have a slave. So put a new master, slave, and stainless line on. I've bled the shit out of it and have a lot of dead clutch pedal. Is this a bad pedal assembly? Is it worth pulling tranny to see if it's a clutch issue?The pedal doesn't even...
  12. Exhaust Manifold

    What's up guys, needed to replace my turbo cooling line and when I took the manifold off (turbo on) most of the studs came out with it so removal was cake.Put a new stud kit on and trying to re-install that manifold with studs on this time and have tried everything and I can get the left side...
  13. 1G 1g Megan Racing downpipe and catback?

    Just ordered a 3" Megan Racing downpipe and Megan Racing catback. Is the dp cat eliminating or will I need a testpipe to get rid of cat?
  14. 92 6 or 7 bolt configuration

    Whats up all. I needed some new exhaust manifold studs for my 92 I'm restoring and while looking I noticed I need the studs for a 7 bolt (two large studs on end, the rest smaller)So I'm curious did Eagle put 7 bolts heads on a 6 bolt? Did someone put a 7 bolt head on? (I doubt this as car...
  15. Dropped something into Turbo coolant line

    Alright guys, dumbass mistake. Replacing hose from thermostat to turbo coolant line and when I went to put a plug on the hardline to keep coolant from leaking out, the plug went in the hardline. Can this hardline be removed without taking off the turbo and manifold?
  16. 1G Fuel Rail Line (Throttle Body Stay in the way)

    Installing the 818 tank to rail and there's no way to get around this bracket with the line and the fittings they sent. Can I get rid of it ans shorten the throttle body bolts? I can't find any pics with the kit and an engine that has it.
  17. 1g Slave and SS Line Install

    Hey guys, my car didn't have a slave when I got it. Purchased a new slave and the SS line kit. Does the banjo fitting go on the master cylinder side? I can only find pics of 2gs.
  18. 1G New Guy - Timing ?

    Whats up guys, just picked up a 92 TSi AWD. Car needs a lot, but just working on getting it to start (currently replace rusty fuel lines)While waiting on parts I wanted to take a look at timing. My plan was to do all new timing components since who knows how long it's been once I can test...
  19. Rusted Return hard line.

    Whats up all, need some help. I'm currently restoring this 92 AWD and I poured some gas in the tank and it ended up all over floor.Got under it and discovered what looks like my return line has rusted out. I find it odd that putting 5 gal in pushed all the way through the return tho.Whats...
  20. 1G Slave mounting bolts

    Whats up all. New to DSMs and currently bringing a 92 awd Talon back from the grave. Anyone know where I can find or know what size the slave cylinder mounting bolts are?
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