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  1. Who else is down right now??? MERGED

    Been out for about 2 weeks, got towed monday. Transmission is completely shot. All of the gears lug horribly, and 4th is completely gone. Reverse went forward, and you couldn't push it in neutral because somehow the wheels would lock up.
  2. Panic! At the Disco's my favorite, and really the only song I listen to by them.
  3. Craziest thing i have ever seen on a forum

    I found out about this today. I kind of felt bad for the kid when they started posting his dad's pictures and stuff. But that kid got owned bad, and if those guys didn't threaten him he probably would've still ripped that guy off.Still funny though.
  4. I Was On MTV

    Yup..that was definitely me. The hair is all gone now, I have no A/C so it's hard to drive with the windows down with all that hair. For those that didn't see it, It comes on again Saturday at 6pm Central Time.
  5. I Was On MTV

    Basically before the camera crew came, all the teachers during a certain period had to hand a release form to all their students to sign.
  6. I Was On MTV

    I have no idea right now when it will air again. It's the one about the girl trying to join a dance team. And you'll have to be quick, i'm only there for a couple of seconds.The shirt is on ebay, signed by me if you want it.
  7. I Was On MTV

    Like you guys, I usually don't watch MTV. But tonight they aired the "made" show that was filmed at my school last year. Well, she's walking down the hallway right after she either sprains her foot, or recovers from it, and there I am in the background. The tall kid with long hair...sporting...
  8. What kind of Japanese import driver are you?

    Do I even have to bother pasting my results......DSMer :D
  9. Central Texas folks

    Whoooaaaa....I didnt even know there were more than two other people besides me that live in the killeen/ft. hood area.
  10. My brother sees the light

    Eh, better than me....i'm still completely stock.And I think be built, he meant rebuilt....I dont know yet, hopefully he'll bring it by tomorrow.
  11. My brother sees the light

    I would always make fun of his honda, and he would always make fun of my laser. Well, a couple of days ago, his honda blew up. He said that the motor was completely shot, and that there was really no saving it. I made sure to laugh at him.Well today, he did the big brother thing and top...
  12. MAN - Here goes the gas prices again! [Merged 8-8] price cost

    I thought I had it bad, but I guess not. It's $2.48 for 93 here. What's really bad is that people are getting desperate. A few days ago a buddy of mine bought a supra, and on that exact same day, somebody broke the gas door(or whatever you want to call it) and syphoned all the gas out of it.
  13. The HAS to be the most amazing arcade experience EVER..WTF!!?!

    I don't think it was a paintball gun. And if it was I don't think it was shooting paintballs.I was wondering though, what if they guy shot himself, or should I say try. That's why I dont think they would use real paintballs.
  14. I've Got Something Better Than Spinners

    Nothing says classy quite like this.
  15. My dad has to be the coolest guy around.'s coming back a beast. Almost everything that can be upgraded will be.
  16. My dad has to be the coolest guy around.

    Well, even though I don't live with my parents anymore, we stay close because we live in the same city. I go to their house periodically, where we talk about alot of things, usually cars because my older brother and I have both been into cars from an early age. Well, one day my dad and I went...
  17. bad comments

    I remember I was at sonic, and a later 90's or early '00 model galant pulled next to me. The next thing I hear them laughing and going "What the hell is a laser...what a POS car."But I had some backup, because one of the guys sitting in the back of the galant said, "Dude, thats a...
  18. About To Get $1000....but what should I do with it?

    It's a turbo supra. And luckily I have neighbors that own 2 supras and 3 GT-S corollas. So if I have any problems, I think they will be the people to go to.
  19. About To Get $1000....but what should I do with it?

    Well lets just say, I'm lucky to have a well funded friend who showed their appreciation of me helping them through the years with $1000...most likely in cash. The only thing is I dont know what to do with it.As much as I'd like to put the money into the laser...I would like to put more...
  20. 3 Fast 3 Furious June 16 2006

    AWESOME!! I love comedies
  21. The Definition of Owned...

    I don't want to watch a girl get completely annihilated....but I can't seem to turn away ROFL
  22. something i need to get off my chest.

    Oh yeah....well 2g's are GIRL cars, how ya like that one huh..jkWell you know what they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Yes, I have to admit that some of the hack jobs are ugly, but that's just because they were done poorly. But most of the time, I think they look pretty decent...
  23. I Like SRT-4's....I Just Dont Like Their Owners

    Wow, this thread came back. Yeah, I'm not saying all srt owners are bad. A very good friend of my brother and I owns a 12 second srt, yet he is still cool about it. Now if the guy I was originally talking about owned that car...I can't imagine how he would show it off. Also, I saw him at the...
  24. I bet ill know what your awnser will be...

    I thought of uhh, what comes after we think of a vegetable. Is there a point to this?
  25. 20 Questions w/ Darth Vader

    I got him with drumstick.It wasnt even his choices at the end when they list them.
  26. finally got my gsx back

    Give me the keys and I'll make sure it gets a few laps out of the parking lot... :thumb:
  27. I Like SRT-4's....I Just Dont Like Their Owners

    Yeah, have you been done rancier at night where they all hang out in a pack at autozone or that carwash. It's like the civic nation moved here, some respectable, but most of them not.
  28. I Like SRT-4's....I Just Dont Like Their Owners

    No...actually I dont. I'm not a prick like the SRT guy.
  29. I Like SRT-4's....I Just Dont Like Their Owners

    Eh, it's three in the morning and I needed something to do. So what better than to entertain you guys with my neighborly battle story.
  30. I Like SRT-4's....I Just Dont Like Their Owners

    There is this guy that lives two houses down from me with his nice shiny red SRT-4. And I dont know what he has against me, but he insists on showing off his car every chance he gets. I swear, he knows the sound of my exhaust because when I got home one day I passed his house and all the doors...
  31. For those of you in Austin Texas....

    Drive an hour north in Killeen and you'll see a few...including mine
  32. What kind of car should you drive?

    Not sure if it's a repost...but hey, it's new to me. scored as 99' Mitsu Eclipse GSX.Your car is fast but you want it faster, you fit right into the tuner croud and you share mutual respect with everyone.99' Mitsu Eclipse GSX...
  33. funniest compliment

    My best compliment was actually on the road. By a bunch of kids in the back of an SUV. I could see them in the back looking and pointing at my car. So when the light turns green I get beside the back windows, they are still looking and smiling, I give them a thumbs up, and then give them what...
  34. Wow, some people are retarded (aim convo)

    That's like this kid at school that says he built a 1000hp camaro while he smoked a pound of weed. But everyday I see him walking home from school, it's pretty pathetic when you have to lie like that to get people's attention. Because the sad thing is, people believe him.
  35. fort hood better have nice dsm's for me to look at...

    I live there...and most DSM's here are non-turbos. There are a few turbo ones here, and you might see a few more if you go to the track 20 minutes away from where we are. But the only other Talon AWD I know of goes to my school. Other than that, its glad to have another turbo in the area...
  36. Whats your opinion on Mustangs???

    Most of the mustangs where I live are riced-out neon lights, body kit mustangsBut here is a daily driven mustang I do respect;It's my brother's friend's daily driver.
  37. I'd kill my sibling if they did this(story)

    Backstory: My neighbor, who I think is a junior in highschool now, has a honda ex with the usual loud exhaust, and the pretty blue lights but nothing else, so its pretty slow. She revs at me every chance she gets, but I dont take it seriously. Anyways, she has a little brother, he is a...
  38. You guys will LOVE this video...

    Link doesn't work
  39. What kind of car do you use....

    I use the eclipse and kept it stock looking. I do have the 240sx, which I call the "rice-mobile" because I just keep adding pointless visual things to that car so the meter will go up, and I can unlock more races.
  40. teaching girl friend to drive stick...

    Luckily, no girl has ever driven my car. However, I did see my friends Civic Si take a beating from a girl at an empty parking lot. I saw that car stall more than I actually saw it moving forward. Also, she wouldn't shift out of first until like 5k rpm's...even thought she is going no more...
  41. How's your car on the street?

    I love driving my car, and sometimes when I have nothing else to do...I can just drive my car for hours. But on the other hand, some of the other cars I've ridden in, can beat my car in smoothness and quietness. When I ride in my girlfriends jaguar(yeah I said it, lie, i couldnt...
  42. which napoleon dynamite character are you? quiz

    I'm Pedro...but i cant cruise with all my cousins. They would have a really uncomfortable time in my backseats, if thats what you want to call them.
  43. Tapping Noise ?

    There is a tapping noise from my car that has gotten to the point where I get pretty annoyed. It's not really loud but its noticeable. I dont know where its coming from though...maybe it could be the valves tapping, so far that is my only guess, and since it has been raining for days I havent...
  44. Texas DSMers throw your hands in the air!

    Killeen aka Ft. HoodCentral Texas...
  45. My Car Is Out Of The Grass!!!

    Well after my recent encounter with a curb, and one junkyard later, my car is finally moving again. There is still a slight alignment problem, but that will be fixed later this week. It's only been a week, but its felt like forever. Just had to express my joyBut I'm sure(especially by...
  46. this is kinda annoying

    Well atleast now I know all the other laser owners go through the same thing I do. Usually, I tell people I own an eclipse just to avoid a really long explanation, but if I know the person will know what I'm talking about, I'll tell them I have a laser.
  47. Need some answers..uh..quickly

    Luckily we have a friend that is a far better mechanic than me that is coming by tomorrow. He was expecting to replace the back brakes(i was too lazy to do it myself), but now he has another job awaiting him. It doesnt sound like anything is broken, the little i could look under the car(still...
  48. Need some answers..uh..quickly

    Well today I did the most stupid thing you could think of. There is a turn through a neighborhood, and due to the recent rain there was water collecting at this turn. Well like an idiot i took this turn too quick and swerved, but that is not why I'm mad at myself, the reason why I'm mad is...
  49. Should I actually take the time to take out the back seats?

    Well I have a full day of boredom tomorrow so I was thinking about taking out the backseats. They are pretty useless too, not even my shorter of friends can fit back there. I'm not doing this for any weight reduction reasons in mind either since they only weigh like two pounds. I figured it...
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