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  1. JoshMc

    2G Best Turbo for Road racing and Autocross in mind

    just to give a little background, I'm looking for opinions on my potential turbo set up...Car is a 96 GSX 2.0 10.5:1 motor on e85, EVO 8 ECU, and all other supporting mods Full 3" exhaust etc,I'm looking into just keeping my FP Manifold and keeping the stock size mitzu housing turbo's, or...
  2. JoshMc

    2G MFI Relay and Fuel Pump relay not getting signal

    Its a 1996 gsx, with the factory ecu, but I just finished getting my car back together finally, and went to go start the car, and everything is functioning fine except the fuel pump not coming on, I checked both the mfi and Fuel Pump relay out of the car, and they both switch over as they...
  3. JoshMc

    2G Front Subframe Bushings

    Okay so after doing a quick search, I've found they A: you can just order the stock replacements from JNZ, or other Mitsubishi oem websites, but I'm really wanting poly bushings, which I haven't been able to find, not sure if solid bushings are what I'm needing but if they will help then I'm all...
  4. JoshMc

    2G Best Coilover for Auto X and DD

    Okay guys, so as im getting closer to finishing my build, i know a good quality set of coil-overs are a must for my goals with this car, it will be my daily driver to and from work, my commute is about 60 miles a day and there is almost no city driving involved, my house and work place are only...
  5. JoshMc

    2G bastard 20g setup

    okay so im looking for everyone who has personal experience with the bastard 20g setups, i just had one built by Justin Whitesell,my setup basically consists of,-2.0 block 10.5:1 compression -e85 -evo8 ecu -1600cc injectors -450walbro -3" Megan dp with full 3" exhaust (ceramic coated) -dsm...
  6. JoshMc

    2G Bov Decision: Synapse or Tial Q

    okay so i will be in the market for a new Bov with my turbo ill be running, i dont think my 1g bov will keep up with a 20g turbo with a holset actuator, from what i've read its hit or miss between 20psi-25psi when they start to leak, so figured id just upgrade, after looking at options i came...
  7. JoshMc

    2G 2g front under-panel?? see picture

    okay so i saw this was available for evo's, but i haven't seen anything made for our cars, so i was wanting to know if i just didn't look hard enough? nor if you need custom made thanks in advance!
  8. JoshMc

    2G Rotor/Pad Choice for Outlander brakes

    okay, looking for everyone that is using the outlander brake upgrade in the front, im looking for whats the best option for high performance rotors? i found stop tech makes some nice slotted rotors for the 05/06 outlander, is this the best option or is there anything else? it will be on a auto...
  9. JoshMc

    2G 1g Throttle body in a 2g

    Okay so my issue is this, I picked up a 1g NA tb not to long ago, and realized just now that the fmic elbow that bolts to the stock 2g tb isn't going to work giving the design of the na 1g tb with the extended tip, so.How do you make those work?
  10. JoshMc

    2G Ohm racing coolant hoses

    Okay so I just found this kit and it looks pretty cool, get all your coolant hoses replaced and it comes with clamps. Has anyone bought the full kit? It's $102 bucks, which doesn't sound to bad when you consider every single coolant hose gets replaced with nice new hoses. If anyone has...
  11. JoshMc

    2G Best Performance Radiator

    Okay so I will hopefully be competing in some autocross and road course racing eventually. And I know keeping temps down is a decent issue with installing a big fmic. So I'm looking at getting a performance one over the stock to try and help this problem. Was looking at mishimoto x line, koyo...
  12. JoshMc

    Resolved Throttle body??

    Okay so this throttle body randomly appeared on my back pourch, don't even remember getting it, but I have a question as to what it came on? It's much different than the one on my 2g, and the opening is larger, if anyone could help me out that'd be awesome, and if I can even use it on my 2g...
  13. JoshMc

    2G Alternater Upgrade??

    Okay so I have an aftermarket stereo and was looking into getting a better alternator to help with that, I saw the stock alternator on a 2g is 75 amps? If I'm not mistaken, and was wanting something that can replace it, I know there's the Saturn upgrade, but I want to retain my a/c and...
  14. JoshMc

    2G Rvr or real evo 3

    Okay so after looking around I guess there's 2 diffrent version, I purchased a "evo 3" intake manifold, but I'm not sure to know exactly if i got a legit evo 3, can anyone tell me what to look for or how to know what I got? Thank you!!
  15. JoshMc

    2G FP 68hta opinions

    Hello, looking for people with first hand experience with the fp 68hta on a 2.0 awd motor, flow logs, what spool are you guys getting with your certain mods, etc etc, any help would be great and feedback on how you guys like/dislike the turbo. Thank you!!
  16. JoshMc

    2G Punishment Racing Free Bov

    Okay so i ordered the punishment racing fmic kit for my 2g, and i guess it came with a free "greddy style"? Bov, my question is, has anyone used this before or does everyone just throw it away? Im currently on a 'crushed' 1g bov, didnt know if i should just stay with the 1g or try out the free...
  17. JoshMc

    2G turbo selection for autocross build

    okay so im torn between trying to decide what type of turbo i should choose, ive looked at the mitsu turbos, an evo 3 16g, or a 20g. fp red, green, or 68hta, a 50 trim etc etc, just looking for people that have used any of these turbos that can support anywhere from 350-450 hp to the wheels, im...
  18. JoshMc

    2G Clutch Choice for daily and weekend racer?

    First off id just like to say this is my first post, so i apologize if this is in the wrong spot, but i own a 96' GSX 5-spd, and this is my first dsm so still trying to learn as much as i can, have been reading a lot but haven't found the exact answer i'm looking for about my clutch selection...
  19. JoshMc

    Autocross Build 1996 GSX Autocross/ Street Build

    I have always wanted a dsm since I was a teenager and played Need for Speed Underground for the first time on ps2, grew up in a family with drag racing in our blood, but knew I loved corners more than just going in a straight line. So in comes the dream of competing in autocross/ road-courses...
  20. JoshMc

    1996 GSX Street/Autocross build

    JoshMc submitted a new DSM Profile :SnowStormRead more about this vehicle here...
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