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  1. what car would you buy?

    ok guys im still looking for a car. have a list. which one do you think is best. (looking for a used car btw)1. lancer evo 2. wrx sti 3. rx-8 4. 350z 5. coevette c5 6. g35 2 or 4 door 7. 2004+ maximathats my choices so far. right now im thinking the g35 coupe is best choice. what...
  2. Eclipse clear coat?

    Hi guys im having problems with my front bumper . the paint on it is fine but for some reason the clear coat is flaking (peeling) off. Is there anything I can do to fix this without having to repaint it. Because the car shops here in ny are WAY to expensive. The least I found a shop that will...
  3. first fiberglass project

    Ok guys, Yesterday I started my first fiberglass project. I bought a set of audiobahn components for the front of my car. I didnt want to mess up the 3 inch stock speakers so i decided to make a tweeter enclosure in the top of my dash. im not done yet but im half way there. the speakers i...
  4. Appearance/Interior/Exterior down?

    hey im not sure where a post like this should go so i will post here since Appearance/Interior/Exterior is a sub forum. is the Appearance/Interior/Exterior forum down for everyone? ive been checking on it for about a week and is still down. so just wanted to know if its only me having this problem.
  5. body kit help

    ty for the advice, but the only reason I'm fixing my eclipse is because of all the dents on it. I hardly use it anyway. If i wanted a turbo dsm i would have just bought one. I would not spend thousands to turbo a non turbo car. It's funny how almost every post here ends in someone saying...
  6. body kit help

    I have not done much with my dsm over the past year. It’s been sitting in my driveway getting older and older. But I get very depressed every time I look at it. So I’m looking to start fixing it up. My first step is to buy a body kit. I just wanted to know if anyone can recommend any good sites...
  7. what car would u get with 20k

    lol if she could have spent 40k i would have made her get the 2004+ bmw 5 series or the 2002+ bmw 7 series in a second.
  8. what car would u get with 20k

    ok just like me my sister didnt like her $10000 options. so now shes willing to spend 20k. her new list is.1. 2004+ acura TSX 2. 2004+ acura TL 3. 2003+ caddilac CTS 4. 2003+ infiniti G35 (not really sure about this one cause i already have one) 5. 2002+ infiniti Q45 6. 2001+ Benz...
  9. Which car would you buy? [Merged 8-8] what should I get

    shes looking for a car thats year 2001+. she does not care for speed and would like a car with a warranty and would like something thats less than 60k miles. she wants a warranty but if the car is nice enough it does not have to have one. i was looking into a 2002+ altima most come with 30k or...
  10. Which car would you buy? [Merged 8-8] what should I get

    ok so i go my car (infiniti G35) now my sister wants to buy a car. she has $13,500 to spend and wants a nice 4 door car. since i got so much good advice when i was buying my car i thought i should ask here about a car for her.****EDIT****shes looking for a car thats year 2001+. she does...
  11. New car

    blah she helped me a little. i put most of the money on it.
  12. New car

    GOOD!im 20 and this is my 4th car and so far its the only one i had a warranty and full coverage on. so im happy. i think im to young for a 4 door but i drive my mom around alot and she does not like 2 doors. thats the main reason i bought a 4 door.1st car- 1993 oldsmobile cutlass ciera...
  13. New car

    yea i was checking them out. i may get one. the car is at 285hp right now because it has the sport package. but i may get the turbo in the future.
  14. New car

    ok guys i been saying for the past few months im going to get a new car. and here it is an infiniti G35 4 door. i was going to get 2 door but i remember all the problems of having a 2 door eclipse and a big family. so i went with the 4 door.P.S. my eclispe is still my fav car. DSM...
  15. Which car would you buy? [Merged 8-8] what should I get

    im looking for a car that looks good. id like to modify it to. but i dont need it to be super fast. just fast enough to kill normal street cars. not cars that the owners modded the hell out of. i want this car to be like a nice everyday driver that turns heads.
  16. Which car would you buy? [Merged 8-8] what should I get

    i have a question. how come some of you will take the 350z over the g35? nissan and infiniti is the same company. infiniti is nissans higher end cars so wont the g35 be like a better 350z?
  17. Which car would you buy? [Merged 8-8] what should I get

    lol...when i said a "new" didnt mean brand new. ment like a new car. dsm is my old one and one of these would be the new one. im going to buy a used car. and i can find all of these for $25,000 used. sorry for the mix up. ill edit me first post.
  18. Which car would you buy? [Merged 8-8] what should I get

    ok guys im still looking for a car. have a list. which one do you think is best. (looking for a used car btw)1. lancer evo 2. wrx sti 3. rx-8 4. 350z 5. coevette c5 6. g35 2 or 4 door 7. 2004+ maximathats my choices so far. right now im thinking the g35 coupe is best choice. what...
  19. which car would u get?

    which one of these would u buy?1. 1990+ twin turbo 300z 2. 1993+ twin turbo rx-7 3. 1999+ bmw 3 series 4. 1994+ 3000gt vr4 5. 1995+ 240sx with sr20det/rb25det swap 6. 2002+ wrx (not sti) 7. 2000+ celica EDIT:8. 1998 porshe boxster i can also get a 1998 porshe boxster (my...
  20. Karma is a pain the the face...*VID* OUCH

    how is that funny?
  21. c320?

    no he does not have a amg
  22. c320?

    whats up guys, im still looking for a new car. but i was talking to one of my friends that has a 2002 Mercedes-Benz c320. he told me that the c320 is "way" faster than a turbo dsm. he said the reason was that the c320 has the same engine as a clk320 but its lighter so it faster. is this true?
  23. Which car would you buy? [Merged 8-8] what should I get

    hahaha i wish. rb26dett alone is 6k.the price of the car is another 2k. to pay someone to put it in for me would be 5k. already checked that
  24. Free Evo Sucka

    3, 7, 11, 14, 4, 21silver for me.
  25. Which car would you buy? [Merged 8-8] what should I get

    wow i was just in ebay and i saw a 2000 bmw 3 series sell for $10100 and it only had 65k. how cool would it be to own a bmw at 19 years old. i think i will end up getting a 3 series. looks like the best choice so far. unless anyone knows of something better?
  26. Which car would you buy? [Merged 8-8] what should I get

    what a ls1?also all the 3 series, vr-4's and rx7's i saw for around 10k had over 100k miles. im looking for something that will last a few years.
  27. Which car would you buy? [Merged 8-8] what should I get

    Ok. I have around $10,000 to spend on a new car. So looking for ideas Except for another eclipse what would be the best car I can get for this price? It could be any type of car. Sport of luxury I don’t care, Just looking for a nice car.
  28. CAI question

    just to let u know i also have this but the fitment SUCKS. it will fit but it will be a pain in the ass to get on. but if u still want to get it check this post out. theres a tutorial on how to install it there.
  29. does this mod work?

    was looking in ebay for some parts for my car and came across this. just wanted to know if any of u ever tried this mod. if so does it work? it said it "10% to 15% increase in power". u guys think this is true? tythis is the link to the item...
  30. anyone ever try this turbo kit? if so is it any good?
  31. Our New Project Car 71 240z

    rb26det? they converted it into a single turbo?
  32. need help FAST!!!! (should i get this car)

    i want a auto sux to have a manual in nyc.
  33. need help FAST!!!! (should i get this car)

    well the car is an automatic...dont only manuals have the crankwalk problem?
  34. need help FAST!!!! (should i get this car)

    forgot to say..the car has 144,000 miles
  35. need help FAST!!!! (should i get this car)

    ok guys i need help. i got my nt eclipses a few months ago. and about 2 months after i got it i was looking for a turbo project car. i found one but it has problems. there is oil all over the engine so its prob leaking somewhere. and theres also rust in the engine compartment and a little in...
  36. macco quality for a same color paint job

    if u were to do all the body work yourself and u just wanted the outside of the car painted the same color (no door jams and such) how much would that cost?
  37. component help

    all speaker levle's r set the same. but i didnt put the HU on. the owner before me did. so they had all 6 speakers connected. 2 in dash,2 in door, 2 in back.....i used the wire from the speaker in the door to connect my components. and i didnt want the ones in the dash hooked up, so i just cut...
  38. component help

    ok guys i bought a whole new system for my car but i have a prob. i have these components in front. . but for some reason they sound way softer than the rest of stuff in my car. can anyone tell me...
  39. Pics of new hood, front mount, etc.

    dude ur so lucky. a snow plow driver ####ed up the whole left side of my eclipse 3 days ago. and i didnt get shit got it cause i didnt see when it Happened. i just got up in the morning and saw my car all ####ed up. i wanted to
  40. air compressor

    i have the 5.5 hp 33 gallon husky compressor. its rated at 5.1 cfm at 90 psi. the one that homedepot sells.
  41. air compressor

    well this is the gun i wanted to get . but its 13 cfm @ 10 psi. not sure if my compressor can do that.
  42. air compressor

    sup guys, im looking for a hvlp gun for my air compressor but all the guns i look at say something like 5scfm @ 40 psi. and all sorts of different numbers like this at different psi's. my question is my compressor is rated at 5.1 scfm at 90 psi. how do i know how much cfm my compressor is at 40...
  43. talon door on eclipse

    im looking for a right side door for my 97 eclipse. and i fond a talon one for a good price. so i just wanted to know if theres anything i can do to make this door look like my stock 1997 eclipse door? is there a trim i can pop out or something?......ty...
  44. Best Looking Rims for 2G??

    hey i seen this car on super street. in the readers ride section.
  45. Best Christmas Present ever!!!!!

    hmmm i really want to see these pics. because here in nyc i was told by the DMV that it was Illegal to register a vehicle that was right hand drive. they told me that i could register a vehicle from another country. but it would have to pass some sort of U.S. safety inspection. and also u would...
  46. car paint help

    anyone know how i can find the cfm at 40 psi? i really need to know. i already bought the compressor and i cant find that info anywhere.
  47. car paint help

    ok ive been looking for hvlp guns. but most of them give u the cfm for 40 psi. in the specs of the compressor i posted it only says the cfm of 90 psi. is there any way to know what the 40 psi is from the 90 psi numbers?
  48. car paint help

    a few months ago i made a post asking about air compressors because i wanted to paint my own car. u guys told me i needed at least a 30 gallon. at that time u could not get them at a good price. but now homedepot has a 32 gallon one on sale. i just wanted to know if this one will be good to...
  49. Halo projectors

    paint that bi*** asap
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