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  1. gabriel_dsm

    Hatch strut replacement

    okay i own a 95 gs.. i wanted to know if someone can give me a step by step instruction on removal and installation of the hatch struts please and thanks in advanced
  2. gabriel_dsm

    New Rims?

    I was wondering if anyone has ever seen a 2g eclipse with Diamond wheels?? im thinking of getting some but not sure
  3. gabriel_dsm

    Plasti Dip

    Okay im stuck on Modifications for my car its a 95 Eclipse gs non turbo besides the obvious selling and buying a GST or GSX Im just going to enjoy my 95 for now but i dont know what else to do to it! i already bought a greddy exhaust(not installed yet) a Gsx spoiler(not installed) and to be...
  4. gabriel_dsm

    GST spoiler

    okay so i finally got a GST spoiler for my 95 gs! now i know i have to drill holes but my question is what can i use to cover up the holes from the low rise wing. I am not very handy with bondo so i want to see other options
  5. gabriel_dsm

    LED interior project

    okayy i have a 95 gs i want to have a red interior i know that the light of the air control thing can be changed and the ring around the key switch to but does anyone know how to do it or can send me the link to a write up i couldnt find one on the search
  6. gabriel_dsm

    420a non turbo possibilities?

    i own a 95 gs automatic non turbo 420a. now i want to give it a lil boost giving me a good amount of hp! i already have an Intake(AEM) greddy exhaust with downpipe and the mods end there. i want to no what else can i do? internals? maybe tune ecu? help me out here
  7. gabriel_dsm

    JDM inspire?

    may be a dumb question but can you jdm inspire a 2g eclipse???? even tho its a domestic car
  8. gabriel_dsm

    LED fog lights

    okay i have a 95 gs i was going to install LED H3 bulbs instead of the oem ones. However when trying to install it the passenger side lit up like nothing but my driver side would not and it kept blowing out the fuse everytime i would connect the LED bulb. does anyone know why and how it can be...
  9. gabriel_dsm

    dash lights not working

    okay i have a 95 eclipse i recently changed my dash lights to led took apart the cluster and all but when i installed back i turned it on n it turned on for like 2 sec than turned off! watch the video! someone tell me whats up?
  10. gabriel_dsm

    instrument cluster

    okay i have a 95 eclipse non turbo i just want to know what lights to replace to give my speedometer n rpms a red glow which lights do i replace i cannot figure it out
  11. gabriel_dsm

    gauge lights

    im planning to change my stock gauge lights on my 95 eclipse to give them a red glow i just want to know if when i pull out the gauges do i have to take out the panels or anything or jus pull it out and just change the bulbs? can someone explain to me its my first time doing this
  12. gabriel_dsm

    Gauge Lights

    im planning to change me stock gauge lights to give them a red glow i just want to know if when i pull out the gauges do i have to take out the panels or anything or jus pull it out and just change the bulbs? can someone explain to me its my first time doing this
  13. gabriel_dsm


    Okay i jus changed my altenator on my car because my car was losing power! now there was left over oil around the bottom so i knew i was going to have a bit of smoke because its burning but this smoke is coming out of my exhaust alot of it but only when im launching than it stops. what does it...
  14. gabriel_dsm

    Battery issue

    i own a 95 eclipse gs n/t automatic last night my car lost power jerking everywhere lights dimming after i parked the car would not start at all not even crank but all my lights would turn on dome dash lights. i went to autoparts store got a brand new battery and all was well back to normal no...
  15. gabriel_dsm

    stock intake

    okay i own a 95 eclipse gs n/t now its currently all stock! 420a automatic transmission. my question is for my air intake the stock one, where the filter is can i remove it and add a aftermarket filter? or would that be dumb and a waste?
  16. gabriel_dsm

    opinions needed

    okay im planning on painting my rims because previous owner could not paint for crap so im going to repaint them. they are currently black i was going to do black again but thinking of going another route possibly. maybe white? what do you guys think?
  17. gabriel_dsm


    i own a 95 eclipse gs now my sunroof only pops up doesnt slide back its jus a pop up one. is it normal or aftermarkt? can it be replaced with the one thaat slides baack?
  18. gabriel_dsm


    may be a dumb question but where can i buy those dsmtuners stickers? ahah i seen them around in pics actually seen one in person and i like it just wanted to know where i can get one
  19. gabriel_dsm

    Fog lights

    okay i own a 95 eclipse gs i plan on doing a complete swap to a 97-99 now i have oem fogs on my 2ga bumper as of now my question is when i switch the bumpers and install the 2gb fog lights. Can i use the same wiring i have or do i have to switch it all out basically just mount the fogs and plug...
  20. gabriel_dsm

    420A what is this?

    okay i own a 95 eclipse gs automatic non turbo i was cleaning my engine bay when i noticed this connector jus there behind the driver side headlight but i dont know what it connects to. does anyone know?also i cant seem to find my horn! i checked close to the wheel but i see nothing also i...
  21. gabriel_dsm

    Horn problem

    okay my 95 eclipse horn does nt work i push the buttons and all you hear is a click noise from the fuse box. now my alarm still goes off with the horn noise and all. what does that mean?
  22. gabriel_dsm


    is thiis a good luck for my eclipse???? i own a 95 eclipse gs bone stock no mods
  23. gabriel_dsm

    Overheating issue

    Alright i own a 95 eclipse gs auto trans. At idle for example stopped at a light it begins to overheat temp needle goes up but drops down again even when im not moving the car. what could cause the problem. i admit i jus fixed my car and it has tap water in it could this be it?
  24. gabriel_dsm

    smoking brakes

    okay i have a 95 eclipse gs automatic! now when driving and i come to a stop i can smell smoke! when i get out at times its coming from the brakes in the back! sometimes also from what looks like the catalytic converter. my question is i thought the Gs was a FWD why is smoking from the back??
  25. gabriel_dsm

    Steering wheel

    okay i own a 95 eclipse auto non turbo... now my steering wheel shows the eagle talon logo but my buddies 95 eclipse has the mitsubishi sign i know this a dumb question but is this normal likee found in many eclipse or what?!
  26. gabriel_dsm

    Stock Wheel color?

    okay my 95 eclipse project is coming along now i bought it with stock rims palsti dipped black( horrible job) im planning on removing the paint and re painting them.. however i dont know what other paint besides black will look nice? any suggestions? also doing calipers red too
  27. gabriel_dsm


    um okay i own a 1995 gs eclipse non turbo automatic now i just bought this car 2 weeeks ago and new to the DSM community! i was cleaning out the car and i found this... but idk waat it is it looks like a part for the exhaust but wat?
  28. gabriel_dsm

    Squeaky Noise??!

    okay so my 95 automatic non turbo 2.0 gs runs fine with a nee motor(: but for some reason if i go step on it and go over 4500 rpm u can hear a loud sqeauky noise coming frm the passenger side. its usually the same with all the gears but in 1st is wen u can hear it the most! i want to say power...
  29. gabriel_dsm

    Car Crew?

    Okay i drivee a 95 gs eclipse i recently got asked to join a local car crew called Illest Imports.. but i dont know if it will fit me cuz since no 95-99 eclipse was made abroad thats why i ask. will it be dumb and insulting to the DSM community if i join??
  30. gabriel_dsm


    Which spoiler should i go for??? Stock look? GSX look or Aftermarket look? opinions first pic is my 2g now
  31. gabriel_dsm

    97 front end conversion and other mods

    Okay im new to the DSM community i upgraded from my lil honda and bought a 95 eclipse 2.0 non turbo automatic! and i have big plans for this car. i want to do the 97-99 eclipse front end conversion but i ran into a bit if a problem! my front end currently has fog lights. they turn on as soon as...
  32. gabriel_dsm

    Wink Mirror on a Eclipse

    I love the wink mirror because it looks nice and makes my life easier! but i dont know if it will look good in a 2g eclipse? any have any opinions or pictures thanks
  33. gabriel_dsm

    95 GS project

    hey techs new and trying to figure out this forum! i own a 95 eclipse gs non turbo 2.0 automatic. i jus want to know what possible mods i can make to help get a lil boost i want to be able to smash on hondas, where i live its strongly populated by hondas, so my future goals are intake and...
  34. gabriel_dsm

    95 Eclipse Gs non turbo project

    wassup techs! i just recently bought a 95 Eclipse Gs with a Rs non turbo 2.0 liter engine. i have no mods in it yet its all stock from what i can see. it is automatic which is a down fall :( however i was told you can turbo an automatic. is it true? i was recently a honda driver but got really...
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