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Search results

  1. what car would you buy?

    If you had $50,000 cash in your hand. What car would you buy and why? Used or New. Doesn't matter.
  2. If you had $50K cash, what car would you buy?

    If you had $50,000 cash in your hand. What car would you buy and why? Used or New. Doesn't matter.
  3. stock gs exhaust size.

    what is the size of the 99 gs ehaust?
  4. short shifter install

    is it hard to do? self explanatory? my short shifter kit came in and im going to put it on today. im not going to work. so...but it didn't come with directions, so will i see the same thing in my car and should be able to just replace it?
  5. weird problems today...

  6. hahn kit or build your own?

  7. BOV location

    killed the website.from what i hear the new owner of the car has pushed it to where it is now. i never got it tuned by hahn racecraft, so who knows how much power was hiding in there.
  8. Metal Exhaust Manifold Gasket

    Napa or from the dealership. Both are the same and don't cost very much.
  9. Dyno time today?

    IMO the E Manage is not designed for the eclipse when there are many other alternatives.
  10. exhaust manifold

    The log manifolds are just as efficient. Save your money for other mods.
  11. Well guess i'm getting boosted

    Hopefully you won't be rebuilding the turbo either.
  12. BOV location

    half way down the TB pipe.
  13. Boost problems...

    you are supposed to be able to blow through a pcv valve in one direction, not both. if you shake it and hear a little ball moving, thats a good thing.check for something else, the pcv is not your problem.what kind of boost controller are you running? are you running an HRC/Mitsu turbo...
  14. NT's/ turbo: 1/4mile times and Dyno #'s

    I dont own this car anymore.. but here it is.Car: 99 Eclipse Turbo: 20g Kit: hrc Boost: 21lbs Bottom End: built Top End: built 1/4"mile time: dyno #'s: 337whpCar was very rich at the dyno.Last Dyno Numbers?: 337WHP @ 325lb Torque @ 21lbs Boost URL Link To Dyno Sheet...
  15. First Xmasta now me

    420a's can take plenty of boost if you build them. Since you decided to go beat the hell out of the car by racing a car you can't beat, you paid the price for it.
  16. SRT-4 injectors will they fit?

    Your eyes are turning brown.
  17. SRT-4 injectors will they fit?

    Good luck getting those large injectors to run your motor at idle. Even with an AFC its not happening.
  18. Just called HRC...

    It took about 7 or 8 months. It depends on how you drive.. Every car is different.
  19. S-AFC or E-manage?

    My car isn't tuned though. Im so rich its rediculous. HRC says they can get it to 400whp as it currently sits on pump gas.
  20. Just called HRC...

    Keep in mind.. Its not will your motor last, it's how long will your motor last.I used to run 10 to 11lbs of boost all day with a stock motor... Until it popped.
  21. Any know of a Infiniti G35 message board?

    thats strange.. i searched for that exact phrase.
  22. Any know of a Infiniti G35 message board?

    Im looking for an Infiniti G35 message board. Anyone know of some?
  23. shakey engine

    BUT, if you don't use the entire mount you are almost wasting your time. Poly mounts are supposed to make the engine stop moving and aid in wheel hop off the line. Shaking is a by product of that.If you don't do a full replacment, you are not getting the best performance results.
  24. It's on like Donkey Kong....another RS+T thread

    Ive been running the same EGT probe (autometer) for 4 years in my manifold without any problems.The only part of the sensor that can break is the tiny edge of wire coming out of the tip. The possibility of it hurting anything is slim to none.
  25. It's on like Donkey Kong....another RS+T thread

    Its supposed to go in the 4th runner. The 4th runner is the one known to be the hottest, therefore, by installing it there, you can rest assured the other cylinders are fine.Having it installed where you do will lead to inaccurate numbers.
  26. It's on like Donkey Kong....another RS+T thread

    Your EGT probe is in the absolute wrong place.
  27. 17" rims on 2G post pics please

    Well, I figured since there were two, why not post in two.. haha
  28. Show me what Rims You got On your Dsm..

    Feel the wrath of the o'mighty 19's.. lol
  29. 17" rims on 2G post pics please

    Feel the wrath of the o'mighty 19's.. lol
  30. injector size help again

    This is your statement.I stated that this information is wrong. The 2gnt ecu is not programmed for 450cc injectors like your posts says.
  31. Just wondering..

    You should ugrade with JE, Wisco, etc. Don't try and use 4g63 ones. I don't know if they will fit or not, but I think if you are going to do something, do it right and use quality parts.
  32. CI Turbo Kits

    9 times out of 10 if a vendor claims ups or usps or fedex, etc.. messed up.. They usually didn't and the Vendor hasn't sent out your product yet, or the vendor doesn't have the correct shipping info.
  33. injector size help again

    4g63 injectors = low impendence, peak hold injectors 420a injectors = high impendence, saturated injectorsThe only way to use 4g63 injectors in a 420a is to use a resistor pack.
  34. CI Turbo Kits

    Yeah UPSP always messes things up... :confused:Give me a break.....
  35. injector size help again

    Yes that fuel system will work, but I didn't see the need for the safc.You have no other injector options unless you run with a portfueler, megasquirt, emanage, etc.Your gas milage will go down... how far down depends on how heavy your foot is.
  36. injector size help again

    You are completely wrong. The 4g63 motors have a completely different ECU with different programming than the 420a motor. Hell, even different years of the 420a have different ECUs and Im sure the 4g63 is the same way.
  37. CI Turbo Kits

    You obivously don't know me because I have never attempted by buy pistons from you. I had a built motor before you were even in this community.The only thing I bought from you was EGR blockoff plate which took over a month to get.
  38. CI Turbo Kits

    Who said anything about Howell Automotive?CI kits look cheap and Ive seen many posts on about people having massive problems with either products or service from Concept Illusions.
  39. CI Turbo Kits

    You get what you pay for.Keep with known vendors for large purchases, you'll be glad you did. I've seen nothing good from Concept Illusions.
  40. 420a turbo

    Search please. Either here or
  41. Is there any Super Strong Timing Belts For the 420a?

    I honestly have no idea what would cause that problem. I have never seen someone throw consecutive timing belts without an obvious reason behind it.
  42. injector size help again

    nope, wont work.
  43. NT Block Forged Rods/Pistons FP3065

    :barf: JDM NT motor? :barf:ROFL ROFL ROFL ROFL ROFL ROFL
  44. NT Block Forged Rods/Pistons FP3065

  45. Is there any Super Strong Timing Belts For the 420a?

    If you snapped a timing belt, something else is wrong. Ive been running basic autozone timing belts without any problems and my whp is much greater than yours.
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