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Recent content by zac83

  1. FS: Buyout on 1Ga/b parts and cars

    All sold! Thanks for all the interest
  2. FS: Buyout on 1Ga/b parts and cars

    I'm up around Olympia WA. Seeing as one of the cars I'm selling is a former Portland ride and the parts are a great deal to boot, I figured I should link to in in the Portland forum.Thanks...
  3. FS: Buyout on 1Ga/b parts and cars

    Hey tuners, I've got an awesome deal for anyone in the SeaTac/Portland area if you're into 1G cars. I've got a mid-sized lot of (admittedly dirty) DSM parts and 2 cars that I'm trying to find a new home for. Everything's located in Yelm WA if you want to take a look.You can hit me up with...
  4. Identify this engine

    Just to put the turbo/non turbo argument to bed (without the removal of the pan). That blocks got a knock sensor so it's definantly a turbo block.
  5. how to identify crower cams.

    Look at the timing gear side. Put them both next to each other. Hold them in a manner where he dowel pins for the cam gears are aligned strait up. The closest lobes to that end should be straddling the top (one set goes slightly to the left, one goes slightly to he right). The one with the lobe...
  6. Your most recent welding pics

    So i got my diversion 180 up and going yesterday on 110v in the garage. It's been about 10 years since I've done any TIG welding so enjoy my pain ROFL . I've got a new DD/toy 90 GST that needed an engine so, upon reassembly, I've removed the balance shafts. And without further ado; my first...
  7. The Official Welding Thread

    Using gas and loosing the flux core will make all the difference with a little mig like that. If you can afford it and plan on using it, I highly recommend converting.
  8. 95 gst motor mounts?

    I'm not really sure what exactly you have on your car right now. Did you put some stock replacement mounts in the car? As for polyurethane or other mounts, i've listed some options below.These will work if you have a manual car. They take a bit of work to get in as you have to...
  9. 6cm turbine housing repair with TIG question

    yeah, i was thinking about putting the housings in the oven to preheat. Guess we'll see how it turns in sometime this week.
  10. 6cm turbine housing repair with TIG question

    Hey guys, I've got a few 14b/13b turbine housings sitting around in various states of disrepair. they all have cracked WG flapper seats and a crack between the impeller inlet and the end of the impeller vane where it flushes with the wheel. Does anyone have any experience TIG'n these back into...
  11. 98 Eclipse GSX 350-400hp DD

    Looking forward to see you get into this journal. Thought I would weigh in on you with your ???s.A 272 or something slightly less aggressive (like 264s) will get you there, I would go with HKS 272s but that's personal preference.I'de not recommend the adjustable cam gears, they won't make...
  12. 1995 GSX Project "RedSun" Restore then Gymkhana

    yeah those numbers are kinda low but its rare to have all of them low uniformly like that, probably a faulty gauge. How exactly did you do the compression test? If another gauge is not available, I would try a dry test again with the engine at running temperature then I would do a wet test to...
  13. 1995 GSX Project "RedSun" Restore then Gymkhana

    I'm enjoying this build. It's good to see someone with modest goals working towards getting the car running well on a budget. Wish I was there, would love to have shown you all the timing belt tricks and a free-ish balance shaft removal to boot. My best DSM advice is to do all your mods...
  14. Parting a 90 GST in Yelm

    Hey guys,I'm going to either give away on the super cheap or crush a 90 GST in the next few days. So here we go; everything is OBO or maybe free if you want to come get it yourself. I'm in Yelm, south of JBLM. Cars in fairly bad shape but it has some good parts that someone out there may...
  15. '99 GS - SRT4 engine swap

    First, I really dig this swap! cant wait to see it running!Tank, I was all over the SRT4 scene when they were just coming out. I broke 500 wheel horsepower on one in 2003 or 04. Theres a video of me driving the car on the UTI dyno back in the day. 'Cept for the guys supported by...
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