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Recent content by YungTlon

  1. YungTlon

    1G Headgasket size please help

    Alright gurus I will be posting this with a little more info this time hoping for a answer with the Newley provided information, I tried posting on tuners but no hits. So I’m still trying to figure out the right headgasket size. My head is reading about 5.190” And my pistons sit about 5-7...
  2. YungTlon


    Hello, so today I have a question that I find really complicated and I’m sure you gurus won’t. so I’m trying to figure out what headgasket thickness I will need to keep from hitting valves and pistons here’s what I got going on . the car will be on GSC S3 cams , or kelford 288/280. If two cam...
  3. YungTlon

    1G Oil pump scoring

    So I messed up, basically have a brand new oem case and was turning the gears slow with a drill when I felt a small bind. Pulled it back apart and noticed I didn’t have the stub shaft tight so the gear had play in it . Causing it to score the housing. Should I be worried about this? I assume I...
  4. YungTlon


    Hello everyone sorry for the slow response I got no notifications that people commented. Yes it is extremely loud in person. Loud enough tk make the knock sensor freak out. Going to have to just dig into it and find out myself guys. Sorry the video isn’t the best, the phone has a hard time...
  5. YungTlon


    So I have this very strange noise that refuses to go away. It has been doing this since I rebuilt the motor 300 miles ago. It follows rpm and gets louder from rpm. It sounds like a very very fast rattle. Compression came back 1. 120 2. 120 3. 120 4. 120It’s so bad it’s causing terrible false...
  6. YungTlon

    1G Loud tapping , 5 miles on motor:(

    did a leak down and comp test . If I had bent valves it would leak down / have a significant comp difference in one cylinder. Even checked it out with a bore scope. Even did a couple pulls. I think I’ve been touched by a angel. Crank jumped by like 2 teeth. I know I wasn’t supposed to rip on it...
  7. YungTlon

    1G Loud tapping , 5 miles on motor:(

    Update. Compression came back 120psi on all cylinders and did not leak down very fast at all if any. I did the wrist pin knock check by undoing a plug wire while the car is running. Nothing changed. My next guess is a collapsed lifter or 16😂
  8. YungTlon

    1G Loud tapping , 5 miles on motor:(

    Hi all. Started my new long block and it has been having a problem idling . It honestly runs like shit. So come to find out it skipped one or two teeth. But it ran decent enough so I didn’t think much of it I thought it was just in the tune. Drove it to get gas and everything . Come home and see...
  9. YungTlon

    Manley platinum series pistons

    Hi all. So I’ve been told time and time again that I should have went with a different piston and my manley platinum series pistons are too weak for my goals of 700ish. They’re 9:0.1 with the .210 wrist pin. Just posting this to see if anyone has made good power on these pistons? I called manley...
  10. YungTlon

    Re using piston rings

    Yeah not sure what the problem with NPR was, but they refunded me so we’re good. No clue how they sent the wrong ones but hey I got it figured out so that’s all that matters
  11. YungTlon

    Re using piston rings

    UPDATE: For anyone wondering the car is done. I believe this car is haunted as the last owner is deceased and there is some stuff that should not be happening here as in the rod bearings being DESTROYED but the crank being spotless, or the head trying to fight and getting stuck on its head...
  12. YungTlon

    Re using piston rings

    Yes sir , on the bad cylinder I am going to just use my oem piston and rod from my last 6 bolt. If it held up to 27 psi on a 60 trim I’m hoping it’ll work on a stock rebuild haha! And good advice on the squirter. Thanks (:
  13. YungTlon

    Re using piston rings

    Agreed ^ My only concern now is with the bad wrist pin comes piston slap. And I plan on just taking a hone to the cylinder and hopefully it stays within PTW clearances and all that jaz. I did rip on it a couple times the other night thinking it was lifters before I found out it was a pin...
  14. YungTlon

    Re using piston rings

    you’ve always been willing to help ever since I bought my car and first started posting here , thanks for always having the right input man!
  15. YungTlon

    Re using piston rings

    Update #2 So I was in such a rush because I had limited time to do it . It just so happens that a little bit of time cleared up . Enough for me to order rings and bearings . With that being said I am going to do it right and do new rings and hone the cylinders, and top it off with some king rod...
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