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Recent content by WES_393

  1. WES_393

    Got fired today.

    What a load of bs. Sounds like your manager was just covering his own ass by firing you. That or it was a decision handed down by his superiors. Either way, forget them.No you don't. If you actually know something about cars you'll find yourself bored and surrounded by professional BS'ers.
  2. WES_393

    Turbo oil return line, will this be ok?

    Did you just clamp the 10an hose over the smaller crimp fittings? If so I'd be worried about the minimum ID being too small. The ID at those crimp fittings are going to bottleneck the whole line. Possibly bad enough to make the turbo smoke.Assuming those flanges are your typical 3/4" Npt ebay...
  3. WES_393

    2G Shoots flame kills power During Launch w/ LOG

    It's possible, I've had similar issues myself. Have you tried launching with a completely full tank?
  4. WES_393

    Issue with a Mitsubishi Eclipse 2g

    Those codes are for the MAF, IAT, and Baro sensors. There's no MAP on your engine, it's an MDP sensor used for emissions.Regardless, all those sensors are located in the MAF unit itself. If a new MAF didnt solve the issue, then check the wiring and connector themselves. I'd suspect a shorted...
  5. WES_393

    picking a turbo

    Im curious to see how the cylinders look, but I'm already betting you'll need to bore the block up a size. So unfortunately it's time for a full rebuild.If you want to build the engine yourself, your going to need a good machinist. Be sure to get the crank inspected and cut/polished if...
  6. WES_393

    Head turners!

    Eh, I thought they fit perfect (don't own anymore).But regardless of opinion, the car was still very obviously modified. If the massive FMIC and spoiler weren't major hints, the straight-piped Holset had to give it away.
  7. WES_393

    1G exhaust leaks questions

    Any leaks before the turbo can affect spool, but a leak afterwards (such as the 02 housing) won't. Leaks before the primary O2 sensor can also affect your A/F ratio.Like Paul said, the bolts should be re-torqued after a heat cycle. If the manifold/turbo gasket has pushed out and deformed it...
  8. WES_393

    2G Where to start?.

    Tuning should be priority #1. Without a way to monitor the engine the only "safe" boost is stock boost. Stock injectors won't support a 16g much past 10psi anyways, and you'll need a tuning setup to run larger ones.Any of the 16g variants will do the trick. Big, Small, or Evo 3.Honestly...
  9. WES_393

    newbie alert... where is the dang egr

    On the 4g63 engine, the EGR is on the left side of the intake manifold below the throttle body.On the 420a, the EGR is to the right of the exhaust manifold above the transmission.
  10. WES_393

    Head turners!

    Disappointing that people react that way. But I'm sure your right, once it's considered "old" people will calm down.
  11. WES_393

    Head turners!

    Actually, I'm truly curious about the amount of attention your Gen attracts. They aren't overly aggressive looking so I'd assume you fly under the radar.My plain old stock Spyder GS is a massive attention magnet. Cops, ricers, kids, thieves.... it gets stared at like it's on fire. My 3000GT...
  12. WES_393

    1G how cars grow in the wild

    That lawn ornament cleaned up nice!+1 to ECM Tuning for the ECU repair.
  13. WES_393

    White and blueish smoke

    What kind of head gasket did you use? Did you have the head surface checked or machined?
  14. WES_393

    2G sound after K&N intake

    Can you post a pic or link to what you installed? Have you double checked all the clamps? Its probably because of the higer flowing filter letting the air vent easier (which is ultimately a good thing).True, but the stock 2g intake snorkel is the most restrictive part (due to the bov recirc...
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