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Recent content by unior

  1. 1G FWD vs AWD clutch pedal assembly

    Question: Are the 1g turbo vs non turbo and awd vs fwd pedal assemblies all interchangeable?TIAunior
  2. 1G turbo oil feed location (which allen plug)

    I just ordered a JIC 37 degree indestrial flare line from a local hydraulic shop 2 45's, 5/8" ID high temp hose.The AN fittings are 37 degree flares...the only difference between JIC and AN is the thread shear strength and vibration resistance. They are considered aircraft grade.
  3. 1G turbo oil feed location (which allen plug)

    Yes this is a garrett t3 center section. I'm also running no balance shafts so we shall see if it smokes. Thanks for the decelleration info. I thought maybe it would smoke all the time. You can look at the housing and see that the top plug goes to the center hole (i think) of the oil filter and...
  4. 1G turbo oil feed location (which allen plug)

    Title states it my 1g oil filter housing has 3 allen head plugs. Two of them are right next to each other on the front of the housing. I just am not 100% sure which one is clean oil and which one is dirty?Can someone tell me top or bottom plug for clean oil?I did search to no avail...
  5. Garret t3 oil feed adapter NPT to AN?

    So I have a garrett 50 trim i would like to install on my laser. I have a -4an oil feed line but the turbo seems to have pipe thread for the oil feed. So I would like to know where I can buy a 90 degree pipe thread to a size 4 37 degree flare fitting.... i can't seem to find this anywhere .. can...
  6. grinding ever other tooth off the synchro

    hmm so what happens to low rpm drivability
  7. grinding ever other tooth off the synchro

    i'd just like to know the logic behind doing it in the older cars...just curious - the fact that a dsm transmission shifts at 8200 is an accomplishment in itself
  8. Did ACT revise their street disc?

    i had a 90 awd that i installed a 2600 street disc into - and the f-ing balancing pin on the outside of the pressure plate hit the inside of the bellhousing and wouldn't allow the engine to turn overluckily i tryed spinning the engine by hand before trying to use the starter or else i may...
  9. New OEM valves

    SS valves are more resilant to burning upsodium filled valves are great for extended high revs since they transfer heat away from teh head of the valve to the stem where the heat can be taken away by coolant and oil
  10. Tapping noise from exhaust valve cold and under boost

    the fact that you said squeal makes me think its your exhaust manifold gasket - i've had them squeal on me before
  11. shootout 2k5 stories

    yup - people don't remmeber or else didnt stop at the econolodge last year - it was so bad it seems most of the nabr squids didnt wear their shirts this year hahahahahahahah ROFL
  12. Top Gear - EVO vs. Lamborgini!!!!!!

    nah i think you are missing the point - even if the car is given to you - you better have a ####ing hefty paycheck to be able to afford to drive it.On a side note, yes if you make 12 million/year then I am sure it would be a lotta fun to own one.
  13. Top Gear - EVO vs. Lamborgini!!!!!!

    kinda reminds me of my neighbor - owns a testorossa.Time comes around for him to replace those tires....hmm he thinks. How to remove this monolug that are torqued to some insane value. He ended up taking his car to caterpillar where they had an impact gun to suit his needs. ROFL
  14. stock injectors capacity

    you know this entire topic was discussed in plenty of detail just a couple weeks agojust that some moderator deleted like 3 pages of that informative thread
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