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Recent content by u lost

  1. u lost

    Triad dsm group.

    I'm in apex nc..I'm in the middle of a build once I'm finished I would love to meet up with other people in the dsm crowd.I don't see to many around this area.
  2. u lost

    hx52 racer

    u lost updated hx52 racerView updates to this DSM profile...
  3. u lost

    Calling all hx52 builds

    Thanks steven you have been a amazing help in my journey.I think you have had the most success running the hx52.Has it been anyone else running the 52 with good results?
  4. u lost

    hx52 racer

    u lost submitted a new DSM Profile :hx52 racerRead more about this vehicle here...
  5. hx52 racer

    Land Speed Build hx52 racer

  6. u lost

    Best wheels for my white 1ga? :)

    I like rota slips.Im in the process of installing black jeep bullet holes on my white 1g. I love the look of a nice dished steelie!
  7. u lost

    2G Wheel stuck on hub

    If you have access to a large slide hammer you could get it off with that.All you do is run a eye bolt through a 2x4 with a nut and washer on the back on the block of wood. Put the eye bolt through a spoke on the back side of the wheel.Hook the slide hammer to the eye bolt from the outside...
  8. u lost

    Calling all hx52 builds

    Hey guys still a newbie to the forums.Im doing a hx52 build any info on there setup would be great! Looking for Hp numbers, qtr mile times, top speed mile and half mile runs,spool times and supporting mods.. Thanks to any info that you guys have on the hx52..Any info on what to expect would...
  9. u lost

    Lost Key

    I have made a few keys by reading the door cylinder wafers.Its done by reading the first few cuts of the key then you progression the rest of the cuts in.The process is a little time consuming and costly but it can be done with the right software and skill.
  10. u lost

    Lost Key

    The code will be specific for your car. The vin and title will not help no code source company will date back that far. Passenger lock or replacing locks and ignition will be your only options
  11. u lost

    Lost Key

    Hello I am a locksmith.Most of the time you can remove the passenger door lock from the car and it will have the key code stamped on it. Then take the code to a locksmith and get them to cut a key from it. As long as the ignition hasn't been changed that is a sure way to get a factory spec...
  12. u lost

    Paint mistakes

    A good paint gun goes a long way..I would practice your idea on something so you can get a idea of how the flames will look.I got good results by laying flames out with blue thin line tape and spraying a pearl coat with a simular tone as the base coat color. When the sun hit the flame would...
  13. u lost

    2G Before & After Talon Taillights + How-To

    Looks good.when I used paint cars I would take translucent red and mix it with clear coat that's the best way for red tent and keeping it glossy.Most body shops can do it.
  14. u lost

    1G '91 GST 5Sp

    Around here its hard to get a dsm in running condition for 1500. Most clean 1Gs sell for around 3k in my neck of the woods.
  15. u lost

    1G Your thoughts..

    Doing your basic maintenance will go a long way while upgrading ..oh legends list sounds about right. I will say link is a great can get it done with a afc. But you are putting limits on your car if you ever want to go for more power in the future
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