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Recent content by TurkF26

  1. 96 GSX starter problem / noise / no catch / no start

    I just replaced the motor on my 95 gsx auto with one out of a 98 gst manual. I compared the 2 plates before bolting the trans on and they are exactly the same. I lined both of them up, compared the numbers on them, and they are 100% identical. The difference between AWD and FWD is the flywheel...
  2. 96 gsx 5 spd trans questions

    Could also be your transfer case. Have you checked the fluid in the tcase? Have you pulled it and checked for grinding or sounds when spinning the t case? My buddy had a 97 gsx (before i had mine) and the t case would make a horrible sound like you are explaining while driving. As soon as we...
  3. Car won't run right 2g eclipse gsx

    what happens when you try to go over 35? Does it feel like your hitting a brick wall? Does the car boost fine up to that speed? Anyway to post a video of what its doing and how it drives? What did you take apart to replace the crank sensor?
  4. Unstale rpm's (not only at idle)

    Does the car drive fine and the RPM gauge is just funky and acting up or does the car not have power / throttle response is crap? I saw your post about the throttle response but not sure if you are referring to how fast the gauge responds when you step on the accelerator pedal or the car itself...
  5. clutch engagement issue. or maybe not.

    I have never had to add a shim to my pivot ball for the Fork on any clutch replacement. I have done ACT 2600's, 4 and 6 puck clutches, etc... I kept the factory line from the master cylinder to the frame rail and just replaced the factory small line with a stainless line. I have always just...
  6. Auto tranny car won't move in gear

    When the car is running, check to see if coolant is coming out of the weep hole on the water pump. If it is, then it needs to be replaced. Also check the water pipe where it goes into the water pump. There is a black O Ring that goes around the water pipe before its installed that will tend to...
  7. 2g easy brake upgrade using cobalt ss turbo brembo monoblock calipers

    From what everyone has said in this thread, no, they will not clear the stock GSX rims. I am 99% sure they wont clear the GST rims either because of their design and size
  8. Auto tranny car won't move in gear

    did you check all electrical connections? Shifter linkage connection? When you put the shifter into P, or R, or D, do you feel or hear the trans engaging at all or does it not do anything? Is your fluid filled correctly?
  9. magic water leak

    Can you post a picture of where the leak is exactly at? I have to do a lot of leak tests with collisions and a lot of leaks come from an inproperly installed or seated weatherstrip. Make sure the weatherstrip on the trunk opening is sealed 100% around the lid, make sure its not torn. There are...
  10. P1750 TCU possibly?

    Great job! I am glad you found that cable. I also hope it sloves all of your driveability problems. :-)
  11. 1997 GSX Issue Bucking a Running Like Crap.

    Have you used DSMLink before? Do you have a solid connection between your laptop and the OBD2 plug? Here is a link from ECMTuning that has a lot of great info: The only real way we can help you instead of guessing is to see a log from DSMLink while you are...
  12. Whats my factory color code.

    Good luck with removing that coding before painting the car. Aircraft Paint Stripper might work but its also "illegal" in some counties in California. This would be the easiest thing to do to remove the linex stuff. If not you will need A LOT of sand paper, lol
  13. Whats my factory color code.

    who in their right mind would do that to a car... :-( Just an FYI, its NOT easy to remove. Anytime we do a truck bedside, we have to use 40 grit grinders to remove the lining. Aircraft paint stripper may remove yours but it also looks like they painted all your belt moldings, window moldings...
  14. P1750 TCU possibly?

    low fluid would make it go into limp mode Theres a drain and refill plug on the front bottom area of the transmission, remove the airbox and possibly upper intercooler pipe to get easy access to it. I have left mine stock and not messed with it. You can buy shift kits, stall converters...
  15. 2G A/C not cold

    GREAT job Wrencher :D I have found from pulling down and fixing AC systems that if someone has cracked or replaced AC components in the AC system in the past, the biggest thing that fails are the O rings going into and out of the Condenser since its one of the most commonly replaced items...
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