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Recent content by turbosax2

  1. turbosax2

    98 Talon AWD Street Modified

    I second this update request!
  2. turbosax2

    Please make a donation for Corey

    @Ludachris , thanks for sharing this here.
  3. turbosax2

    My fuse box relocation (project log)

    I procrastinated awhile, but finally got the power steering leaks fixed. When I removed the reservoir, I found that the bottom barb had cracked and was slightly leaking. I considered replacing it with a Chase Bays reservoir, but ended up just going with a used stock one to keep it simple. I...
  4. turbosax2

    Best Shot of your DSM

    Haven't chatted in a while, Dick. The car is looking great, hope you're enjoying it! -Eric L.
  5. turbosax2

    2G Porsche GT3 Brake Ducts Installed on 2G

    I fitted these to my car today and figured I'd post how I did it since it was slightly different than the OP.I trimmed the areas in red with a knife and used a 1.5" hole saw at the green mark (centered on a circle molded in the piece). This allowed me to utilize the clips. The ducts...
  6. turbosax2

    My fuse box relocation (project log)

    I did think about it very briefly but decided I wasn't willing to be the guinea pig to see how it acts on the track and I just haven't seen enough other feedback on them especially with the steering feel. I don't want to take a step backwards in driving experience just to eliminate one fluid...
  7. turbosax2

    My fuse box relocation (project log)

    My to-do list from the last update:Check WBO2 calibrationDone (it was fine, no adjustment needed)Check brakes, bleed brakes, change caliper temp stripDone (didn't bother putting new strip on)Clean oil out of intake, IC pipes, ICI cleaned the intercooler, pipes, and catch can really...
  8. turbosax2

    My fuse box relocation (project log)

    Looks like you're ready to hit the track again! Is that an OG RRE 1" rear sway bar? I've heard about them but never actually seen one.
  9. turbosax2

    My fuse box relocation (project log)

    Last I checked, it's -2.6f and -1.6r. I do not have provisions to change the rear camber on my car since I was happy where it ended up after the ride height adjustments.
  10. turbosax2

    My fuse box relocation (project log)

    I'm not sure what stock ride height is to even compare. I'm sure it's lower but not by a lot. The SPC UCA's in the front prevent from going too low anyway. But the general guideline which I followed is to not go so low to make the front lateral arms go past parallel to the ground.
  11. turbosax2

    My fuse box relocation (project log)

    You can say that again :pI've been emailing with TiAL today and Mike from Tech Support provided fantastic customer service. They're sending me a replacement lower housing and some spares to go with it and gave me some tips on what to try. He suspects the cause is just vibration. The top...
  12. turbosax2

    My fuse box relocation (project log)

    Thanks for the link, I'll look into those. I did some more research on the R16's last night and found out my experience with how quick they wear out isn't totally out of line. I found some Mustang/Corvette forums where people had similar experiences. Just the cost of going fast it seems! But...
  13. turbosax2

    My fuse box relocation (project log)

    I usually heavily bleed the brakes every event or two. It ends up getting fully changed probably ever two bleed sessions just because of how heavy I bleed it. But I never had issues with the brake performance, just the fact they're wearing down and getting hot. Why would brake fluid impact...
  14. turbosax2

    My fuse box relocation (project log)

    This is an OG Calan catch can. While I'm sure it's not as good as his later versions, I haven't had issues with it before. Something is causing more oil to push into the can than normal. I have theories but am afraid to confirm them haha.I believe the wastegate fittings are loosening due to...
  15. turbosax2

    My fuse box relocation (project log)

    We were at Pitt Race this weekend for the Star Spangled HPDE. My front brake pads were pretty low since the last track day, so I put on a fresh set of G-Loc R16s (same as before). I put some fresh JB Weld on the wastegate water fittings to make sure they didn't come loose. I only drove the...
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