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Recent content by TSiAWD666

  1. New Apex-I EL Series Water Temp Gauge

    For sale New Apex-I EL Series Water Temp Gauge

    This is brand new, never used. Fully electronic gauge. Lights up blue, and has peak/hold and warning indicators, and can be connected to a buzzer for a warning alert. It has a tiny dent in the face I guess from bouncing around the box. Comes with everything including the original box...
  2. Spark Plug Covers

    For sale 4G63 Spark Plug Covers

    For Sale are two OEM 4g63 spark plug covers. In pretty good condition. One is better than the other. First come first serve. $30 for the nicer one, $25 for the other. Shipping extra. Payment via Paypal.
  3. Venom Intake Manifold

    For sale 2g Venom Intake Manifold

    Used on my Time Attack Eclipse. I chose this intake manifold because Andrew Brilliant tested various manifolds and found this one to be the best at providing the largest torque curve for his record breaking time attack Eclipse (at the time, could be newer designs trump it).It's been...
  4. TSiAWD666

    Best Placement For Oil Temp Sender

    You can see a lot of mods in my car's profile I use an Evo 3 oil filter housing. I have a 1/8" NPT VDO sensor as I originally was using a VDO gauge, and now it's connected to my RaceCapture Pro datalogger...
  5. TSiAWD666

    Street Build ITFLYS - 1Gina2G

    I would never in my life choose no ABS. It can absolutely save your life, or at least your car, in even what you might think are mild weather conditions. I find the OEM Nippon Denso system on my 99 gsx invaluable for saving my tires from flat spotting in dry conditions. Could it be better...
  6. TSiAWD666

    Potential Theft Attempt??

    The security dash indicator isn't related to that alarm system, but rather it's for the built-in immobilizer that came from the factory. It lighting up just means you still have that in the car.Those wires aren't OEM so likely you have an aftermarket system that yes looks like it was cut...
  7. TSiAWD666

    2G DSMers chime in!

    please do, I'm sure I'll break mine at some point and need a spare set!
  8. TSiAWD666

    98 GSX Time Trial build

    As long as they exit behind the driver they're usually fine.
  9. TSiAWD666

    Washer nozzles (that don’t suck)

    If I recall when I had them I used 3g eclipse ones and they were markedly better.When I was developing and using an intercooler sprayer I used some Japanese sprayers I picked up over there and they were awesome, a nice wide flat spray pattern. I have no specifics on that, I literally popped...
  10. TSiAWD666

    Bobby's Billet Big brake calipers AKA FIBA Motorsport FM-PRO brake pad selection guide

    I'll save everyone the time, just use Girodisc Magic Pads (I'd imagine they must be available for this page shape) for street (great stopping power, super low dust and the dust comes right off) and G-LOC pads for the track (absolutely outstanding stopping power, low dust, and again the dust...
  11. Various Gauges

    For sale 4G63 Various Gauges

    All these gauges are in great condition. Used and sold as-is but I do guantee they are functional.Apex-I EL Series Water Temp gauge, used - $75 + shipping - Has a blue backlight, warning light feature, and peak/hold capability. Perfectly working, was used in my car race car until I moved to...
  12. OEM Evo 8/9 Rear Brake Rotors New

    For sale OEM Evo 8/9 Rear Brake Rotors New

    $300 shipped, payment via Paypal.
  13. TSiAWD666

    Spyder Backup camera trigger line

    You can use Pin 22 (red w/blue stripe) on harness B-63
  14. TSiAWD666

    2G 2g gsx rear trailing arms

    On those replacement arms, please monitor them. My experience isn't really the same as most cars with all the high g loads I see on the race track but I had a set of arms like those (mine were from Megan Racing but they looked exactly like those except in blue) and their u-shaped brackets...
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