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Recent content by TSiAWD666

  1. TSiAWD666

    2G Hooked up battery backwards, help plz

    So I actually did this once at a race track. Here's what I remember frying: - MAF - ECU - various fuses and linksThere might have been more but this was like 9 years ago so my memory is fuzzy. I would check the MAF via whatever means you can figure out (I honestly can't recall how we...
  2. TSiAWD666

    New product launch: PiLink for ECMLink owners

    The system needs at most 2.5A. it's fine to tap into most power wiring like the lines to the ECU as they are thick enough gauge to accommodate the current. You just need to be sure the fuse for whichever line you tape into can handle an extra 2.5, for which most fused lines should have the...
  3. TSiAWD666

    New product launch: PiLink for ECMLink owners

    The only confirmed customer that finished their install with the OpenAuto setup that I know of is @Justin DuBois . I know that when using the equalizer that he saw clipping begins to occur as the gain goes up, but I don't recall noise issues. I.e. it's not the best sound card in the world...
  4. TSiAWD666

    Different makes steering wheel

    Probably just cutting the splines off the donor steering shaft, cutting off the one on yours, and welding the donor splines onto your shaft.
  5. TSiAWD666

    T3 .85ar vs Vband .82ar

    Bolts stretch, nuts loosening, and gaskets blowing vs... oh look it just works forever and ever and ever and ever and.... It really is a no brainer all things considered.
  6. TSiAWD666

    New Product! Action Camera from John Freund Racing

    Announcing a new product - Action Camera!, it is probably the lamest name I could have come up with, but like my company name you immediately know what it is about. The Action Camera is a motorsports focused camera system designed to address all...
  7. TSiAWD666

    2G Eclipse in South Korea

    Yes, we lived in Hannam as well as Yongsan. It's sad that Yongsan will go away but it is better for Seoul. I lived in Korea from 1987-1989 (Hodori!), and then again from 1993-1995. I returned to the US in 1995 to go to college. My parents continued to live there, then moved away to Okinawa...
  8. TSiAWD666

    2G Eclipse in South Korea

    My father was in the military and we lived in Seoul a couple times. Also my mother is korean. I wish I could live there!How did you get an Eclipse?
  9. TSiAWD666

    2G First time road course

    Usually about 20-25 minute track sessions with an instructor, no passing initially and even when allowed only in certain sections of the track, and you'll not be as fast or as in control as you might expect so err on the side of safety and listen to everything your instructor says. Drive with...
  10. TSiAWD666

    2G Eclipse in South Korea

    Oh so jealous. First, I miss living in Korea like crazy. Second to have a DSM there... man, so lucky.
  11. TSiAWD666

    ECMlink PiLink - Owners Thread

    All, I've just released the Backup Camera upgrade for PiLink. Thread can be found here:, v1.11 for PiLink Standard (i.e. not OpenAuto) has been released including the necessary software for the Backup Camera...
  12. TSiAWD666

    PiLink - Backup Camera Upgrade released! for 2021 is the Backup Camera Upgrade for PiLink. This upgrade adds a 1080p 30fps Water Resistant 160 degree FOV camera to your system that can both be manually and automatically activated when in reverse. Includes a license plate...
  13. TSiAWD666

    2G Anyone interested in a Carbon Fiber roof?

    DHP Composites is making the roof if that's not clear. I was just sharing the information about it. He does not do hoods, Carbonetics would be your best bet for those.Just FYI, the roof mold was damaged in the last production and DHP says he likely won't get around to repairing it until May.
  14. TSiAWD666

    2G Anyone interested in a Carbon Fiber roof?

    You pay, he makes the roof from the mold and then ships it to you. I don't know what he's charging now but I would guess around 1200-1300 shipped.
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