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Recent content by TomTom93536

  1. TomTom93536

    Offering $100 REWARD

    Why dont you check for resistance in your spark plug wires? Sounds like your getting fuel.
  2. TomTom93536

    No gauges, power windows, sunroof, or rear defroster

    If they work occasionaly than its not a blown fuse sounds to me like a poor connection. Get some wiring diagrams and figure out if those are all on the same circuit.
  3. TomTom93536

    Trouble getting into reverse and downshifting

    Your syncros are probably going
  4. TomTom93536

    Jumped time?

    Do NOT start it anymore and check all timing marks if they are off then pull the head and check your valves. Sounds to me like your timing is off
  5. TomTom93536

    Need some help/ideas new to the DSM world

    I would try new plugs and wires but it could be your tps
  6. TomTom93536

    transmission fluid leak, dripping from the transfer case

    I had the same leak and i put form a gasket around were the gear on the tcase goes into the tranny and no more leak
  7. TomTom93536

    need some help.

    93 is a good year just make sure you ready do do a motor swap ### stock 93s come with 7 bolt motors. I love mine
  8. TomTom93536

    Need some help/ideas new to the DSM world

    Does it feel like its bucking and does it seem like you should be getting better gas mileage?
  9. TomTom93536

    GVR-4 Timing belt 2g 7bolt swap install questions

    There are two sets of marks on our cam gears make shure you reading the right ones. To have done this correctly you should have marked the marks on the cam gears at tdc. Take your number 1 spark plug out and set it to tdc the best you cant then look at which cam gear marks line up.
  10. TomTom93536

    EVO shift knob

    I personaly got a 2g shift nob and a short shifter simply because i was sick of slamming my hand into the radio lol
  11. TomTom93536

    timing belt slipped!!

    By all means do so. I'm just throwing another option out there. Im not a fan of having my pistons groung down.And unless your getting the head ported you might as well just get a new one.
  12. TomTom93536

    timing belt slipped!!

    It depends what he wants to do with the car. Now would be the perfect time for building his internals for performance or if he wants to just bring it back to stock i would say just get a used motor. I bought mine right after this had happened and it had blown a hole right through the number one...
  13. TomTom93536

    timing belt slipped!!

    Save yourself the time and buy a used JDM Longblock. The same thing happened to me I wouldnt doubt that you have a hole in your piston. I bought the longblock and its amazing. Most likely this is a much cheaper alternative.Even if you rebuild the top and bottom end your motor is more likely to...
  14. TomTom93536

    cant go into reverse PLEASE HELP :(

    If your fifth gear is out as well its most likely a bent shift fork and or bad fifth gear synchros.(fifth gear and reverse are on the same shifter rail) I have the same problem with my 1993 TSI. I only have gears one through four. If your fifth gear is fine most likely you can adjust or replace...
  15. TomTom93536

    4G63 Turbo bogging down under boost

    Mine does the same thing and i have no cat
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