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Recent content by TJCTalon

  1. TJCTalon

    First porting job pics - 14b/2g manifold - turbo cleaning question

    Try and not get any carb cleaner or degreaser in the oil drain or oil feed holes, other then that clean away
  2. TJCTalon

    2g auto: short route intercooler options

    I have the ETS FMIC and piping and it didnt fit well at all with the automatic. I do not recommend it. I bought the VRSF piping kit and installed it and it fit a lot better. I did have to bend the dipstick a little bit.VRSF will work fine, just need to move the dipstick a bit.
  3. TJCTalon

    Launch, Flyby & Spool - FP JB Black Videos

    What converter? 2.0?
  4. TJCTalon

    PLX m300 +ECMlink narrowband sim

    Any one knows if the plx m300 uses the same o2 sensor as UEGO?I think my o2 sensor is on the fritz and Im looking to fine a replacement sensor but cant find any info on getting one?
  5. TJCTalon

    I already sold the eclipse bumper sorry

    I already sold the eclipse bumper sorry
  6. TJCTalon

    1998 auto g4cs S/A

    Have you tried to stall with your set up yet?Using any nitrious to spool. Seems like a pretty laggy turbo, not horrible but for a stock converter you might have issues off the line.
  7. TJCTalon

    Full Stock of ARP Bolts for your 6-Bolt and 7-Bolt DSM!!

    Price on 6 bolt headstuds shipped Depending on how much I might get l19's so price on those shipped as well. 80015
  8. TJCTalon

    1998 auto g4cs S/A

    Any pointers for installing the 6 bolt in a 2g kit?What converter are you running?Very nice build man, looks fantastic. Hows the spool up on that turbo?
  9. TJCTalon

    Auto 96 with lots of Pics

    Update:I havnt really done much to the car. This update is mostly for whats soon to come to the car.I did pick up a 2gb talon front bumper and had it repainted. I think its a worlds difference over the 2gb eclipse bumper. I still have the 2gb eclipse headlights with a bit of a gap on it. I...
  10. TJCTalon

    Should I Switch To E85 With The Closest Station 35mins Away?

    I doubt I would have made the switch to e85 if my station was that far away. Thanks to my1gdsm I was convinced.But after the switch I dont think I could go back to pump gas. I didnt realize how big a performance gains were before hand. Just depends what your willing to do.
  11. TJCTalon

    Bandimere June 24th!

    No idea. Why you looking to come up with an empty tank? I usually try and come up close to empty and bring 5 gals of corn with me. Maybe I can leave my gas tank by someones car? Last time I went I was by myself and didnt want it to sit out in the open lolIm stoked, getting my car detailed the...
  12. TJCTalon

    the long awaited purchase: new wheels for my car

    I prefer 45 series tires. I feel the height of the 40 series are too low.Why didnt you go wider on the tire?Either way the rims look alot better then the ones in your avatar. You need to change it now!
  13. TJCTalon

    Forward facing filter "Important Info"

    The gauge works like it should was never an answere if your using the stock gauge!! You cant even try to explain an oil pressure issue if that's all your going off of. Thats a joke.from the video the gauge never moved. Reving out to 6000 would raise the stock oil pressure gauge no matter...
  14. TJCTalon

    Forward facing filter "Important Info"

    You never did answer my question.Did tacking this hole shut improve the stock oil pressure reading that you are going off of?
  15. TJCTalon

    Forward facing filter "Important Info"

    Okay you have all that money into your car and your going off of the stock oil pressure gauge? Id like to see it on a accurate after market gauge.Theres no way that tiny pin hole can bypass enough oil pressure to not cause a spike to 75+ WOT. Im not buying this one bit.Also have you driven...
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