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Recent content by TheDude236

  1. TheDude236


    Something I've seen people do are hide Apple Airtags or Tiles on bikes to locate them once they go missing. Probably not a bad idea now that 2 have gotten stolen. Anyways, sorry for your losses, having anything stolen sucks :/
  2. TheDude236

    1995 Eagle Gigglebox

    Bit of a parts haul here! The Mishimoto stuff is to replace the 1 radiator fan I currently have (the AC condenser fan up front quite literally melted due to an exhaust leak near the turbo) and overall just help the heat under my hood dissipate a bit more. And, the real B&M short shift kit will...
  3. TheDude236


    For some context on my story, I went to a private school in a very wealthy area of TN. All the people in my grade were rolling up in brand new Audis, BMW's, Mercedes, and if they totaled the car at any point their parents would just buy them something even more expensive. I was not that kid, and...
  4. TheDude236

    1995 Eagle Gigglebox

    I just had my first professional picture day yesterday!!! It cost me nothing since it was a friend who did it for me, and I just love the pictures. It’s a shame my paint doesnt look better ROFL
  5. TheDude236

    1995 Eagle Gigglebox

    Well, my power steering is working well now! Turns out I just didn't have the belt tight enough. After a lot of bleeding to the system, figured I'd just tightened the belt and it worked. Now, all thats left on my car "issue wise" is to solve my fuel cut (and some rust treatment on my rear hubs)...
  6. TheDude236

    bigger turbo?

    Lots of people do what you do, use the search function for a better answer than mine.From my experience with the 14b ( a smaller turbo from the 1g's), you'll need a fuel pump upgrade for sure. I went with a walbro 255. Injectors are a good idea for a 16g. Something else that would be smart is...
  7. TheDude236

    Say something about the person above you. Pt II

    Forgot they don't have nickels in Canada
  8. TheDude236

    2G Hard Start

    You might want to post a video so we can also hear any noises it might be making. There is a lot that could be wrong, but a good place to start would be your coil pack I suppose. Maybe you have a bad relay or sensor, really hard to tell.
  9. TheDude236

    2G Spyder front and back seat reupholster material quantity

    Someone else had this problem as well fairly recently, but it was cleared up after they gave them a call. I also believe @Widgmaster might have a direct line of contact with them iirc.
  10. TheDude236

    2G Pentastar v6 swap into 97 Eclipse RS

    You'd probably have better luck throwing an LS in there since there is so much documentation about it online and in this forum. From experience with a pentastar V6, it really wouldnt be worth the swap since mine was only unreliable and not fun. If you did want to swap some sort of 6 cylinder...
  11. TheDude236

    Show your License Plates // Covers

    I dont have a custom plate (yet), but here is what mine looks like
  12. TheDude236

    2G 2GA Talon w/ VRSF IC

    CXRacing! That's right! I installed it so long ago I forgot the name ROFL Trying to make it fit on a 2gb bumper was not fun, and I still have more trimming to do lolFunnily enough, the only reason I caught it was because I was so bored I looked at it again for no reason since I just...
  13. TheDude236

    Little Eagle

    I will never not have a problem with my door handles at this rate, progress is indeed progress even if it breaks again after a week ROFL
  14. TheDude236

    2G 2GA Talon w/ VRSF IC

    Also, just noticed, but looks like your example car potentially also trimmed out the posts in the bumper that would separate the fogs from the lip.
  15. TheDude236

    Classic car license plates?

    2 things: 1. TN doesnt do emissions tests, that ended in like 2017 or 2018 for a majority of the state then 2022 for all the counties.2. Would you want to start a meet in alabama? Apparently at a local meet in Huntsville there are still some DSM guys that show up, I could maybe talk to them...
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