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    SAFC1 INSTALLTION helppppppp!

    okay guys i got my safc 1 a couple mounths ago and need to hook it up to my 95 gsx it has the eprom ecu and was wondering in the hardwiring process i gotta do? Would i be able to hardwire it the same as you would on a regular NON EPROM ECU but gsx ecu of coarse !! I have all the color...

    inside tire wear w/ adjustable upper control arms

    your stock toe and camber cant adjust enough for u not to wear ur tire. u need to get an anftermarket camber kit. ur car is to low and ur rims are to big. :dsm:

    major power loss boosting PLZ HELP!!

    Yea My Boy Has The Same Problem But He Has A Stock Fuel Pump All He Does When He Goes On Half Throttle Is Make A Backfire Poping Noise Exspecially In 1st Gear But He Went And Got A Standalone Fuel Management System For His Car And It Should Be Here On Friday Hopefully That Fixes His Problem Good...

    96gsx V.s 98 gsx same setup 98 wins wtf? HELLLLLLP

    hello just looking for some help.....i have a 96 gsx ported 16g ported o2 housing, front mount ,stage three 6 puck clutch lightned flywheel ,no internals , greedy type s bov ,apexi 3inch downpipe all the way back , everything esle is stock my buddy has exactly the same thing...

    1G HEAD v.s 2G HEAD

    :thumb: what should i do next ....? battle of the imports is less then 20 days away and im trying to run at least a low 14 this is my first time with this car on track and im boosting 13-15 on it ussauly 13 would it be safe to go 17 on track i dont want to hurt the car i have 1 of those xs...

    1G HEAD v.s 2G HEAD

    undefinedundefinedundefined :dsm: ok as of today i have these mods done to my stock 96 awd since purchased in march 18 inch adr rims with toyo proxies , small ported 16 g (5 k miles) ported o2 housing ported exhaust manafold , 3 inch downpipe all the way back , spec 6 puck cluth ...

    1G HEAD v.s 2G HEAD

    ok so i buy this turbo off of this guy but hes a pretty honest guy and sounds like he knows what he is talking about and then try's to sell me a 1 g head for my 96 2g awd eclipse qnd says it adds 40 horse's to my car now when your in my shoes you want all the power you can get when there are all...
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