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Recent content by Stephen97gst

  1. Stephen97gst

    1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX

    I was just about to ask if this was the car lol great video from David as always
  2. Stephen97gst

    FREE BILLET 2G Door Handles

    97 gst a set would be nice never would have to worry about the door handles again
  3. Stephen97gst

    How molested is my engine?

    Like Chrysler kid said it has heat shields most of the time people take those off throw them away lose them etc easy way to tell wether the car has been messed with
  4. Stephen97gst

    How molested is my engine?

    Looks like you found a fairly stock dsm definitely going to need some maintenance and fixing to get her 100%
  5. Stephen97gst

    Are cars selling like normal?

    From what ive seen the really clean lower mileage cars sell pretty quickly depending on region as stated and the abused ones either take awhile to sell or end up parted it
  6. Stephen97gst

    Alloy 2G door handles! This time its REAL!!! Cancelled

    So excited for these to be made I’ve never broken a 2g handle but might aswell prevent the chance of it ever happening
  7. Stephen97gst

    New to the Forum not to the DSM Life

    Oh I didn’t know a vendor on here sells them good to know I’m also going to be looking for a set
  8. Stephen97gst

    New to the Forum not to the DSM Life

    Oh if you’re looking for galant knuckles stmtuned sells them new
  9. Stephen97gst

    Thoughts on this car

    3k is pretty steep for a non running 2g also check in the lower wheel well area and rocker pinch weld area for rust they like to rot out thier aswell
  10. Stephen97gst

    New to the Forum not to the DSM Life

    Nice paint on your gsx man don’t see to many clean blue 2Gs
  11. Stephen97gst

    Been browsing this forum for years finally made a profile

    Hello fellow Dsmrs i finally created an account here after browing the forums since around 2011 and this is my third Dsm and 2nd 2g I’ve owned but first Gst I picked it up for $450 from a guy saying it had a rodknock when it turned out to be a loud lifter tick
  12. Stephen97gst

    97 gst to gsx street build

    Stephen97gst submitted a new DSM Profile :97 gst to gsx street buildRead more about this vehicle here...
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