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Recent content by Sp1kE

  1. Straight Cut Oil Pump Gears -Low Km

    For sale Straight Cut Oil Pump Gears -Low Km

    Straight cut oil pump gears from my motor with approximately 78 000 KMs. Price includes PayPal and shipping. If you want the front case that came with them, throw in another 10$ for shipping.
  2. Evo Mechanical LSD Rear Diff

    For sale Evo Mechanical LSD Rear Diff

    Got this from Malaysia years ago. It is a clutch pack style rear diff. This allows for tunable lockup, and can help your DSM rotate around corners a bit better. Realistically I'll never use it. I took it apart to inspect it for noticeable damage. The countersunk screws for the housing seem to...
  3. Sp1kE

    1G 1g rear brake upgrade

    I did the 3kgt rear arm/brake swap about 5 years ago, still running strong. One day i'll complete a writeup :P
  4. 1998 Eagle Talon TSi AWD

    Question by 'Sp1kE' on classified ad '1998 Eagle Talon TSi AWD'

    I'm just being a bit of a troll, but The main thing that makes this rare is that it is a CLOTH 98 in that color? But you have no pictures of the interior....:|
  5. Sp1kE

    2G DSM 3D Printed Front Bumper Cold Air Ducting

    I started designing these about a month ago... looks like I can stop now. Laugh. Good job!
  6. Sp1kE

    1G Stock location air to water intercooler

    Water to Air user here. After fighting a couple years with high temps I finally got mine figured out. I'll see if I can help steer you in the right direction.My core was undersized. Do not skimp out on core size. (On Frozenboost site, comparing the two, I went from something similar of a type...
  7. Sp1kE

    maybe a 3000gt front sway bar fit

    Rear does not fit.
  8. Sp1kE

    OEM Coil Pack Vs. COP Ignition Dwell

    Suscribed!Looking to switch to sequential/direct fire, and I have a 300M COP plate laying around.
  9. Sp1kE

    Holset backpressure

    I second this. I was having issues with my compounds, and everyone started screaming back pressure. A cheap sensor and some copper line goes a long way. In the end, the datalog clearly showed there was no backpressure issues. The log made about 7 people shut their yaps.
  10. Sp1kE

    RTM Racing - new (here) vendor

    +100 Always comes through with requests and alternatives. Been ordering from there for the past 10+ years. Even had him machine up a bunch of odd ball parts when he still had the machine shop for a great price.
  11. Sp1kE

    2G Wiseco piston questions

    The factory stroker cranks i've seen and dealt with have offset oil holes on the mains. Where a standard 63 crank the main oil holes all line up in a straight line. So you could pop off the mains and see if the oiling holes are offset or not.Ignore the mods that were done to the cranks in the...
  12. Sp1kE

    GVR-4 Air to water cooler

    I'll add my 2 cents. on I picked up the Type 8, thinking 350hp would be a good start. I ran in circles upgrading my reservoir, bigger lines, thinking there was air in the system, bigger pump....Last year I upgraded to something similar to the type 5, setup much like...
  13. Sp1kE

    ECMlink The mistake I made before tuning

    I'm no expert either, but I found when trying to run my LC1 with narrow band sim, it didn't output correctly until the "Htr" message was displayed. Depending how I tuned the car, it would either run super lean and stall, until the "htr" message disappeared, and fuel trims would start adjusting...
  14. Sp1kE

    Oil light when clutch is pushed in

    I hate to be that guy... but check crank endplay..
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