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Aug 11, 2020 at 7:02 AM
Oct 15, 2006
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snowborder714 was last seen:
Aug 11, 2020 at 7:02 AM
    1. 92awdgsx
      Brian, I need fixed again.
    2. cbower
      Unfortunately I am now possibly in the middle of another 91gvr4gsr problem... I have sent money and paypal says he picked it up, but he hasn't contacted me about anything with the shipping of an ecu with dsmlink v3.
    3. eagletalonjohn
      Do i talk to you about a scammer? 91gvr4gsr scammed me on Aem, he was suppose to refund me. ANd is just plain out ignoring me.There is like 4 other people that are saying he scammed them. He keeps deleting his profile post, so no one else can read the drama. Is someone gunna shut this guy down? Or is he going to keep doing it?
    4. deviousgst
      i just seen you timeslip. nice numbers. i had same 60ft and exact 1/4 mile time but my mph was 104.??mph. on pump gas.. how much boost did u ran? thanks
    5. Anne
      psst... you're awesome.
    6. volcomsnow245
      LOL hey snowboarder I was looking to see what everyone was doing in the whos online section and I came to yours and it says MODERATING pretty cool.
    7. black_gst
      It was on a td05 20g but i was only running 20psi that day and it was like 100* and even hotter on the track lol
    8. black_gst
    9. 97dsm97
      Alright sweet i hope its not to hard to tune this dang thing lol! And hopefully SD setup is not to hard to hook up!
    10. 97dsm97
      If im only going to rev to prob 7k 7500 at most because of bottom end will v3 light do the job? I can still tune well with light?
    11. 97dsm97
      Do u have to have full version of link or can you run v3 light with speed density?
    12. 91stocker
      all those mods for a 13? should have saved some money for the driver mod
    13. razrman8
    14. GsXdSmKingGsX
      Haha!!!! YES!!! Keep locking up the stupid threads! Thank you Brian
    15. rkmillerjr
      Long time no talk too! I see you've moved closer to Philadelphia. Getting some new mods docent soon and just completed some suspension work. If you get back up near Hbg., call me! I need another DSMlink lesson (lol).
    16. delta448
      Happy Birthday Brian!
    17. VETTE_50_TH
    18. VETTE_50_TH
      #### PA. ha. CO is so much more scenic and closer to Cali where the big races happen!
    19. VETTE_50_TH
      You had your chance. ;-)
    20. VETTE_50_TH
      Damn brian, you got bitches pronouncing their love to you on a car forum. WTF lol?
    21. josh38127
      I wanted to drop in and thanks for all advise you have given me. I got my Eclipse running with help from the site. I also learned alot thus far. I love my DSM
    22. odormat000
      I've never seen someone run a 13.5 @ 110. That's a crazy high mph for that time. I like it though haha. FWD POWER.
    23. Anne
      Hi! I <3 you. FYI.
    24. goodbuds
      awsome, i think im gonna dive head first an do it myself i dont have stock cams but i figure when im done with everything ill take it to someone to tune for me, thx for the advise. im glad i ended up with this car as a project everyone has been really helpfull helping me find out what todo. when i was fixing mazda rx7 everyone was an asshole, to many horror stories to list. thx again an i might bother you again for some advise i hope its cool if not its ok. later
      edwin sgt.usmc
    25. goodbuds
      wow thats awsome thx for the great advise ive not gonna lie but i bought my car with alot of upgrades an also, it was in awsome shape to begin with an for a thousand bucks an plenty of time ive been able to find aem camgears, magnus intake, poly motor mounts, swaybars, fludyne radiator an slim fans and both greddy timing belts. mayne alittle more on my side ..lol.. my next debate will be weather i want to try to install most of this my self or pay a pro?? this is not my daily ride i drive a lexus this is my toy. should i try to put it all in myself?? let me know you got a good set up an i want to make something similar. i got picks let me know what you think..
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