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Recent content by SNAKE_15

  1. SNAKE_15

    2G Rear Ended, worth fixing? Insurance tips??

    So got back with their insurance, they accepted responsibility but after sending them pictures of the damage, they're saying it'll cost $2,3xxx for repairs which seems outrageous. I told them I'm picking my own shop for repairs. I don't know if they're considering it a loss which I won't accept...
  2. SNAKE_15

    2G Rear Ended, worth fixing? Insurance tips??

    No worries man it all worked out
  3. SNAKE_15

    2G Rear Ended, worth fixing? Insurance tips??

    Small update!Still waiting to hear from the other person's insurance but I did find my replacement parts minus the hatch (might just use my 2ga talon one).
  4. 2gb Talon Rear Bumper and hatch

    Wanted 2g 2gb Talon Rear Bumper and hatch

    I'm in search of a 2gb Talon Rear Bumper and hatch only!. I live in Bakersfield so willing to drive up to 5 hours. Paint color doesn't matter as long as the parts are in good condition physically. Thanks in advance!!
  5. SNAKE_15

    2G Rear Ended, worth fixing? Insurance tips??

    Thanks for all the support and love guys, you guys reassured me I chose the right platform and decided to fix it regardless if insurance cones through or not!!Here's my progress so far with build
  6. SNAKE_15

    2G Rear Ended, worth fixing? Insurance tips??

    So last night at a stop a light, I was rear ended by a truck. Rear end got pushed in and broke my taillights and damaged my bumper and trunk. Wheel well got pushed in too.I have a wheel well delete and spare replacements for the damaged parts. Question is it worth trying to align everything...
  7. SNAKE_15

    2G -8AN fuel feed/-6AN return bulkhead install with Evo siphon

    I'll see if I can get a pic. I used the stm bulkhead fittings for the hangar with the 90° low profile(part number posted below) and on my an lines itself used straight fittings
  8. SNAKE_15

    2G -8AN fuel feed/-6AN return bulkhead install with Evo siphon

    Interesting, finished the hangar and had no fitment issues to put the cover or seat on
  9. SNAKE_15

    Resolved Tial Bov Open at Idle

    So I ended up using the 8psi spring(12-15in/hg) and worked out alot better. Not fully 100% closed but normal from the link you posted and on speed density so good to go :hellyeah:
  10. SNAKE_15

    2G 2GB Headlights into 2GA Bumper

    2ga talon/eclipse headlights are all the same and the talon 2gb bumper uses 2ga headlightsAs for OP, there will be a noticeable and ugly gap if you use 2gb headlights on 2ga/2gb talon bumpers
  11. SNAKE_15

    2g Talon

    Long overdue update but I finally got my car running :hellyeah:. After almost 8 years building this setup it's alive and healthy!Car sounds strong and healthy. Believe it or not, I literally just plugged in my injector values and the car runs solid. I still need to finish break in and some...
  12. SNAKE_15

    2G Camshaft and Valve Spring Choices

    I was running the Kelfords 272's on stock valvetrain. Not sure if a coincidence or direct cause but my car jumped timing and bent valves. Timing components were newish and oem. Car ran fine then it sat for a few days. Car jumped timing on first crank.Upgraded to Kiggly Racing...
  13. SNAKE_15

    Resolved Tial Bov Open at Idle

    So I installed a New Tial 50mm QBov but I noticed it is staying open at idle all the time even when warmed up. I have the 6psi spring which I'm assuming I needed since my vacume at idle is between 10-13. Bov closes briefly when I hit the throttle. I'm assuming this is not normal since I don't...
  14. SNAKE_15

    Resolved Banjo bolt length? For Fp 3052/inline filter

    So can anybody tell me what the correct length or part number banjo bolt I need to feed the fp inline filter to head? The standard 10mm.1.25 I ordered from extremepsi was too long and it doesn't give me a length to choose from. Hardware stores here in town don't seem to carry banjo bolts
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