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Recent content by SixBolt_16G

  1. SixBolt_16G

    How many "Old-Timer" DSM Guys on here?

    Im 44 and been in DSMs since 1999 or so. Have had my current GST since 2005... been here since 2005 ... yes i know i only have just over 100 posts 😏
  2. SixBolt_16G

    2G 99 Eclipse GSX not running right after sitting for 5 years

    Lot of missing information since you're new here. You should fill out your car profile.What is your familiarity with DSMs or turbo cars in general? What is the overall condition of the car for being 20+ years old and is it modified? Does the car have DSMLink and have you checked out the tune...
  3. SixBolt_16G

    Regional roll call

  4. SixBolt_16G

    RM Racing 2G Sway Bar Interest Thread: 2021 Edition

    Purchased! Thanks @Mach V Dan!
  5. SixBolt_16G

    New to this site, trying to find out how much my 98 eclipse gst (automatic is worth) and how to sell it without hassle.

    Nice lookin 2G...Personally, Id keep it, but thats because I LOVE Eclipses :D... With the elevated used car prices Im sure you could get at least $6K for it... Lots of desire on the Facebook Groups... not sure if its for automatics.. but its worth testing the waters at that price... Especially...
  6. SixBolt_16G

    Trunk Struts

    Bought some Strong Arm lift supports a good while ago.. Still solid. Bought a set for my truck too. Think i got them from Rockauto at the time..
  7. SixBolt_16G

    2G Intercooler Kit / Piping?

    Wish the Archer Fabs was Greddy flanged or there was an adapter.. Ive been looking at an ETS for a while but havent found piping to go with it..
  8. SixBolt_16G

    2G Clutch bad?

    Start at 1:22... It could be running down the rod and accumulating at the location you have in the picture. Reach your hand up and see if the rod or the cylinder is wet. Regardless of whether it is or isnt the only problem causing your situation... it still needs to be done if its leaking, so...
  9. SixBolt_16G

    2G Clutch bad?

    Check the fluid level... if it looks low, look in the driver's foot well and feel around the clutch side of the firewall to see if there is fluid leaking down it and into the carpeting or onto to the pedal.
  10. SixBolt_16G

    2G Clutch bad?

    I havent had too many clutch issues in the past, but maybe answering some other questions that might help other more knowledgeable people diagnose your issue. There are a number of different things it could be.Did it just happen out of nowhere or had you done work on it recently? How old is...
  11. SixBolt_16G

    Spyder Questions and suggestions please.

    Several things...Air trapped in system. Defective thermostat/water pump even tho they are new Missing heat shields Fans not functioning properly You wouldve seen it working on the radiator but has intense heat warped/disfigured your fans reducing the flow? Front mount IC blocking the flow to...
  12. SixBolt_16G

    Well..It's been a while..

    Welcome to the forum!Have you started the car yet or are you prepping to do so? These cars are old enough to sit at the bar and drink with you youll probably want to inspect and change all the hoses and gaskets for fluid leaks. that timing belt probably started to harden so youll...
  13. SixBolt_16G

    New modular clutch wont go into gear

    I had that happen a couple of summers ago... I could move it into every gear when the car was in the air, but when it was on the ground.. nada... but id get a grind if i tried ... I dont recall all the specifics because Ive had a number of clutch problems throughout the years and have a hard...
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