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Recent content by serviceguy

  1. serviceguy

    1G Alternator

    Canada 1Gs had 90A alternators, probably due to running daylights?
  2. serviceguy

    1G Throttlebody Swap

    Don't forget mine were assumptions, I don't have a TB handy right now to confirm it. Make sure my assumption were correct looking at the 90 TB if you have it.
  3. serviceguy

    1G Throttlebody Swap

    As I said it all depends on where the port opens within the TB. If you look at the drawing that you provided (turbo engine) the ports connected to hoses B and Y seem to go further in the TB so I would assume they open behind the TB plate, while hoses R and G don't so I would assume the open...
  4. serviceguy

    1G Throttlebody Swap

    The difference between those ports is that some are connected to 'after' the throttle plate, others are connected before it. Once you look at the GS TB and to what port on the GSX TB the lines were connected you should be able to figure it out. I can't offer much more as I don't have the car...
  5. serviceguy

    Best DSM Craigslist post of the day

    A v-tech swapped '96 talon with only 163 miles! Let me jump on it right now...
  6. serviceguy

    Other sites to buy a DSM?

    ..daily driver, runs great, no title and bring your own wheels...
  7. serviceguy

    How many "Old-Timer" DSM Guys on here?

    51 years old. Bought my 91 GST from a used car lot in Florida back in 1999 or 2000, I had no idea what it was and especially that it came with a turbo! I discovered the DSM community out of necessity, nobody either wanted or could fix it for me, especially the local Mitsubishi dealer (well, they...
  8. serviceguy

    1G Wire tuck, idle speed switch?

    There's two types of ISC, the brown one (lower quality but rebuildable) or the black one (better quality but non rebuildable). Pick your poison. When I say rebuildable I mean that it can be taken apart and if you have a spare unbroken coil from another broken ISC you may be ale to fix it and...
  9. serviceguy

    1G Wire tuck, idle speed switch?

    You need to extend the wire that originally goes to the ISS to the 4th, unused pin of the TPS connector (it's pin #3, you will need to install an addition connector pin or source a 2G TPS connector). I would run the wire inside the harness since you're working with the harness anyway. I can't...
  10. serviceguy

    1G Wire tuck, idle speed switch?

    I would upgrade to a 2G TPS and use its built in ISS.
  11. serviceguy

    GVR-4 Door Seal Clips

    Where did you order them and how much are they? Ordering the Toyota ones I saved 40 cents each on the Mitsubishi price (if still available that is) but they still came at 93 cents each.
  12. serviceguy

    1G Need help with missing reverse switch wiring

    I would say that proves they are the same indeed, doesn't it? In case it did sound otherwise, I just wasn't sure if it was the same since the description of that connector on Sheridan's wasn't including 1Gs and I did not have access to ASA when I posted to confirm it. At the same time I would...
  13. serviceguy

    1G Need help with missing reverse switch wiring

    It does looks very similar, it's probably just from another manufacturer but compatible.
  14. serviceguy

    1G Need help with missing reverse switch wiring

    Not sure that is the correct plug for a 1G, I will have to double check on my spare harness when I get home. The link shows as a reverse switch connector for 2Gs.
  15. serviceguy

    NEW user from israel, 1g eclipse :)

    to my knowledge G4CP is the Hyndai denomination of a 4G63...
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