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Recent content by Salty-Seagull

  1. Salty-Seagull

    Salty Seagull's RS to GS Upgrade

    It finally happened! My car is in the shop to make a huge dent in the deferred maintenance. The goal is to get my engine healthy. If all goes well, the car will be running in top shape soon. 👍
  2. Salty-Seagull

    2G Eclipse RS with sunroof?

    Yeah the GS Spyder was sort of in-between the RS and GS as far as trim goes, but was a little different. It had a 4G64 engine instead of the 420A. It had side skirts (air dam) and fog lights like a GS coupe, but it had rear drum brakes, fixed intermittent wipers, no rear sway bar and manual...
  3. Salty-Seagull

    2G Eclipse RS with sunroof?

    Wasn't that a 1999 GS? The brochure called it a "sports value package," but I've seen most folks call it "10th anniversary edition" or "OZ."I really like those. They had one at a local junk yard last year, and if it had been in restorable condition I would have bought it. Hopefully he will...
  4. Salty-Seagull

    2G Eclipse RS with sunroof?

    Yup!The RS also wasn't equipped with fog lights, side skirts, or a center console arm rest. They had manual mirrors, fixed intermittent wipers, sun visors with unlit mirrors, and vinyl backed front seats too. I've been finding other more subtle differences as I dig into my project too, I'd...
  5. Salty-Seagull

    Salty Seagull's RS to GS Upgrade

    I got lucky and found some at a local junk yard, and one in the classifieds a while back. They all have at least one broken mounting clip but they still work.
  6. Salty-Seagull

    Salty Seagull's RS to GS Upgrade

    I have been buying parts for roughly two and a half years to restore this car. This year, I am hoping to FINALLY make a big dent in the deferred maintenance and (fingers crossed 🤞) stop the oil leak in the engine. The weather is finally improving here in Michigan, and I am getting closer to...
  7. Salty-Seagull

    FU€K you covid

    Very sorry for your loss Justin. 😢
  8. Salty-Seagull

    Salty Seagull's RS to GS Upgrade

    It might officially be Spring now, but Michigan didn't get the memo. 🌨️😆I haven't been able to do much to the car over the winter but I did buy a Chilton's manual for the 1990-98 Eclipse recently and I've really been enjoying that. There's nothing like a nice relaxing read after work on cold...
  9. Salty-Seagull

    Salty Seagull's RS to GS Upgrade

    Yeah, pretty much. The side mirrors survived somehow, but other than that, there wasn't much else that I could salvage for my project. I will probably be back for various odds and ends before the crusher comes back, but it doesn't look like there is much left that I can use.
  10. Salty-Seagull

    420A 420A Timing Belt Recommendations

    I don't think there is an HKS belt for the 420A unfortunately. I've never seen one. :(
  11. Salty-Seagull

    420A 420A Timing Belt Recommendations

    I'm looking to replace the timing belt on my 420A soon, and I'm doing a stock build... but I'm not sure what belt to choose?It seems like conventional wisdom is to use OEM, and while it looks like Mopar sites are still selling the OEM belt, I am not sure how old those would be... I have yet to...
  12. Salty-Seagull

    More Alternators, Axles, Batteries…

    That's my only complaint too. I just opened my most recent order and....... Nope. :(Otherwise I love Rock Auto. They are easy to do business with. 👍
  13. Salty-Seagull

    Salty Seagull's RS to GS Upgrade

    My favorite yard got a new Eclipse in, but it was in a really bad accident and all of the parts that I was hoping to pick for my project were damaged. I was able to save the side mirrors though, and I'm thinking about buying the hatch because of the low-rise spoiler. It looks like it survived...
  14. Salty-Seagull

    2G Side view mirror plug and nut cover

    If anyone wants OEM, the part numbers are in this article. I have found some of this stuff in the classifieds and on eBay before.
  15. Salty-Seagull

    2G Need some opinions on spoiler

    I'm trying to decide that as well. I always planned to restore my low rise, but then I bought a hatch with the high rise on it. I like them both, but I think I'm just going to go with whatever is installed on the hatch that I ultimately end up using so that I can have a third brake light. 🙂
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