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Recent content by Rob88

  1. Slight Grinding going into 2nd and 3rd gear.

    have you checked for clutch drag? where does the pedal engage? What kind of fluid did you put in it?
  2. 1Ga HY35 Street/Strip Build

    Replacement cam is on its way. I'd really like to find out why this happened before I go just throwing another cam in it. It has the Manley springs and retainers so I can't imagine its valve float. They are new valves and I am pretty sure it isn't bent. The only thing I can gather is I was using...
  3. Where to buy Wiring Harness Clips / Retainers

    Got you covered. ;) Got to your local Napa Auto parts and ask for this part #Napa Part#217417
  4. 1Ga HY35 Street/Strip Build

    Well, the car developed ignition break up and popped a freeze plug out. I managed to trap 128MPH only being able to rev to about 7500 and it was breaking up from about 5500 and up. Actually had to shift it into 5th and sort of coast the last gear out. I might have hurt the head gasket running it...
  5. 1Ga HY35 Street/Strip Build

    My car just dead hooked and pulled. 12* of timing on spool up and 22 by about 7K where I level it out. I know it was on 40PSI for a little while because i was having issues with the wastegate not opening. I guess I will find out when I actually let it rev out. I appreciate all the advise. Your...
  6. 1Ga HY35 Street/Strip Build

    Why not let it have it all? I have an open dump and at 35PSI the wastegate is open the whole time and it holds solid to 7.5K. I guess I will see what happens when I let it rev out.
  7. 1Ga HY35 Street/Strip Build

    I like your plan. :thumb:
  8. 1Ga HY35 Street/Strip Build

    Yep, I am at .004 PTW clearance and .002 rods and mains. Its a bit noisy on cold startup and quiets down once you get a little heat in it. Rings are gapped at .0020 top and .0022 bottom. it loves the boost. I guess I will up the rev limit to 8800 and start shifting at 8500. It has Manley Springs...
  9. 1Ga HY35 Street/Strip Build

    I am on 1g/2g combo with ARP rod bolts. Not sure if it will hold up to that many RPMs for long. That will make for one meaty powerband. I thought the 4500-7500 was a big power band I can only imagine another 1000 RPMs.
  10. 1Ga HY35 Street/Strip Build

    Well, I took it to IFO and on the first pass the shifter cable came apart. I got to do the whole pass in 1st gear. lol. I got that fixed and will be running it at the track on Saturday. Friday if the weather is nice here. I have it tuned on 34PSI on E85 and it pulls HARD. Currently I have been...
  11. Who has a dsm in high school?

    Dang, they must not have an English class in high school anymore. :-/
  12. 1Ga HY35 Street/Strip Build

    Ya, no complaints here. I am in it just under $3k and it runs and drives. I will find out how well on Sunday during IFO. That cheap, fast, reliable rule may turn out to bite me.
  13. 1Ga HY35 Street/Strip Build

    This is my 1Ga I picked up a while back and it got back burnered when I sent a rod out the side of my Galant VR4.I picked it up at the end of 2012 for $900 and drove it home. When I got it the engine bay was pretty clean (Main reason for buying it). It already had DSMlink, 680cc injectors...
  14. 1G Problem setting base timing

    Balance shaft delete. No need to do that.
  15. 1G Problem setting base timing

    Ill check it out. Thanks for the help!
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