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Feb 9, 2018
Oct 25, 2009
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Proven Member, from Florida

richard33 was last seen:
Feb 9, 2018
    1. ottojung620
      Hey man, is your DSMlink V3 still for sale? I messaged you about it.
    2. 91_talon_tsi_awd
      Hey man. Sorry for being a dbag.
    3. marcman804
      Whats up man? Hey what tranny do you have?
      1. richard33
        I have a 2g fwd auto trans. Built by ATF in south florida.
        Nov 4, 2014
    4. 98gstbrad
      Ok seems about what I am going to run
    5. richard33
      It's a 60 single digger dry shot. Fuel added through AEM
    6. 98gstbrad
      What shot and what type of nitrous are you running? Wet or dry? And if dry fogger or direct port?
    7. CelaviCupo
      Get back @ Me if u still have the injectors for sale
    8. Dsmkauai
      Hey bro, good news I finally got the slicks. Sitting in my dining room waiting to be mounted lol. Got a ? I'm not sure if it's worth it because of the tire possibly spinning on the rim. Did you have your slicks balanced when you got them mounted. I'm thinking I shouldn't have to but just wanna make sure.
    9. Dsmkauai
      Cool bro thanks for the tips. And yes I do plan to make more power lol. Working on a new motor setup. So far I have the block bord 30 over for venolia racecoat pistons to go with some crower rods. And I will be working on the head setup next once I'm all done with the block work. Thanks again bro happy boosting and God bless.
    10. Dsmkauai
      Hey bro, so I am finally getting some slicks. My boss said he would sponsor me and put up the cash for them. I do like the hoosier qtp's that you are running and have a perfect set of rims for them. My ? to you is do you think with my current setup they will be to much tire for my car to handle. Would you suggest a smaller size or stick with the 26x9.5x16. Thanks for any help bro
    11. Dsmkauai
      Thanks man, I love to be behind the wheel. We have word that our track is getting a new surface this season. It needs it so bad has to be the worst track I've ever raced on lol. But hey it's all we got and that's why we all race on it. Next race is June 4 and I'm stoked because my sister and her husband are coming out and get to watch me race. Still hoping for atleast a 13.9 pass. Working on my next motor build it's a 30 over block with venolia racecoat pistons and crower rods, with built head and possibly a pte 6262
    12. Dsmkauai
      Ya definitely will be just getting an idea. I still havn't got the slicks yet, I bought a talon so my moneys tied up in it right now. But as soon as I sell a few parts I'm ordering them asap. That's the worst part about living here shipping big items ain't cheap. Thanks for all the help so far bro.
    13. Dsmkauai
      Hey bro was wondering if I could ask some advice again. What rpm do you launch at and with how much boost. I actually just scored a quaife lsd so going to use it. I had another ? but can't remember now, if I do I'll post back lol. thx bro God bless
    14. Dsmkauai
      Hey bro I saw your running slicks on stock 16's. I'm looking into getting a set for my gst. Can I ask where you got yours from and how's the fitment do you have any issues. Ive been searching for other guys setups and you are similar to what im going to use stock trans and open diff. Any help would be awesome.
    15. 400hp93talon
      What lsd are you running in your tranny and what cv shafts are you using....I just bought a 95 tsi fwd and I need to know what to get for the drivetrain because Im gonna go for 550whp with this build and I dont want to do an awd swap...thanks.
    16. Hesh724
      Nice car! was just wondering what the hose is for coming out of the Valve cover breather hole on the passenger side? Still learing about these cars.
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    2g Auto FWD- 662whp
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