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Recent content by Red97Eclipseboy

  1. Red97Eclipseboy

    Facebook's negative impact on car culture and tech info

    There's truth to that. But I recall very vividly the quality of the members here going down the toilet right before FB killed everything. I do get what you're saying, but in the current state of DSMs, I don't see a way to have quality & quantity at the same time with respect to members.
  2. Red97Eclipseboy

    Facebook's negative impact on car culture and tech info

    FB has all but killed forums. I think the answer is easy, but the implementation of it may not be.I would assume it would be difficult and pricey, but I’m not tech person so I don’t know.If Tuners had an app, many of the traffic issues would be solved. Phones are so prevalent for things like...
  3. Red97Eclipseboy

    How many "Old-Timer" DSM Guys on here?

    Holy crap. Long time since I've seen your name.
  4. Red97Eclipseboy

    How many "Old-Timer" DSM Guys on here?

    Olivia will be with me, but we will be there!
  5. Red97Eclipseboy

    How many "Old-Timer" DSM Guys on here?

    I am 36 now. Got my first and original DSM in 2002 when I was 21. I still daily an Eclipse, but it's a 2009. I didn't turn my back on the 4g63, but I have a 2005 Evo 8 RS now. LOVE it. I would like another GS-T one day in the garage next to my Evo.I remember many of the names in here. I...
  6. Red97Eclipseboy

    Need help (again) finding an old video!

    Thank you, Chris! I remember every single one of those clips! And the pics!And thank you, Artic! I love them!
  7. Red97Eclipseboy

    Need help (again) finding an old video!

    As long as you don't monetize them, you're fine.
  8. Red97Eclipseboy

    Need help (again) finding an old video!

    I have to ask again. Does anyone have a copy in any format or know where the old Best of DSMtuners 1 or 2 is at? Any OG guys?! I had tons but that computer got tossed.Ludachris is on the search with me as well! I'm sure we can find them!
  9. Red97Eclipseboy

    Are turbo 2g's getting harder to find?

    Dime a dozen back in the day, man.They ARE getting harder to find. But that's with any car over time I guess. They'll go up in value, too. Seems they are now.
  10. Red97Eclipseboy

    Why did you choose a DSM?

    Dang, I'm feeling nostalgic seeing a post from Luda. LolI became obsessed with Mitsubishis in high school in the late-90s. Originally, my love began with the '97-'98 model 3000GT VR4s. Then I noticed a few 2gb Eclipses that people had in school. The look and sound of them had me hooked.I...
  11. Red97Eclipseboy

    Requesting help for finding a video or two...

    Okay, so back in the early 2k days, I had a massive amount of DSM videos on my old computer. Most were taken down from here when the no street-racing video rule was applied. That computer was like a Fort Knox of OG DSM vids. Unfortunately, when I moved out of my moms house many years ago, I...
  12. Red97Eclipseboy

    Anyone else carry their DSM key on their everyday keyring?

    My 2g has a brand-new dealer-cut key, Mitsu key chain from said dealer and sterling silver ring. On it's own. Lame, I know.
  13. Red97Eclipseboy

    4g63 Engine Assembly Video

    Oh man lol
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