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Recent content by Rayek

  1. Timing Belt Cover Issues

    You need to cut an opening in order for it to clear the mount. I am at work, but there should be some write ups on here how to do it. sorry for the short reply. :)
  2. EVO shift knob

    I'm going out on a limb on this one, but I'm guessing the Mitsu dealer? :)
  3. The Official "What Should I Spend Money On?" Thread [Merged 10-6]

    If you just purchased the car, you should first get any and all maintenance done before adding new parts. :thumb: I would highly recommend recirculating the BOV as well(from personal experience when I was new to dsm's), so make sure you get the injen intake that is for stock BOV in order to be...
  4. ever feel like you took your car apart so much you dont think you can put it back?

    Mine is very similar to yours, minus the body work. It was sitting outside and the paint started to fade on the roof and hood. Around 5-8k into it myself, and the motor has been on the stand for about 6 months now, putting things on here and there. Just ordered a last big shipment of parts to...
  5. Maybe clutch problems?

    Did this start happening out of the blue? Or did you just install a new clutch/flywheel?
  6. SAFC or DSM Link? What to do?

    I would go with the safc-II if I were you. With those HP goals and 650's you could even do a 190lph pump and not have to get an afpr. Since you say you are low on cash that may be the best route. You should be just fine running 650's on a 190 and safc-II, then you can spend the extra 140 or...
  7. The Official "What's this DSM worth?" Thread

    If this is your first dsm or first built car, it is probably not a good idea. That is alot of power to start out with and without knowing mechanically how to make this setup, you would have a hard time repairing it or spend alot of money doing so. Personally I like to have the piece of mind...
  8. How hard is it to rebuild 14b?

    I just took apart my 16g and put it back together fine. It is not bad, and if it helps just take pictures of everything before you take them off to have a guide to follow on re-assembly so you don't forget anything or so you have piece of mind. Joo can do eet! lol But seriously, you will be...
  9. Time to upgrade 16g

    If you don't plan on upgrading then the 190 walbro is fine. If you plan on upgrading then the 255/fpr/upgrading to something other than safc/bigger injectors. Based off what you have written so far, I would say just go with the 16g/190lph/650's/safc and you will be pleased. :thumb:Edit...
  10. how do i pull an engine from an 92 awd Talon

    First thing I would do is get a chilton's/haynes/mitsu service manual. Should have some pretty good instructions there. :) Also the service manual on cd is helpful. I did a search and there was alot of threads on engine removal so there is probably what you are looking for. I am running out...
  11. Best Possible Results

    If you plan on upgrading to 350-400 in the future I would just get some big injectors like 850's and dsmlink. You can still use those for your 14b, but when you upgrade to a bigger turbo down the road, you don't have to get new injectors and just be able to change the settings on dsmlink. Of...
  12. Rear Hatch Exterior Molding

    You could always check on ebay too :). Local dsm forums, or junkyards should have them for a decent price too.
  13. how to get more HPs from a non turbo eclipse 91??

    I would start looking into some turbo setups for it. Unless you are trying to stay N/A. If you don't want a turbo you are most likely going to have to start building the internals of your motor to see any other big changes. :thumb:
  14. ### Help

    It sounds like when one of my couplers came off on my intercooler pipes. I would definately check all the connections from turbo to TB and like someone said above, check your wiring. Vfaq has some good wiring diagrams to refer to if needed. Good luck!
  15. mechanical oil unit

    I would recommend getting a SS line. Mine works great. Read stories of the regular line breaking and decided not to chance it at all. :)
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