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    • PLDSM
    • PLDSM
      Well, it's been over two years since my last update and quite a few things have happened since then..I worked on the car quite a bit from the date of the last post up until my wife and I had our son back in January of '21. I left my job in...
    • PLDSM
      Worked on the front bumper support/crash bar today. Got it all tacked up with my buddy yesterday and got her burned in today. Couple small things left before dyno time.
      • 20220731_212223.jpg
      • 20220731_144614.jpg
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      • 20220729_233205.jpg
    • PLDSM
      No problem man.. always here to help and support. More than welcome to come by when it 100% complete.
    • PLDSM
      More progress. Got the first fire up on the truck, small things here and there that needed some attention (tighten fuel lines and hose clamps). But other than that she is up and running. Running on some 880cc Injesters currently, 2150s will go in...
      • 20220723_101304.jpg
      • 20220723_101319.jpg
      • 20220723_101348.jpg
    • PLDSM
      Full stainless exhaust complete. Fully welded, front section heat wrapped and hangers created as well. Had to throw a fart cannon on the truck but have it tucked into the roll pan so its not that noticeable. Air intake setup complete as well as...
      • 20220716_032646.jpg
      • 20220715_180514.jpg
      • 20220715_213533.jpg
      • 20220717_112305.jpg
      • 20220717_112316.jpg
      • 20220717_112330.jpg
      • 20220717_112335.jpg
    • PLDSM
      We got some more stuff done last night into today morning.-Boost controller / lines routed -Coil pack bracket made and mounted -Coolant water pipe fully welded up, Dan as usual did a great job and pressure checked the pipe -Exhaust system...
      • 20220709_010847.jpg
      • 20220709_010830.jpg
      • 20220708_211222.jpg
    • PLDSM
      Intercooler piping all done, oil feed and return lines complete as well as wastegate dump tubes complete. All that's is left now is to route some more vacuum lines, catch can/valve cover setup, finish the new ss water line and do the exhaust...
      • 20220702_213616.jpg
      • 20220702_214026.jpg
    • PLDSM
      Hell yea! Definitely a unique truck to do a build on and the mitsubishi Vin plate helps the cause. Pretty simple truck believe it or not, 4g swap is pretty straight forward just depends on what extreme your trying to go to.
    • PLDSM
      Thanks!It's the small thing that count. The wheel is not in the best of shape.. may just steal the spare wheel from the 90 tsi and use that one.Yea it's getting there for sure. As of now it's just more plumbing of piping in all reality...
    • PLDSM
      Some more updates. Was able to mount and make brackets for the radiator, get the seats installed, instal the ecu and get the Intercooler flipped for better pipe routing. More to come.
      • 20220626_191520.jpg
      • 20220626_180752.jpg
      • 20220626_175445.jpg
      • 20220626_175423.jpg
      • 20220626_175411.jpg
    • PLDSM
      Line lock wiring made and mounted on shifter, reverse lockout wired up, reverse light switch wired and all fuel line finished up in the bay. On all the wiring I used some weatherpack connectors instead of hardwiring it, this allows for easier...
      • 20220620_165941.jpg
    • PLDSM
      Fuel lines at the rear of the tank have been completed, had an issue originally with the 90 degree an fittings I was using, switched to a tighter radius 90 and have clearance for days. Had to cut a small section of the truck bed due to the...
      • 20220619_123029.jpg
      • 20220619_123034.jpg
    • PLDSM
      Fuel cell in , hanger assembled, turbo mocked up in location. Lots more to come, waiting for fittings to make the fuel lines currently.
      • 20220617_201905.jpg
      • 20220617_232125.jpg
      • 20220617_232141.jpg
      • 20220617_232313.jpg
    • PLDSM
      PLDSM reacted to Snug_GSX's post in the thread Street Build Project SNUG with Like Like.
      6/1/20 Transmission connected and engine dropped in car with my helpers. Had just enough ceiling clearance to get in the bay. Also test fit some wheels I had from previous build.
    • PLDSM
      Picked up the driveshaft yesterday. 3.5" steel with 1350 u joints. Got it installed, trans filled up with fluid as well as got the shfter installed.
      • 20220614_192502.jpg
      • 20220614_213852.jpg
      • 20220614_213912.jpg
    • PLDSM
      Tank fill tube welded, underside of truck bed stripped and undercoated and gas cap area cleaned up and primered.. still need to do alot of prep work on the top of the truck bed and bed liner it.
      • IMG_2563(1).jpg
      • 20220612_165025.jpg
      • 20220612_140050.jpg
      • 20220612_140032.jpg
    • PLDSM
      Been a little busy tracing electrical gremlins on the evo but i was able to get some solid work done in the truck. We got the following done. -Brake and clutch are blead -Intake manifold, throttle body, remote iac, fittings and throttle cable...
      • 20220611_094501.jpg
      • 20220611_031115.jpg
      • 20220610_235311.jpg
      • 20220611_111646.jpg
    • PLDSM
      PLDSM reacted to NWHTanK's post in the thread NWHTanK's Eclipse GST (AWD swap) with Like Like.
      I needed to make small parts like bushings , spacers and such, so invested in a 7x14 mini metal machine lathe. Waiting on some tools and upgrades for it. ;) . After a while I might upgrade to bigger nicer machine. Also durring the end of summer...
    • PLDSM
      Got new meats in today as well as got the intake manifold setup ready to bolt up. All the power wires have been ran and are ready to go.
      • 20220531_203447.jpg
      • 20220531_203441.jpg
      • 20220530_172423.jpg
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