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Recent content by nismojones

  1. nismojones

    QTP Electric Cutout Sizes

    Came across this when I did mine, although I still used the supplied parts. You will definitely love it, it truly is the best of both worlds to be able to cruise around in a stock-quiet car so the neighbors don’t hate yah, then opening it when you want, gl with the fab work
  2. nismojones

    General Convert any car to ethanol with a Super AFC?

    He might just be doin it since gas is way too much, good luck with it
  3. nismojones

    2G Cooling Problems

    There are so many points in that area that it could be, so it’s tough to tell from pics. I’d suggest a coolant pressure tester. You can buy em almost anywhere now, possibly rent too(?). It’s extremely helpful in situations like yours.
  4. nismojones

    AWD Transmission 'hidden' bolt

    Just use your fingers to trace down the engine block until you feel it, I use a 12mm ratchet wrench from the top on that one.
  5. nismojones

    2G Loose wire

    Negative on the spare, I must’ve used it on on another car- although if you want to hook it up another way you can use this in the picture. Available at any hardware store, it will slide on but won’t have the retaining clip that the original connector had, so it may fall off while driving.
  6. nismojones

    2G Loose wire

    It’s almost a T-slotted clip that retains itself over the gauge sending unit fitting(circled in green per dsmpt’s post). Best pic I could find for now. The pigtail means it has the appropriate clip and enough wire in the harness to tap into your existing wire to complete the original circuit.
  7. nismojones

    2G Loose wire

    x2, I think I have a spare pigtail that fits the sending unit. Lmk if you need it
  8. nismojones

    1G Can’t get transmission to lineup

    I like to put a 1/2” ratchet on the crank, if it doesn’t feel smooth installing the trans I spin the crank a small amount and try again. This usually works for me. I also have used a longer than stock trans bolt to help align before going all the way in as a guide, once its seated I replace it...
  9. nismojones

    2G Interior screws - with snap on plastic covers

    These guys? I think theres another kind also but don’t have a picture. Not sure what they are actually labeled either
  10. nismojones

    2G Does anyone know what this is specifically?

    Iirc it’s an anti-siphon unit. it prevents anyone from sticking a hose into the tank to drain it/siphon fuel from you. I’m sure this part is shared through multiple mitsubishis/eagles, if anyone has the part number for it then you should be able to find it used pretty easily as they are not...
  11. nismojones

    1G Rebuilding a 1G DSM

    Thats a much smaller list than I imagined after the pics lol, thanks for savin it 👍🏽
  12. nismojones

    2G Valve Cover OEM Color?

    Iirc the evos had a slightly gun-metal colored cover. I tried to recreate it on my own but it came out too dark.Edit- it’s more of a warm grey
  13. nismojones

    2G Valve Cover OEM Color?

    The one you have is a little more rare than the plain one, should be easy to find someone to trade if you post an ad. Also it looks like you’ll have to drill out a bolt on the exhaust manifold if you plan on installing a heat shield 👎. IIrc there was a heat shield listed in the classifieds a...
  14. nismojones

    Tell me you’re a die hard without telling me you’re a die hard

    That’s nice of them, if I come across a good one at a local yard I’ll PM yah. Just cover the cost and shipping
  15. nismojones

    Tell me you’re a die hard without telling me you’re a die hard

    I heard you were a smic fan but are those 2 spare hahn’s!?
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