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Recent content by nelliott500

  1. nelliott500

    Turbo oil return line, will this be ok?

    Since it's not pressurized, you'll be fine as long as it doesn't leak. You're much better off with the short, straighter drain than that long, curvy setup.You could just buy the fittings and hose and make your own.
  2. nelliott500

    1G I'm stuck between two amazing choices.

    Shit, I totally forgot to mention installing a set of 550cc injectors. It won't cause any issues. I have one on my car and it runs fantastic. I'm sure it runs a little rich since I don't have a tuning method yet but too rich is better than too lean.
  3. nelliott500

    1G I'm stuck between two amazing choices.

    If you want to get rid of the 1g MAF (I don't blame you), get a 2g MAF, a filter, make an adapter or cut your harness and wire on a 2G plug.
  4. nelliott500

    Some help please?

    Bingo. I throw my floor back under the ball joint to put pressure on it. The nuts for balljoints are typically a nylock nut which you can't spin off by hand.
  5. nelliott500

    Anybody had any luck getting a door key made from a VIN?

    Sorry for the late reply. My wife and I had a baby August 2 so we've been pretty busy. BTW, using PB Blaster in the lock isn't a great idea. It's going to collect dirt/dust that way. You want a bottle of spray graphite (PB Blaster makes one) instead.The 3si wiki is pretty thorough. I do know...
  6. nelliott500

    1G Banjo bolt bandaid - is this safe?

    That is f***ing scary.
  7. nelliott500

    Do anything to your dsm today?

    Uhh... rattle can is just another term for spray paint. Why would you assume he's automatically painting his car flat black?Also, he's only spraying on primer. I believe he's going to be doing the cheap roll-on paint job.
  8. nelliott500

    EGR delete

    It's fine and very common.
  9. nelliott500

    Anybody had any luck getting a door key made from a VIN?

    What do you mean it doesn't work? If the key goes in, but doesn't turn, your cylinders might just be seized. When I bought my car, I couldn't lock/unlock the driver's door or hatch. I doubted that the door/hatch or lock cylinders were swapped so I pulled them out of the car. The key worked fine...
  10. nelliott500

    2G fuel filter questions

    I'm curious as well. I have to invest in a tank to rail kit because the previous owner f***ed up the fitting/fuel line at the filter on my car. I wish I could just slap another stock one in.
  11. nelliott500

    Oil return line options

    Uhh, just so you're aware, you can get a brand new 2g oil return from JNZ for $14. I don't know why you're going this hack route. I can understand why you're not going with -10 or -12 braided -- it's a much costlier investment. Hell, if you're in a rush, the dealer can probably get one for you...
  12. nelliott500

    Last problem to fix , clutch noise

    Poor adjustment of the clutch shouldn't cause any noises while the clutch is engaged. You would be hearing issues while disengaging the clutch because it would be over-adjusted and the pressure plate fingers would touch.It sure sounds like an issue with the trans if the noise goes away when...
  13. nelliott500

    slave cylinder issue in 2g

    I'm assuming he means pushrod instead of piston.
  14. nelliott500

    help with oil consumption

    The point of adding oil during a compression test is to help temporarily seal the rings. If you have a cylinder that's lower than the others, you add oil, and the test comes back much higher, the issue is probably rings. However, the oil alone will also make your compression test higher...
  15. nelliott500

    Resolved Grinding starter

    I haven't done it on a 2g but it's not terribly different from a 1g. The major difference is you have three mounts that attach to the trans instead of one. You shouldn't need to lower the motor.Jafro has a fantastic series of videos that goes through a clutch swap on a 2g:
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