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Recent content by MyTalonTSi1991

  1. 1991 Eagle Talon TSi FWD Auto

    Reply to question by 'MyTalonTSi1991' on the classified ad '1991 Eagle Talon TSi FWD Auto'

    Thanks! I grabbed a sensor at oreilly today, I’ll see about replacing that this weekend!
  2. 1991 Eagle Talon TSi FWD Auto

    Reply to question by 'MyTalonTSi1991' on the classified ad '1991 Eagle Talon TSi FWD Auto'

    Its just not worth re-posting, they will only re-list at no reserve and the sale prices on them have been all over the place on Cars and Bids as well as Bring a Trailer. No issues with the site, sold a couple cars on the site, one the high bidder didn't follow through and the other one was a...
  3. 1991 Eagle Talon TSi FWD Auto

    For sale 1991 Eagle Talon TSi FWD Auto

    I purchased this about 3 years ago as a project to restore. Since I purchased it in April 2019 it has had a fresh paint job, black seat inserts reupholstered, new tires/front brakes, timing belt replaced, struts/end links/inner and outer tie rods. 123,9xx miles. In 2021 the turbo was replaced...
  4. 1G 1991 TSi wont run right when warm

    Excellent! Thank you for the picture, very helpful!
  5. 1G 1991 TSi wont run right when warm

    The car is stock, no CEL. I have tested the CEL by unplugging the will immediately trigger the light so that system is functioning properly. I haven't done a boost leak test...that was on my list to consider, just not sure how to do it!
  6. 1G 1991 TSi wont run right when warm

    O2 sensor on the turbo was done in April 2021. The ISC I replaced with one from Rock Auto. I grounded out the points and set the BISS, seems to idle fine with no surging.I'm not familiar with the IPS, what is that? I guess most of the people in town who worked on these have retired or...
  7. 1G 1991 TSi wont run right when warm

    I have been chasing this issue with my Talon where it has been sputtering and stalling out. Ive replaced the PTU, tried a salvage yard MAF, replaced the plugs and wires, replaced the fuel pump and fuel filter and even put in a reman ECU and I still am left with this issue.The car runs just...
  8. 1G 91 Talon TSi stalls at idle

    So this issue has been solved......TMO Logger showed no issues, all sensors reading proper levels. Shop found the fuel pump didnt appear to be working properly. To their amazement and mine, whoever owned the car before me had the wrong fuel pump installed with zip ties. A proper OE spec Denso...
  9. 1G 91 Talon TSi stalls at idle ECU in, idle speed properly adjusted, new CAS set up properly. Car still bogs down. My mechanic thought it was the cheap universal cat converter on it.....he took that off, checked for vacuum and boost leaks, has good fuel a complete loss here. Thinking its...
  10. 1G 91 Talon TSi stalls at idle

    Is this something I can just remove/replace? The car has a brand new timing belt and everything. Is this something that impacts the timing or anything? Havent owned a DSM since 2001 so I am not very familiar with some of these things.
  11. 1G 91 Talon TSi stalls at idle

    Ill replace that next! im not 100% sure where the CAS is so ill look into it! THANK YOU!
  12. 1G 91 Talon TSi stalls at idle

    So I was able to grab a PTU, grabbed a set of NGK blue plug wires, got everything swapped out, car started right up, ran find. Decided to grab the car this morning and drive it to work....started off fine, came to a stop sign and when I went to accelerate it hesitated and then took off. Had the...
  13. 1G 91 Talon TSi stalls at idle

    Mine definitely didn't have that chip on it so its not EPROM. I am going to go over to the local scrap yard today, they have a few DSM's there and I am going to grab a PTU out of a car there just to see. They are non turbo cars but from what I read the PTU is the same part. Figured between the...
  14. 1G 91 Talon TSi stalls at idle

    Certainly appreciate it! Now to find a suitable replacement ECU!
  15. 1G 91 Talon TSi stalls at idle

    Hmmmm. so Someone has already swapped out the ECU with one not for this car....could definitely be an issue perhaps? Guess I need to find a MD165529 ECU which maps to a FWD Turbo Auto.
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