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    • MyTalonTSi1991 replied to the thread Saving The Eclipse!.
      Nice! Progress for sure! Red interiors are super cool but perhaps the hardest one to find! would probably be the best source.
    • MyTalonTSi1991 posted a question on the classified ad For sale Mid-Year 1991 eclipse GS.
      Is'nt this a 1992 model? The 90/91 models had flip up headlights. Regardless, you have a very sharp car!
    • MyTalonTSi1991 posted the classified ad For sale 1991 Eagle Talon TSi in DSM Vehicle Classifieds.
      Re-listing my 1991 Eagle Talon TSi Automatic Trans with 124,300 miles. I have the car running pretty good overall, I have replaced the ECU, TCU, fuel pump relay, injectors, PCV, air filter, fuel filter, fuel pump, spark plugs, coil and wires...
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    • MyTalonTSi1991 replied to the thread Saving The Eclipse!.
      Agreed!!! Doesn’t matter which motor, it’s still incredible! I catch heat because mine is a turbo automatic….but my response is the same…’s still cool!
    • MyTalonTSi1991 replied to the thread Saving The Eclipse!.
      Nice!!! Is this the 1.8 or 2.0? Just saw GS on the rear bumper and could be either!
    • MyTalonTSi1991 replied to the thread Saving The Eclipse!.
      Good luck with your build! These are definitely worth saving as there will never be any more of them!
    • So my issue has been resolved. Discovered my car had a manual trans ECU from an AWD car in it. Tried a FWD auto ECU and it didn’t work, that was replaced with an AWD auto ECU and the car is working beautifully. Noticed that the fuel pump relay...
    • The mystery continues. Filled it with a full tank of 93 octane, replaced the gas cap, 02 sensor, fuel solenoid and EGR solenoid as well as a known good PTU. Took the car on a 24.1 mile drive and it did fine. Thinking whatever my issue is must be...
    • MyTalonTSi1991 replied to the thread DSM's in movies and TV..
      Mrs Doubtfire at the scene when they go to the pool and the gates open, in the background is a 1G 90/91 black cherry Eagle Talon non turbo visible for a couple seconds, looks like it’s at a valet stand.
    • I have checked for leaks and dont have any that I can smell or see. Last summer when the issue started I had the fuel pump replaced with a Denso and fuel filter replaced, shop said all looked good in the fuel tank at least as of last August per...
    • Great advice! I’ve been so mad at it I haven’t even looked at it the last week. Started thinking this weekend and went back to a video I made of the same issue last year and noticed a common theme , the fuel gauge was under 1/4 tank at that time...
    • So I’ve replaced the FPR, FPS and tracked down a new 02 sensor….car still gets unhappy after it’s been driven. I have 2 ECU’s and the same behavior on both. I have a spare TCU but can’t imagine that has anything to do with the motor. I could buy...
    • MyTalonTSi1991 reacted to Akula64's item Great White with Like Like.
    • I considered bad gas, but I had a similar problem last summer but it seems much worse this summer. I filled it up with a full tank just in time to store it for the winter and then figured I was dealing with a bad 02 sensor so replaced that over...
    • Did the RPM test, headlights barely dip it for a Second, AC jumps it. I find the issue is getting worse. Today I drove it to work, ran an errand for an hour and when I came back out the car started and on the way home it started bucking and the...
    • TPS reading look normal, not getting any CEL or relay clicking supporting the ECU rebooting. I have multiple ECU's and the car has the same behavior regardless which one is there. I keep going back to bad fuel but I feel like the only thing to do...
    • I am still chasing this one down but I think I might be getting closer. I cleaned the throttle body, replaced the coil, replaced the 4 injectors, replaced the fuel filter and the fuel rail inlet o-ring. I've got the car running and driving better...
    • I’m glad I’m not the only one! I’m trying so hard to keep this car alive because there will never be any more of them!
    • I feel more than a little dumb right now.....that was my problem, 3 and 4 wires were flipped! Back on the road and running again!
    • Checked the wiring order of the plug wires, I have it what I believe to be right at 4-1-2-3. Maybe I damaged the plug wires pulling them out of the coil, it’s never done this before so the frustrating part is this is something I’ve done!
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