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  1. Knock and high INJ DC. 550's, GM MAS.

    I would consider a fuel pump upgrade after checking for boost leaks and fixing any issues. My fuel system couldn't handle anything over 16psi when I had my 14b, stock pump, and 450's.
  2. Keydiver dual image chips

    I have one, though I haven't had the chance to switch between maps yet. You will need to mount some kind of switch in the car to do so. As far as my base pump gas map goes, I like it. The car idles well with my injectors and goes good at WOT.
  3. new tubular O2 needs porting?

    I just bought a recirculated O2 housing set up for an external gate and noticed that where the flange meets the piping it is extremely uneven and rough. Specifically where the wastegate dumps back into the housing there is a rough lip that seems like would effect smooth exhaust gas flow...
  4. Borg Warner S200 (Bullseye S256) Review

    Same here. Keep us posted 2gGSX.
  5. Starting Over

    As 2gGSX recommended, the 6152e is an option as well. It's not going to spool as fast as a 5031e, but will give you more power and is the same price.
  6. Max safe boost? [Merged 10-6]

    You will need some type of tuning device and a logger before you can turn up the boost. I would leave it at 12psi until you have those two items.
  7. Porting Tools [Merged 3-8] Tool die grinder Dremel

    It's going to be a long process, at least it was for me. When I ported my exhaust manifold, o2 housing, and turbo it was a three day process of working for a few hours at a time. This was my first time porting anything so it may have taken longer then normal, but I was more comfortable...
  8. What job do you hate to do on your DSM?

    Hey Diamon Star, I'm very jelous of your 3065 :D Hopefully in the next year I will be stepping up to something big too. I'm thinking along the lines of a 6152sp. Eventually I would like a Forced Performance product or maybe even full garrett.So, are you in Missouri? Most of the packages...
  9. What job do you hate to do on your DSM?

    Hey Corey, we work on modded EVO's fairly regularly. Just keep in mind, if you need a warranty repair it may be tough. Mitsu corp is very strict with performing warranty work on cars that have been modified. Most of customers understand this and are fine with it.As for the clutch package...
  10. rebuilding my 1990 awd tsi

    As suggested above, look through the classifieds. You should be able to find a used 2.5 inch exhaust for a reasonable price.I was in a similar position as you about 8 months ago. My 91 had been sitting off and on for the last 10 years the last 4 of which it sat in one spot. This is what I...
  11. What job do you hate to do on your DSM?

    Thanks to everyone for contributing in this thread. I think I have some good ideas of what type of packages to work up. If you all come up with anything else feel free to post it. I will be checking back on this thread periodically.
  12. 750cc injectors back to stock 450s?

    If you are running and going to continue to run 750's then you need to set up DSM Link accordingly. The beauty of DSM Link is 750's will idle like the stock 450's.What exactly are you trying to accomplish with your car? Are you going to make it completely stock? You have a nice amount of...
  13. What job do you hate to do on your DSM?

    This pretty much puts a halt to all work when there is a DSM involved :D
  14. What job do you hate to do on your DSM?

    I'd be more than happy to have my tech give it a shot. Maybe we can get away without welding it. Check your PM's in a bit.
  15. What job do you hate to do on your DSM?

    Amen to that brother. Lately, on my car, all I have been doing is fixing things and working out bugs instead of installing go fast parts :cry: :D
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