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Recent content by muleunit

  1. muleunit

    Homemade electronic boost controller from boost gauge with peak/warn

    well thats what im asking, will the boost be wildly fluctuating with the light coming on, the wastegate opening and boost dropping, thus turning of the peak light, closing the selenoid, raising the boost again, ect, ect, ect making the boost flutter up and down?
  2. muleunit

    Homemade electronic boost controller from boost gauge with peak/warn

    Ok, so then I would need another power source for the selenoid. Would 12v from the battery work?
  3. muleunit

    Homemade electronic boost controller from boost gauge with peak/warn

    So I was thinking about making my own electronic boost controller using the prosport elite boost gauge with the peak/warn function. What I want to do is use the peak light as a signal line to open a selenoid to the wastegate. Any input on this? comments? Concerns? before I destroy a perfectly...
  4. muleunit

    1g lc1 wideband install?

    Just as a heads up, don't try to mess around with the lc-1's firmware. I had tons of trouble trying to update it and change settings and ended up having to send it back to innovate to be repaired. Installing, uninstalling, shipping, waiting, and installing again is not fun :(
  5. muleunit

    Putting 420a engine back together and need help! Is that small grey plug what you are talking about?
  6. muleunit

    Third gear pull tuning advice PLEASE

    Thanks again gofer. Whats the best way to smooth out the VE table? Manually adjusting each cell?
  7. muleunit

    Third gear pull tuning advice PLEASE

    Im new to the tuning game. My wideband is reading that I'm running rich with an AFR of 9.6-9.9 during WOT. Can I lean it out and gain some more power? :cool:
  8. muleunit

    Noob tuning log

    Okay so the VE table isn't used in vacuum? Then how do I richen or lean out my idle/cruise? Sorry for asking so many questions but Im having a hard time understanding this.
  9. muleunit

    Noob tuning log

    quick question, I know the x axis on the VE table is RPM, what is the Y axis? Also what does the number in each cell mean? Higher number=more fuel? Thanks so much.
  10. muleunit

    Noob tuning log

    How does this log look? Im very new to tuning and would appreciate if somebody could please help me or give me advice. This was a 3rd gear pull from 1800rpm to 6000 rpm
  11. muleunit

    1990 nlts wire install

    Make sure you check the box use starter switch for clutch wire(invert signal) since you have a 90
  12. muleunit

    Only running on 2 cylinders

    Take out your ecu and check the capacitors inside, the ecu is right behind the radio. Look for leaking/bulging.nevermind I didnt see that it was a non turbo.
  13. muleunit

    High Idle

    2G BISS Adjustment TPS Adjustment
  14. muleunit

    Lotek A Pillar install & Autometer Ultralite II Q.

    what about these guys? I know autometer cobalts use those to connect on the back of thier gauges, they just crimp onto the wire.
  15. muleunit

    Wiring sensors into ecmlink v3

    Is it possible to datalog a lc1 wideband and Gm 3 bar map sensor in ecmlink v3 using the stock 1g maf? Also do I need a buffer when wiring the signal wire from the wideband into the ecu? :confused:
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