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Recent content by motomattx

  1. motomattx

    2G Help - headlights won't stop flashing

    My 95' does the headlight flash when the alarm goes off, even the hood switch has to be working for the factory alarm to work right, I don't see why the alarm unit cant be unplugged and bypassed though.
  2. motomattx

    1G Need help w/1990 Eagle Talon TSI - Fault codes 12, 25, 31

    Yes and yes. Have you inspected your ecu for capacitor leak damage?
  3. motomattx

    2G Car died while driving, won't restart. I need serious help!!!

    For the same reason that the timing jumps more often during start up than when heading down the highway, the belt is under more stress at lower rpm's, he pushed in the clutch, the engine rpm slowed down putting the loose belt under more stress, the belt without proper tension jumped, valves got...
  4. motomattx

    2G Car died while driving, won't restart. I need serious help!!!

    They always look like little vacuum cleaners or metal detectors to me.
  5. motomattx

    Kiggly Racing Taco-Bishi

    I wanted to 2jz swap my second gen. So whats to become of the Lazer?
  6. motomattx

    Tv shows with dsm

    Once in a while on Seinfield episodes you see one on the street, there was one in an episode of the first 48 the other night, it was the victims car, I wondered where it ended up.
  7. motomattx

    A real shootout at the dragstrip

    I dont fear Puerto Rican people at all, or anybody for that matter, the Puerto Rican racers and their teams are very how should I say "passionate" when it comes to winning at the track and also when it comes to losing, they seem to like to harass each other/get in each others faces after the...
  8. motomattx

    2G Wont roll up its windows.

    Does it say "code" on the display?
  9. motomattx

    A real shootout at the dragstrip

    Absolutely, always stay the heck away from anything that could get violent, this guy that was shot was watching the fight unravel rather than just getting in his car and getting out of there or walking far away, often times competing groups of Puerto Ricans at these events will be having words...
  10. motomattx

    2G Wont roll up its windows.

    Those go to the positive battery connection.
  11. motomattx

    2G Wont roll up its windows.

    There should be several thick white wires with terminal ends on them that connect to the positive battery cable, from there they go into the fuse box, these wires feed the power to the fuse box.
  12. motomattx

    1G hit a curb doin 30 idk where to go now

    Subframe replacement is how you fix them.
  13. motomattx

    1G Oil pump scoring

    Your fine, if you want to you could take some 1000 grit sandpaper and water and clean that up smooth and then clean the parts in your sink with soap and water to be sure to get the parts spotless of grit.
  14. motomattx

    1G Weird compression test results

    How many times did you do the test? did you open the throttle all the way and crank until the needle on the gauge quit going up? if not do the test again and see what you get.
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