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Recent content by Moonlight GSX

  1. Moonlight GSX

    LED DRL and Flasher Module Creation

    Could almost do a variable resistor from Mouser, or whoever in the UK, as well so that the bulkieness is not there. Nice find though.
  2. Moonlight GSX

    2G Headlight replacement

    An additional note. When polishing the lens start at 300-500 grit and work your way to ~3000 to get a good polish. Soap and water is enough to clean and polish. Once done, look on Amazon for McGuires Headlight protective coating, cheap find, and put a coat or two with time in between on it -...
  3. Moonlight GSX

    LED DRL and Flasher Module Creation

    For just LED flashers anything is cheaper than my vision. What I am going to do, again for my setup, is to incorporate a DRL setup that was not originally on the car (not this model anyway). Since I do not have any of my harnesses anymore I am starting from scratch and wanted to see if this type...
  4. Moonlight GSX

    LED DRL and Flasher Module Creation

    I am currently finding it hard to incorporate it into the stock system without major modifications to the wiring. However, this does not mean that I won't create it or it won't be incorporated into the custom full body harness I would like to start freelancing on.
  5. Moonlight GSX

    Street Build Project 1g (NBA DSM)

    There are few places that I would search for, I have them on my computer and I will get them to you once I get back to the house.
  6. Moonlight GSX

    Street Build Project 1g (NBA DSM)

    Great minds think alike. Unfortunately I got rid of all my harnesses and will be doing half of what you said. Either way, ya done good sir, ya done good. I might steal the idea of subsections though. I did find some nice general fuse boxes at Waytek Wire (online) that you might consider, and...
  7. Moonlight GSX

    Street Build Project 1g (NBA DSM)

    Or, you always make one from scratch and fix all the unnecessary loops and long travels the OEM wiring creates. Either way, you did well considering the age and the quality of spare harnesses the DSM community has on now classic cars.
  8. Moonlight GSX

    2G Help wiring AC back up

    I am looking at the schematic for the 96 (same as 95), and I had seen an A47 (2-pin, receiver/drier) and A95 (3-pin, compressor) that would be what you are looking for that is connected to the receiver/drier and compressor. Take a look at these and hopefully, this will help. Please see attached...
  9. Moonlight GSX

    2G Need Help Identifying connectors

    If these are for the 2g DSM please look here:, also I would reference the following attachment. Most of your connectors will match the face at the bottom of each schematic. Depending on which harness you are...
  10. Moonlight GSX

    Recent pickup - 1997 Talon

    You will also quickly learn that fabricating or having someone fabricate for you also works as well. Originally from Blue Springs, MO, welcome to the DSM game.
  11. Moonlight GSX

    1G idle issue (new dsmer)

    Voltage is a possibility. However, what I would check is the current output of your alternator. You can still get a nominal voltage but have a lower current, the OEM alternator produces ~90A, as stated above, your alternator could be out. Double-check the current output and let us know what's up.
  12. Moonlight GSX

    LED DRL and Flasher Module Creation

    For those interested in the OVP circuit simulation.
  13. Moonlight GSX

    LED DRL and Flasher Module Creation

    Update:Making this modular in the sense that it can be made PnP has been confirmed. I located a site that can supply the connectors needed to make the modules easily installable and can revert back if need be. More to come, keep posted.
  14. Moonlight GSX

    LED DRL and Flasher Module Creation

    That is definitely the plan, given the research from Bobby (ec17pse) we will see what the outcome of that is. My plan is that if you are trying to avoid potential modification of the stock flasher, or use of inline resistors, then this will be the plan. At the moment I am also researching the...
  15. Moonlight GSX

    LED DRL and Flasher Module Creation

    I think I might consider designing two, or even three, different circuits that would be the flasher, DRL, or both depending on what someone needs or requires. In your case, I would think a flasher module would be perfect and simple for your needs, but if you wanted DRLs you would require the...
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