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Recent content by miguelmcv

  1. !!!ROUND 2!!! 2G Adjustable tubular Rear upper suspension arm / wishbones, With R/C adjustment. (OPEN)!!!!!

    Reply to question by 'miguelmcv' on the classified ad '!!!ROUND 2!!! 2G Adjustable tubular Rear upper suspension arm / wishbones, With R/C adjustment. (OPEN)!!!!!'

    WOOOOWWW. I waited so long for this day, and I had to pinch my self, for one moment I thought I was dreaming 😴. I’m in.
  2. miguelmcv

    What is this called / Where does this go / What does this do? [MERGED]

    That’s a universal door actuator. Maybe your car is manual and they add it to have electric locks like remote control
  3. miguelmcv

    2G Help wiring AC back up

    On the AC compressor wiring. All 3 wires come from the engine fuse box. Take a look at the compressor, is there a little plastic sensor cover at the compressor with 2 wires coming out of it?, if it does has the sensor then sure all wires come from the fuse box.One wire comes from the fuse box...
  4. miguelmcv

    Daily Drive

    Not much of update but Today the end clutches show up, so I will be installing them in a couple of days, I hope to have time next weekI will update the thread once I install the end clutch.
  5. miguelmcv

    2G Jack's transmission rebuild extras

    Concerning to the shift knob, I used to have that hard to shift feeling on my short throw and putting a heavy knob did the job, there is way, way less effort to shift and has a smoother shift feeling.
  6. miguelmcv

    Cam sensor fault on my 6 bolt swap 97 gst

    Good eye you have DUSTYBONER.O The pic angle makes it hard to be sure if the wiring is backwards, check/confirm the blue wire of the connector matches the yellow wire of the other side of the connector, If it doesn’t match then that’s your problem as Dustybonner mention.Just to have it...
  7. miguelmcv

    2G Appropriate coolant temperature? Is there something wrong with my coolant system?

    Are you loosing any coolant?. You mention you have one fan and is keeping up but, is the fan turning on so frequently, or is it ON all the time?, Give more details so we can get to the problem easier.
  8. miguelmcv

    2G Billet Aluminium Handles

    I went to the website and there is only group buy options. Is this just a group buy? Or am I able to buy 2 sets?
  9. miguelmcv

    Daily Drive

    I forgot to mention, I drove the car andI still feel the transmission acting up when putting into gear.I ordered a IPT end clutch, we’ll see if that cures the problem, besides the hesitation when puti y ito gear all feels ok, but like I mention earlier, I have no experience with auto...
  10. miguelmcv

    Daily Drive

    Thanks I try to update the thread but now in my daughters hand, I won’t be able to work on it so often. The screw caps are originals, I new that with my first DSM, it was a second owner and was unmolested in stock form.I used to go to the junkyard so often and get all of the caps and screw...
  11. miguelmcv

    Daily Drive

    Update. Is being a long time since I work on the car and today I took it off my daughters hands to do a maintenance.She called me saying the driver side door doesn’t opens from the outside, it only open from the inside,.I removed the handle and found an aftermarket still bracket ( the one...
  12. miguelmcv

    2G No power to ecu

    Looks like the harness is all messed up, the problem gets worst which you are not looking for the problem (bad wire) but instead you are adding another line to source the current.Doing it that way and not getting results makes me think the bad wire is shorting some how and making the system...
  13. miguelmcv

    99 GSX Rebirth/Clean-Up/Build

    What’s the total price on coating all the bolts including the sand blasting?I was thinking on buying a kit to do it my self but I would rather pay to do it and not equating my time which I barely have time to work on my DD.
  14. miguelmcv

    95 gsx won’t start

    Like DUSTYBONER said, it might be a bad connection.clean the battery terminals very well and jump wire the starter directly from the battery and see what happen, it should turn.
  15. miguelmcv

    Slow Spool - 14B w/ 7cm Housing

    This thread is to old,However there is a vendor selling Chinese exhaust housings on eBay for cheap and they work fenomenal as replacement.Do a research here in tuners to find the source, so you get the one I’m talking about, there are some housings with the holes not aligning right and...
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