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Recent content by MattHDSM

  1. MattHDSM

    2G A/C Control Unit ECU

    I hate to revive such an old thread, but it seems like my issue and solution is closely related to what has been discussed in this thread and could help someone else down the line as these parts start to get older and die more often.If your A/C Control Unit (ACCU) is dead (and your A/C is...
  2. MattHDSM

    2G More Engine Problems (4G63)

    I don't hear anything that sticks out as abnormal, my engine sounds pretty much the exact same. The ticking is more than likely lifter tick. A set of 3G (3rd revision, not 3rd gen eclipse) lifters seems to be the best way to get rid of lifter tick from what I read on the forums here.
  3. MattHDSM

    2G Appropriate coolant temperature? Is there something wrong with my coolant system?

    My factory gauge sits dead in the middle (1/2 way up the gauge) from ~180F to 213F, only after 216F does it start to creep upwards and it does it quite quickly. I have a spare set of aftermarket temp sensors and I don't recall them being expensive. The service manual has a resistance test for...
  4. MattHDSM

    98 GSX exhaust leak

    How old are the nuts that thread onto the O2 housing where it connects to the downpipe? They will eventually stop locking and could back out causing an exhaust leak. I just had that happen a few days ago, new nuts (MB059359) and my exhaust leak was sealed.
  5. MattHDSM

    2G Engine bay smells like coolant but no apparent leaks or burning. Any ideas?

    Yes, I agree that it is clear, but that spot is always dry. I took it out for an hour drive today to test out the new water pump (which is definitely keeping my temps lower) and took a look at that same spot afterwards and it was dry as a bone BUT it has accumulated a white powdery dust on it. I...
  6. MattHDSM

    2G Engine bay smells like coolant but no apparent leaks or burning. Any ideas?

    I thought so too, I already used one, left it for an hour at 20psi and no loss in pressure or leaks. BUT I did only use it when the engine was cold and it might be a only at operating temp leak. I'll be honest I'm starting not to care that my engine bay smells faintly of coolant. If it's...
  7. MattHDSM

    2G Engine bay smells like coolant but no apparent leaks or burning. Any ideas?

    Okay, little update and I have a question now. SO I couldn't find any leaks, no wet spots, no dried coolant anywhere, not consuming any coolant either so just to be sure I bought some fluorescent dye and ran that through the cooling system. At first, again no signs of leaking, but then a few...
  8. MattHDSM

    2G Alternator Recommendation

    I recently just upgraded my 75A to the 90A Wai Global alternator. It's only been on for 100km or so, but my voltage is more consistent and having that extra overhead for current is nice as well.For anybody else curious about fitment, the 90A (WAI GLOBAL 13585N) alternator body had the exact...
  9. MattHDSM

    2G BOV not fitting new pipe

    I believe the flange on the CXRacing kit is Greddy/1G BOV compatible, hence my suggestion to use that adapter for 2G style BOVs. You absolutely could use any BOV of your choosing, you just might need to get creative is all. The only reason I went with a Evo 9 BOV over a 1G BOV was because I...
  10. MattHDSM

    2G BOV not fitting new pipe

    I would imagine so. That flange looks a little thick so I can't say for certain whether or not my method would work, but in principle I don't see an issue except needing long bolts/studs or maybe the BOV clearing the hood. It really depends on which piping kit you have. I originally had the...
  11. MattHDSM

    2G BOV not fitting new pipe

    I used to have a CXRacing piping kit and had the same problem with using the Evo 9 BOV. I used an adapter flange ( and a piece of silicone hose to connect the two tube ends together. If you use that flange, you'll need to find a...
  12. MattHDSM

    2G Very High Oil Pressure After Rebuild

    My oil pressure roughly doubled per 1000rpm increase (example - from 30psi @ 3000rpm to 60psi @ 3000rpm) after deleting balance shafts. You could port the relief valve or change out the spring to lower the max oil pressure. The lower pressure rated spring (MD015988) is rated for roughly 75psi. I...
  13. MattHDSM

    Fluidampr noise

    My Fluidampr on my 7-bolt rubbed on the timing cover even after I trimmed it. Eventually it pulled enough material away from the timing cover that it no longer rubs, but mine has never made noise even when it was rubbing. I actually didn't know it rubbed until almost a year later when I was...
  14. MattHDSM

    OEM Coolant Overflow Alternative

    Looks great! I'm currently using a NOS energy drink can as an overflow because the OEM overflow doesn't fit in the factory location with a VRSF FMIC. Do you have any measurements on how long and wide that tank is? I may swap out my NOS can for that if it fits in my engine bay where yours does.
  15. MattHDSM

    Spyder repair/replace list for 20+ yr dsm

    I'm using an eBay silicone hose kit and it fit quite well and covered all coolant lines, was an 11 piece kit. I will say I am chasing after a mystery coolant leak, but I'm pretty sure it isn't from the hoses.
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