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  • I'm trying to post pics on the Classifieds but when i click on the upload link and the page comes up for me upload pics it is telling me (Sum of all attachments owned by 4g63turbo84: 2.42 MB) and i can't upload pics please how do i clean it up so i can sell some of my stuff????
    hey im new to the forums here and I cant post to ask a question. But i just bought a 90 talon FWD turbo, runnin 15 lbs boost. I bought it from this dude Bruce Kwartler who seemed really legit. But ive had nothing but problems since i bought it. My main issue is that it just started pissin out transmission fluid and I really cant tell were its coming from or what to do any help wud be appreciated
    Hey man my avatar will not show up just wondering if you can get to that for me? Thanks man!
    Love the car man. And props on the site. One of my favorite sites ever. I wanted to do the hood vent mod like you have. I just keep thinking about 1 thing. How does the vent stop rain? I have a couple ideas on something to do about it but i dont know. Any help?
    I just want to give you a huge thanks on the great website. If I had the money rite now I wouldn't think twice about being a supportive member you all have helped me out knowledge wise and for that I thank you. Keep up the excellent work!!!
    Hey man is it possible to get my acount info for an old account i used to have? Fusion Talon is the name of it. I think [email protected] is the mail address attached to it, possibly something else. Let me know just wanted to have it back for shits and giggles LOL Thank you
    hey like the new pick up top.

    I was wondering how we would buy things from other members? I have paypal and Ive purchased things from ebay before. Im a new member and I dont know how to do much yet. I dont even know how to get a picture of my dsm to pop up on my profile whenever I leave a comment on threads.
    i ordered some gloves but my money was returned are you out ? and can i still buy some of the tee shirts you guys are selling?
    i have a 95 eagle talon L4 2.0 and i want to turn it into a 2.2 stroker what all do i need
    Hi, Just wanted to say I like the setup of DSMTUNERS & there is a lot of helpful info. Thanks for making it happen & it's good to know this site is home grown & that there are knowledgable members here in Colorado.
    hey ive been a member on here for like 3 or 4 yrs now and i cant list parts, i dont really post much because im not a big posting type of person, but i really hate using, i was hoping you could give me privledges to list parts, Drewj is my bestfriend if you need someone with high standing to vouche for me he will 100% vouche im not a scammer or anything.
    I see the 2010 calendar is finally out. If a photo I submitted was chosen for the calendar, would I have been notified or do you just have to get the calendar and see if you made it????
    I just wanted to let you know that i have been a member on just about every dsm forum on the web and I Rank this site as #1 i dont even use the other forums anymore everything you need is right here. For some reason I thought you would have a stock 1g nothing special, I was wrong its ligit man!!! Thanks again.
    Hello, I just joined up and wanted to share a link to my site with your community. I built a site with viewable or downloadable shop manuals for 1g, 2g, 300gt, and Galants all free. I make no profit from this; I didn't know where I should post the link so I am contacting you. The site is Thank you
    i appreciate this site. i am trying to build a decent machine. but i am not a mechanic and i have a nt car that is plenty for my drive to work. i would pay for valuable information. i got the comment that i should not be here because im not a hard core dsmer. i want a nice car that works good and i think there sould be money in that and make those offering thier good advice happier because they might get twenty bucks for something they already know and maybe even found out through a pain in the ass and might like to help some one out even more if they got twenty bucks or more for it? even like i have this part for you? can i post asking for a part or suggested parts? and they contact me that would be sufficient. i have seen the cherries that people have spent 30000 on and are now selling for like ten for some one to not take care of even though that car has taken a lot of time and money to build. it is not a classified if anyone can view it!
    Hey, What's up Ludachris? I'm from Gt Fabrications and I want to put up that group buy on the Vendor thread for the 1GB Front bumper lip spoiler. So I was told by V8slayer to contact you first. So let me know what you want to do.
    Thanks GTFab
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